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The President’s Cabinet PowerPoint Presentation
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The President’s Cabinet

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The President’s Cabinet
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The President’s Cabinet

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  1. The President’s Cabinet What do they do?

  2. The Federal Bureaucracy

  3. The Cabinet • Not mentioned in the Constitution. • Members picked by President, approved by Senate. • Consists of Secretaries (except Attorney General). • Have advisory and administrative duties. • Has expanded over time.

  4. The Cabinet DepartmentsCan you explain the historical significance of when they were created?

  5. What does the President look for in a Department Secretary? The appointee must be qualified for the job (Senate approval). Another goal is to make the Cabinet “look like America.” What does that mean? Does President Obama’s cabinet “look like America?”

  6. Does President Obama’s Cabinet look like America?

  7. The President’s Cabinet

  8. Negotiates with foreign nations. Regulates national parks in the U.S. Can use the FBI to enforce the laws of the U.S. Creates safety standards for factories. Enforces regulations of television advertisements. Oversees the inspection of hospitals. Coordinate Memorial Day celebrations. Promotes the development of battery powered vehicles. Oversees the budget of the Coast Guard. Handles the investment of federal monies. Commerce Dept. State Dept. Justice Dept. Interior Dept. Labor Dept. Defense Dept. Veteran Affairs Dept. Health and Human Services Dept. Treasury Dept. Transportation Dept. Match the Department with its function

  9. So who would the President call? • The North Koreans have done it, they have developed a nuclear warhead. The world community seems determined to try economic sanctions before taking military action, but the U.S. military still needs to be on alert. • At our current rate of deforestation, environmentalist report, the we will “wipe out” the required amount of forests to supply the world with an adequate oxygen supply by the year 2075. Something must be done now to save the world for future generations. • Studies show that drug use among teens has increased 50% in the past year. During the same time period, illegal drug shipments from Columbia to the U.S. has tripled. • The Madoffs are at it again, Bernie’s cousin, ItokyrmoneanMadoff, has reportedly scammed investors to the tune of $100 billion. Something must be done to protect investors and end Wall Street fraud.