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Your Expository Essay

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Your Expository Essay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Expository Essay. Due End of Class Tuesday ! Also, we get kicked out of Vantage December 31 st . Back up your essays! Save them all in your folder so we can revise or complete. INTRO. Scenarios & Anecdotes Big Ideas! (what is a villain? What is maturity? What is ‘effect’?)

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your expository essay

Your Expository Essay

Due End of Class Tuesday!

Also, we get kicked out of Vantage December 31st. Back up your essays! Save them all in your folder so we can revise or complete.

  • Scenarios & Anecdotes
  • Big Ideas! (what is a villain? What is maturity? What is ‘effect’?)
  • Preparatory Information/Overview/Background
  • As always, answering the prompt and then two reasons.
  • ______________ is the best villain because _______________ and ______________.
  • The technology of _______________ has the most effect on us because ________________and ______________
  • The most important aspects of maturity are ____________ and ____________.
so this should tell you
So this should tell you…
  • That although an expository essay has lots of detail, description and general storytelling, you STILL need to have solid reasons that you support in your two body paragraphs.
body paragraphs
Body Paragraphs
  • Details!
  • Description!
  • Examples
  • Explanation
  • Scenario
  • Anecdote
  • Sophisticated Words/Phrases
  • Elaborate!
figurative language
Figurative Language!
  • We went over this in class yesterday. It is any kind of language that goes beyond the literal.
  • Underline it so I can give you credit for it!
conclusion what should it do
Conclusion – What should it do?
  • clearly connects introduction and body of the paper.
  • gives a sense of completion.
  • does more than restate your arguments and position.
  • gives the reader something to think about.
how to do it
How to do it?
  • What if? Question and answer (scenario)
  • Restate points and expand to encompass all of humanity or how it would effect all of humanity.
  • We haven’t covered this as much, but the use of sophisticated transitions is important on the HSPE.
  • Use your transition sheet and add them in, especially at the beginning of each paragraph to connect it to the one before.
  • Moving past the transition sheet, you can also restate a main point from the previous paragraph. “As well as villainous, The Joker is also….”
to make sure
To make sure….
  • By next Tuesday at the end of class, you must have three essays submitted to Vantage.
  • Cyrano essay, a persuasive essay, and an expository essay.
  • I WILL BE WANTING REVISION – so also save them in your file. We will not be able to access Vantage when we get back from break.