roman influences pp 646 650 n.
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Roman Influences (pp. 646-650) PowerPoint Presentation
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Roman Influences (pp. 646-650)

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Roman Influences (pp. 646-650) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roman Influences (pp. 646-650). Demonstrate an Understanding of the Lasting Influences of Rome. 1. How did Philip unite the Greeks?. A: He conquered the Greek City-States. 2 . What was the name of the new culture created by Alexander the Great?. A: Hellenistic Civilization

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roman influences pp 646 650

Roman Influences (pp. 646-650)

Demonstrate an Understanding of the Lasting Influences of Rome

1 how did philip unite the greeks
1. How did Philip unite the Greeks?
  • A: He conquered the Greek City-States
2 what was the name of the new culture created by alexander the great
2. What was the name of the new culture created by Alexander the Great?
  • A: Hellenistic Civilization
  • 3. Why is Alexander so important?
  • A: He spread Greek culture
  • A: Advances made in math, science & medicine by bringing scholars together
cultural diffusion
Cultural Diffusion
  • Definition: An exchange of ideas, values, and products between societies
  • Handout Example
  • How might cultural diffusion happen?
  • A: Through trade, migration, military conquest
cultural diffusion enrichment questions
Cultural Diffusion: Enrichment Questions
  • How has American culture spread to other nations?
  • What might the people of these nations think of the spreading of American culture?
4 how did rome change in a way that was similar to how greece changed
4. How did Rome change in a way that was similar to how Greece changed?
  • A: Both were influenced by Alexander the Great’s empire
  • A: Aristocracy  Democracy (At first, only wealthy people (Patricians) had power in govt. Later common men (Plebians) could serve in govt.
  • 5. What is a Republic?
  • A: A government in which citizens vote to elect leaders.
6 how was the roman republic similar to and different from u s democracy
6. How was the Roman Republic similar to and different from U.S. democracy?
  • Similarities / Comparisons:
  • Both Republics
  • Limited democracies (women and slaves had few/no rights)
  • Legislature had two parts (R: Senate & Assembly) (US: Senate & House)
  • Differences / Contrasts:
  • Roman Empire ruled by its military
  • U.S. gave rights to women and slaves later on
7 how were roman values military similar to different from u s
7. How were Roman values & military similar to & different from U.S.?
  • Similarities / Comparisons:
  • Duty & Patriotism
  • Large military organized into units
  • Military deployed internationally
  • Differences / Contrasts:
  • U.S. Govt. led by civilians, not military leaders
  • U.S. smaller vs. Rome had large empire
8 greatest achievement of roman empire
8. Greatest achievement of Roman empire?
  • A: System of laws (12 Tables) had lasting influence
  • 9. What was most important about Roman law?
  • A: Equality under law / procedures for fair trial / Innocent until Proven Guilty
enrichment question
Enrichment Question
  • How was Roman Republic and Law similar to U.S.? Most important idea in U.S. law?
  • 10. Two examples of Romans including new groups in empire?A: Citizenship offered to conquered ppl
  • A: Network of Roads spread trade & culture
11 how did christianity benefit suffer
11. How did Christianity benefit & suffer?
  • A: Emp. Constantine converted to C.
  • A: Theodosius I spread Christianity (official religion)
  • A: Catholic church flourished
  • Suffered: Christians were attacked early on
12 biggest reason for decline of empire
12. Biggest reason for decline of Empire?
  • A: Civil War & power struggles
  • A: war hurt trade
  • A: Outside Invaders
  • A: Divided into 2 halves
  • Enrichment Q: Is the U.S. in decline? Serious concerns?
roman government lesson
Roman Government Lesson
  • Silent Sustained Reading and Writing
  • Essential Skill: Explicitly assess Roman law and government, and draw conclusions about influences on U.S. law and government
  • CHALLENGE: If you finish early, read the primary source (Twelve Tables) and write about 4 more similarities and contrasts between Roman and U.S. law (Refer to quotes from the Twelve Tables.)