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Competitive Review 2010

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Competitive Review 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Competitive Review 2010
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  1. Competitive Review 2010 Updated September 7, 2010

  2. AlbertaMarketing Plan 2010-2013 Highlights FUNDING/BUDGET • Funding is provided through the 4% tourist levy • Overall budget: $58.7 million for 2010/2011 and $47.1 million for 2011/12 and 2012/2013 SPEND PER AREA • International Marketing spending will drop from $17 million in 2010 to $14 million over 2011/2012 & 2012/2013 • Regional Marketing spending will drop from almost $13 million to $11 million • Tourism Destination Regions spend $7 million for each year • Consumer and Media Relations spend $8 million for each year • Travel Alberta plans to increase Tourism revenue from $5.8 billion to $6.2 billion OVERALL MARKETS • Primary Market Regional Customers – Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

  3. AlbertaCampaigns “Bring your Boots” Campaign (2010) • Market: long-haul in North America • Message: Diversity of activities in Alberta • Medium: Canadian Newspapers, online banner ads, 60 second video on TV, social media and travel websites • Drives travellers to • Television ad:

  4. AlbertaCampaigns “Stay” campaign (2010) Communication idea • Alberta has a diverse range of activities that will suit all your vacation needs Benefit • Greater value, promotes own economy Tone • Exciting, fresh, informational Mechanism • Drives people to website to plan their vacations

  5. AlbertaCampaigns “Stay” campaign • Market: Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC • Medium: User generated TV spots, radio, OOH, publications, online media • 3rd year running – launched May 24, 2010

  6. AlbertaCampaigns “Stay” campaign – Online components • Comprised of: • Search Engine Marketing • Social Media • Interactive, rich media

  7. AlbertaCampaigns “Stay” campaign – Online components • CBC Banner Ads (seen Sept 1, 2010) • Top banner ad and side box are pared together in the CBC News section for each region and city

  8. AlbertaCampaigns “Sweet 16 Campaign” (Ongoing) Communication idea • Central Alberta during the summer has great events during the weekends for people of all ages Benefit • Low cost vacation that explores your own backyard Tone • Friendly, genuine, lively Mechanism • Drives to to plan your weekend in Alberta

  9. AlbertaCampaigns “Sweet 16 Campaign” • Timing: May 21, 2010 – September 6, 2010 • Medium: TV, Online media (Facebook, Google Adwords, Video, Website) Postcards • Campaign is in its 3rd year • Showcases 16 weekend events, festivals, activities • Partnership between 9 districts in Central Alberta • New for 2010: 20,000 postcards in the Edmonton, Calgary region

  10. AlbertaCampaigns “Sweet 16 Campaign” – 2009 Results • Winner of 2009 Travel Alberta Alto Award • Nearly doubled website hits from 18,000 • Google AdWords campaign: doubled click through rate to 0.41% • Facebook: 5763 clicks to website • Bounce rate: Up to 60% (from 43%) • 20% of visitors came to an event directly due to Sweet 16 reference • Calculated economic impact: $1,046,417.18 • Spending was $24,000 • ROI = over $1,000,000

  11. SaskatchewanMarketing Plan FUNDING/BUDGET • 2011 budget is $14.097 million • Independent body funded by government grant; conducts all tourism marketing for the Province • In 2010 Saskatchewan doubled its tourism budget from $8.016 to $16.016, with $4 million for capital investments OVERALL MARKETS • Partnership programs are directed in-province; out of province marketing done by Tourism Saskatchewan • Primary markets are: US for hunting and fishing; BC, Alberta and Ontario for other experiences

  12. SaskatchewanCampaigns “Explore Saskatchewan Contest” • Market: Saskatchewan residents between 25 & 55 • Medium: direct mail, radio, television, outdoor and internet components • Coordinated project with five rural Tourism Regions, Tourism Regina, Tourism Saskatoon and Tourism Saskatchewan • Total spend: $245,000

  13. ManitobaMarketing Plan OVERALL MARKETS • Target markets are Manitoba, NW Ontario, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Minnesota and Alberta • In their segment budget, high yield (Manitoba, NW Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, North Dakota and Minnesota) received 7% of the funding, high volume (long-haul US, Germany, UK) received 93%

  14. ManitobaCampaigns (2010) “It’s my moment” (2009-2010) Communication idea • Focuses on the emotions that key product experiences inspire -- awe, surprise, shock and even fright • Retain brand equity established with Unforgettable Manitoba and expand on this with unreal, unleashed, unearthed, unplugged and unrivalled used to highlight the diversity of the province Distribution • May – October Mechanism • Drives to and and

  15. OntarioMarketing Plan FUNDING/BUDGET • Budget for 09-10 for the Ministry of Tourism was $177.6 million in operating and 38.8 in capital • The Tourism Program spent $114 million • The 09 budget includes $41 million in new funding that will be invested in Ontario attractions over three years

  16. Ontario Campaigns “There’s no place like this” Communication idea • Stay and play in Ontario, as you won’t find anywhere else like it Benefit • Everything you need is right in your own backyard Tone • Uplifting, comforting, inspiring Mechanism • Drives to for travel deals and trip information

  17. Ontario Campaigns “There’s no place like this” - TV 60 second TV spots Ongoing campaign usually runs May – June; this year started during the Games Showcase iconic artists singing Ontario’s “There’s no place like this” song Displays the great variety of landscape and activities available in Ontario Running on Ontario and Winnipeg networks (this year ran national during Games)

  18. Ontario Campaigns “There’s no place like this” - Radio 30 second spots running in Ontario and Winnipeg May – July 2010 Artist singing “There’s no place like this” song. Offers travel deals on specific attractions Drives to

  19. Ontario Campaigns “There’s no place like this” – Email marketing 4 Emails planned for full English database

  20. Ontario Campaigns “There’s no place like this” – Social media Facebook page, over 6000 fans

  21. Ontario Campaigns “Welcome to Ontario” – Video Screens Pearson Airport  2 video screens, 16 different languages

  22. Ontario Campaigns Event and festival marketing Redbull Air Race Copy: “If you can’t get enough of the action at the Red Bull Air Race, there’s more excitement to be had in Ontario”

  23. QuebecMarketing Plan FUNDING/BUDGET • Fully funded through hotel tax • Major markets are Northeastern US, Ontario and Mexico • Does not do in-province marketing, only out-of-province

  24. Newfoundland & LabradorMarketing Plan FUNDING/BUDGET • Main market is Ontario, followed by Atlantic Canada • Funded directly by government •

  25. Newfoundland & LabradorCampaigns “Find yourself here” campaign 2009 Communication idea • Discover Newfoundland’s iconic diverse landscape, people and culture – visit today. Benefit • Unique vacations off the beaten track with a great value for money. Tone • Calm, laidback, sophisticated, serene Mechanism • Drives to to plan trip ideas

  26. Newfoundland & LabradorCampaigns “Find yourself here” campaign • Uses iconic imagery and intelligent storytelling • Highly evocative and emotional • Target: sophisticated travellers looking for unconventional vacations

  27. Newfoundland & LabradorCampaigns “Find yourself here” campaign • Launched in 2006 • Increased spending from $6 million to $12 million • 3 new TV spots aired in Ontario, Montreal, and Calgary • TV, Print, OOH, Online

  28. Newfoundland & LabradorCampaigns “Find yourself here” – Print Ads

  29. Newfoundland & LabradorCampaigns “Find yourself here” – Fresh Air Billboard • Giant 3-D Superboard of a window into Newfoundland and Labrador • 60 feet above Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway • Copy says “No. I’d rather sit in traffic” • Supported by smog reports on radio: “Today’s air-quality advisory is brought to you by Newfoundland and Labrador. Where there is no need for smog reports.”

  30. Newfoundland & LabradorCampaigns “Find yourself here” – TV Spots • “Throughout this land, for thousands of years, it's been said that everything has a spirit. Not surprisingly, it's where you might find your own.” “On your journey through life, make sure your biography has at least one extraordinary chapter.” “In a world oddly bent on conformity, there’s something strangely encouraging about a place that’s anything but. “And so they came. Fearless warriors, out to discover a new world”

  31. Newfoundland & LabradorCampaigns “Find yourself here” – Results (2008) • Huge success, garnering wide industry acclaim • Over 70 awards won to date • Travel inquiries increased by 30% for June and 21% in July • 2008: total resident and non-resident tourism industry contributed $850 million • increase of $60 million

  32. Prince Edward IslandMarketing Plan FUNDING/BUDGET • Funded directly by the province and generate some revenues from ad sales and partnership programs OVERALL MARKETS • Primary markets are Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario

  33. Prince Edward Island Campaigns 2010 • Atlantic House: Significant presence at the 2010 Winter Games • Festival Express: Focuses on Montreal and Ottawa and features culinary, culture and golf events • Airport Advertising: March – May; video screens • Campaign theme around “The Gentle Island”

  34. Nova ScotiaMarketing Plan OVERALL MARKETS • Primary market Cultural Explorers who live in close proximity to “gateway” cities, including: Toronto/Ottawa, Montreal, New York, London (UK) • Maritimers who wish to vacation close to home: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island

  35. Nova Scotia Campaigns Discover a Nova Scotia Favourite Campaign • Market: Maritime Region • Medium: Television, newspaper and online • Timing: May – December • Message: Highlight festivals, events, and things to do

  36. New Brunswick Marketing Plan OVERALL MARKETS • Regional Market – includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and in-close Quebec and Maine. • Quebec • Intercept – in-province (while visitors are in NB), in-region (while they are on their Maritime touring vacation), and at home (residents of NB). • Ontario and New England – this target market is defined as peopleplanning a Maritime touring vacation and/or are predisposed to products/experiences or behavioral/contextual advertising.

  37. New Brunswick Campaigns • 2010 Campaigns • A) The Pause Campaign • B) The Warm Water Campaign • Focused on five “hero” experiences: “Every moment is worth taking” L'Acadie, Kite Surfing, Bay of Fundy, Beaches, and Rivers and Coasts • 2010 Campaign hinges on the idea that “You Can’t Rush New Brunswick” • Two elements to this campaign: • The Pause Campaign: encourages visitors to come to New Brunswick or extend their stay. Drives consumers to the website • The Warm Water Campaign: focused on Quebec consumers