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State Test Review

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State Test Review. Use of Bright beam lights. In open country driving. City driving Drive slowly, yield to pedestrians, look at least 12 seconds ahead Diamond shaped sign Construction or warning Not stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk has a fine of

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State Test Review

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Use of Bright beam lights. In open country driving.

  • City driving Drive slowly, yield to pedestrians, look at least 12 seconds ahead
  • Diamond shaped sign Construction or warning
  • Not stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk has a fine of
  • $500, up to 25 days in jail, 6 mos. License suspension, 2 points and community service
  • To reduce your chances of having an accident use the standard accident prevention formula; Be Alert, Be Prepared, Act in Time
  • Car seats should be placed in the rear seat
  • The most common type of parking in the city is parallel parkiong
  • Keeping a safe distance (3 seconds+ rule) allows the driver time to react to emergencies
  • Headlights and wipers must be on in daylight hours if it is raining or snowing


  • Fine for violation is $100 and possible suspension
  • Driving hrs. permit or probationary driver: You may drive from 5:01am to 11:00pm, You may not drive from 11:01pm to 5:00am
  • Passenger restrictions for a probationary driver: dependents and one additional passenger unless with parent
  • Decals: red reflective on front and rear license plates
  • No hand held or hands free cell phones or electronic devices
  • 21 years or older have NO RESTRICTIONS
  • Basic License at 18 yrs after completion of all probationary requirements no suspensions

Altering a driver’s license penalty is a suspension, fine and up to six months imprisonment

  • Applying for a license illegally – license suspension,
  • Fine of $200 - $500 and/or imprisonment
  • A 17 year old driver has a probationary period of 1 year,
  • It ends on the 18th birthday after completing a year of suspension free driving.
  • Before practice driving can begin the GDL driver must have; a valid registration, valid insurance and a valid permit from MVC
  • School, business and residential speed limit is 25 MPH
  • Lost or stolen license should be reported to the police
  • When backing up (driving in reverse) turn completely around to the right and look out the rear window

The requirements for obtaining a probationary license are; passing the knowledge and vision and road test, age of 17, 6 months supervised driving with no suspensions or postponement.

  • SKID – Take your foot off the gas pedal
  • At 35 MPH wet roads may cause your tires to HYDROPLANE and you loose control of the car
  • After driving through a deep puddle you should test your brakes
  • To avoid a spin, while in a skid, turn in the same direction the vehicle is skidding
  • Truck stopping distance in ADVERSE CONDITION is 25% longer
  • Headlights must be used ½ hr. after sunset until ½ hr. before sunrise or if visibility is less than 500’
  • At night be able to stop within the distance you can see ahead
  • Snow covered road following distance should be 6 seconds or more

Drive through a Deep Puddle Test Your Brakes

  • To avoid HYDROPLANING Slow down and drive on the highest part of the road
  • 3 second plus rule is for maintaining proper following distance
  • If your car begins to skid take your foot off the gas pedal
  • Road surfaces are most slippery during the first few minutes of a rainfall
  • A NJ registered vehicles must have LIABILITY insurance
  • Address change must be reported in 1 week
  • Hand signals – straight out = left turn
  • Out and up = right turn, down = stop
  • Signals should be used when – Turning, stopping, changing lanes

Passing on the Right is allowed when – a motorist is turning left and there is room to pass.

  • You will get an insurance Surcharge if: you get a D.U.I.,
  • (Liquor or drugs) Refusing the Breath Test
  • If you sell your car and don’t need you license plate, retun them to the MVC or send them to Trenton
  • Before making a turn the driver must; be in the proper lane, signal at least 100 feet before turning
  • Using your seat belt keeps you from sliding off the seat, from hitting the windshield and being thrown from the car.
  • You must stop for the following; pedestrians at all times, school busses on public streets with flashing red lights, and emergency vehicles. For emergency vehicles pull over to the extreme right and stop.

Driving on public property to avoid a traffic control signal or sign penalty:

  • 2 point moving violation
  • BAC level under 21 for D.U.I. is .01% this is the smallest amount of BAC a person can have (don’t be fooled)
  • Involved in an accident causing injury while driving with a suspended license: More suspension, Fine, possible JAIL
  • Fines for violations in a Safe Corridor or construction work zone are DOUBLED.
  • If your License is suspended you may not drive for any reason until the suspension ends and your license is restored
  • The Probationary period after having your license restored is 1 YEAR
  • You will receive an insurance surcharge for the following; driving without a license, D.U.I. or drug relate offense or refusing the breath test and driving without liability insurance

You may get a fine for any of the following:

  • Failure to remove snow and ice, leaving a vehicle idling for more than 3 minutes, violating the move over law
  • Host liability law: if a person drinks too much in your home an has an accident you can be involved in a lawsuit
  • The penalty for refusing the breath test is equal to a D.U.I. offense BAC of .10% the surcharge is $1,000/year for 3 years
  • Ages 13 to 21 you may have your license suspended or postponed for the following; buying alcohol or D.U.I., graffiti, or setting false alarms
  • Sharing the road with Trucks and busses remember: They make wide turns, leave more space when stopping behind them, maintain constant speed while passing them
  • Also remember their limitations: visibility, stopping distance and maneuverability
  • Be cautious in open country driving looking out for livestock or deer

Acceleration Lane: An extra lane at a highway entrance

  • If you miss an exit on the highway:
  • Go to the next exit
  • Stopping behind a large truck: stay far enough back so the driver can see you in his rearview mirror
  • When passing a truck remember you are in his NO-ZONE the driver can’t see you
  • A deceleration lane is: an extra lane at a highway exit
  • An acceleration lane is an extra lane at an entrance to a highway
  • The NO-ZONE or blind spot is the area where the bus or truck driver can’t see you

When sharing the road with trucks and busses you should know the following; give them more room to turn, stop farther back behind them, maintain constant speed when passing

  • You must yield to the following; emergency vehicles, busses re-entering the road and vehicles already in the intersection