Team 9 jailbreakers rendezvous
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TEAM 9: Jailbreakers Rendezvous. Members: Twinkle Agarwal Anjana Bhirde David Hodgson Raviprakash Madaiah. Overview . Requirements and technical facts Features Source control Project plan Code explanation Demo Project website .

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Team 9 jailbreakers rendezvous

TEAM 9: Jailbreakers Rendezvous


Twinkle Agarwal


David Hodgson



  • Requirements and technical facts

  • Features

  • Source control

  • Project plan

  • Code explanation

  • Demo

  • Project website


Develop an application for the iPhone

  • Must communicate with a web service.

  • Must do basic database operations (insert, update), using a web service.


Why iPhone application ?

  • Developing an iPhone application is something new for all of our team members.

  • In this competitive environment of software development one has to have skills with cutting edge.

  • Learn a different paradigm for programming.

What does our app do
What does our app do?

Three features:

  • Find the weather from the user’s current location.

  • Finds restaurants in area, sends text message to a friend in the address book, without the user typing anything.

  • Find friends in the area, and get directions to where they are.

Technical facts
Technical facts

  • Xcode is the IDE for developing iPhone and iPod Touch applications. Can only develop using Xcode on Macs.

  • Interface Builder is a separate program that works with Xcode to build the user interface.

  • Objective-C is the language. It is an extension of C, and combines Object-Oriented ideas of Smalltalk.

  • No automatic garbage collection, so must explicitly manage memory (by allocating objects and releasing them).

What is a web service
What is a web service?

  • A method that you call remotely.

  • The remote machine has access to some resources or information that you need.

  • Machine-to-machine communication, use HTTP as the underlying protocol. Uses an XML-based format called SOAP.


Feature 1 : Weather Update

  • This feature finds the current weather, based on the user’s current location.

  • It uses the Core Location framework to get the user’s current latitude and longitude.

  • We then find the zip code from the latitude and longitude from a web page It displays the page as xml, which we then parse for the zip code.

  • We use a web service which gets the weather, given the zip code.

  • We parse the SOAP response, and display it in a table view.

Feature two fix meeting
Feature Two : Fix Meeting

  • Web service call

  • Find restaurants in nearby area

  • Invite a friend

  • Text message

  • Social events

Screenshot datepicker
Screenshot : DatePicker

Feature three get directions
Feature Three : Get Directions

  • Find friends in nearby areas

  • Provide directions

  • Frequent travelers

  • Business meetings

Database schema
Database Schema


Web Server

Team 9 jailbreakers rendezvous