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The Outsiders

The Outsiders

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The Outsiders

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  1. The Outsiders Review- Chapters 7-12

  2. PLOT Chapters 1-6 Rising action: • Darry and Ponyboy reunite in the hospital. Darry cries, and Ponyboy “gets it”. • Johnny and Ponyboy save the children in the burning church. • The boys return from eating with Dally to find the church on fire. • Dallas helped the boys- they fled to Windrixville. • Soc’s jumped boys in park- Johnny killed Bob. • Darry hit Ponyboy when he was late and he ran away. • The boys went to movies and met the Soc girls. Exposition: What did we learn? What background knowledge did the author reveal to help us understand the characters and setting?

  3. PLOT Chapters 7-12 Climax Johnny died. Dallas broke and robbed the store/died. Falling Action Randy and Ponyboy talked at the Tasty Freeze. Pony and Cherry argued; he reminded her of sunset. The boys went to the hospital; Dally took the blade. The Greasers beat the Socs in the rumble. -Ponyboy passed out at the scene. -Ponyboy stays sick for several days. -Randy visits Ponyboy. -They boys were cleared at the hearing. -Ponyboys stands up to the Socs at the store -Soda runs out during the arguing; the boys agree to get along. -Ponyboy found the letter from Johnny. Resolution: Ponyboy writes a theme to try to help others learn what he has learned about people and social rivalry. Theme: YOU Pick ONE of the BIG IDEAS and write a theme around it. 

  4. CAUSE and EFFECT Dallas Winston watches Johnny Cade die at the age of 16 years due to severe injuries

  5. CAUSE and EFFECT Ponyboy cannot accept the fact that his best friend, Johnny Cade, has died and that his buddy, Dally Winston, was gunned down by the police.

  6. CAUSE and EFFECT Sodapop Curtis is constantly drug into the middle of arguments between his brothers, Pony and Darry.

  7. Inferencing • “You going to take Sandy to the party?” I asked, just to say something. Instant silence. I looked around. “What’s the deal?” • Sodapop was staring at his feet, but his ears were reddening. “No, she went to live with her grandmother in Florida.” • “How come?” • “Look, Steve said, surprisingly angry, “does he have to draw you a picture? It was either that or get married, and her parents almost hit the roof at the idea of her marryin’ a sixteen year old kid.” • “Seventeen,” Soda said softly. “I’ll be seventeen in a couple of weeks.” • “Oh.” I said embarrased. Soda was no innocent; I had been in on his bull sessions and his bragging was as loud as anyone’s. But never about Sandy. Not ever about Sandy. (page 111)

  8. Inferencing “What in the world are you doing?” Two Bit’s voice broke into my thoughts. I looked at him. “Picking up the glass.” He stared at me for a second and then grinned. “You little sonofagun,” he said in a relieved voice. I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I just went on picking up glass from the bottle end and put it in a trash can. I didn’t want anyone to get a flat tire. (page 171-172)

  9. Inferencing “Race you,” I challenged, leaping up. It was a real nice night for a race. The air was clear and cold and so clean it almost sparkled. The moon wasn’t out but the stars lit up everything. It was quiet, except for the sound of our feet on the cement, and the dry, scraping sound of leaves blowing across the street. It was a real nice night. I guess I was still out of shape, because we all three tied. No. I guess we all just wanted to stay together. (page 177)

  10. Inferencing • “When Sandy went to Florida… wasn’t Soda, Ponyboy. He told me he loved her, but I guess she didn’t love him like he thought she did, because it wasn’t him.” • “You don’t have to paint me a picture,” I said. • (page 174)

  11. Resolutions • One major conflict in the story is the tense relationship between Ponyboy and Darry. What was the issue with these two characters? How were they resolved in the story? • The judge makes a decision to let the Curtis family stay together. If you were that judge, would you have removed Ponyboy and placed him in foster care or let them stay together? Explain your thoughts. • The letter that Johnny writes Pony has a strong impact on him. How does it change Pony’s attitude and behavior? What is the outcome?