The outsiders
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The Outsiders . By: Julissa Rodriguez and Vianney Pech .

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The outsiders

The Outsiders

By: Julissa Rodriguez and Vianney Pech


The book outsiders is about 3 brother. There parents died. They know how to fight. There names are Pony Boy , Soda Pop, and Darry. They don’t have any parents but their older brother Darry acts like a parent. They met new friends. The three brothers are greasers . Dally and Johnny died . Johnny died when he was at the hospital. He died because he was help some kids get out of a church that was on fire.


How does ponyboy change

PonyBoy Changed when his brothers died he protected his brothers. He became more tough because he didn't’t want to get killed by the Socs. He became cocky with his hair. Ponyboy Changes because he wants to be more like his Brothers

How does PonyBoy Change

Why is the book called the outsiders

The brothers. He became more tough because he didn'tbook Outsiders is called the Outsiders because they would go outside and do wild stuff. The outsiders are Darry , Dally, Johnny , Ponyboy, and Sodapop. The meaning Outsider means that you are different than others . The book Outsiders was about different people that don’t like each others.

Why is the book called The Outsiders?