reference usa a modern job search tool n.
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Reference USA A modern job search tool PowerPoint Presentation
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Reference USA A modern job search tool

Reference USA A modern job search tool

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Reference USA A modern job search tool

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  1. Reference USAA modern job search tool Prepared by the Senior Employment Center A division of Mature Services, Inc. An equal opportunity employer and service provider funded through the Department of Labor Title V, the Workforce Investment Act and the Ohio Department of Aging

  2. What is ReferenceUSA? Reference USAis an internet-based reference service designed to be used by people seeking detailed information about companies. This makes it an excellent tool for job seekers.

  3. How can Reference USA help me? As a job seeker, you will be able to locate, research & compile hefty lists of companies you would like to work for. The information you gather will help you determine which companies you want to target, and give you details that will help you tailor your approach to ensure a better reception.

  4. What can you find on ReferenceUSA? There are details of over 14 million U.S. businesses, including: over 200,000 human resource contacts business descriptions company size information on competitors links to websites listed

  5. Where can I learn more ? The Senior Employment Center offers a free program called Job Club. As a job seeker over the age of 50, you are eligible to attend, and information on using ReferenceUSAis covered as part of the training. Additional information is provided in the Job Club sessions, such as: resume assistance, interview practice, online applications, the hidden job market, and many other tools to help you have a successful job search.

  6. Where do I go to sign up for Job Club? Our offices are located throughout Ohio. To find the office nearest you, go to Select your county and a page will come up with details on what is available at that office. Not in Ohio? Feel free to use the resources Or go to and take advantage of our free training videos. Similar programs may be available in your state. To find out, go to Good luck in your job search!