somali civil war l.
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Somali Civil War

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Somali Civil War. Conflict in Somalia. Somali Civil War.

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Somali Civil War

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somali civil war

Somali Civil War

Conflict in Somalia

somali civil war2
Somali Civil War
  • An ongoing civil war taking place in Somalia. The conflict, which began in 1991, has caused destabilization and instability throughout the country, with the current phase of the conflict seeing the Somali government losing substantial control of the state to rebel forces.
why it began
Why It Began
  • A strict leader, President Said Barre was overthrown and a state of struggle emerged between rival clans / tribes / groups.
factions groups
Factions / Groups
  • Somali National Alliance (SNA) - Habar Gidir
  • Somali National Front (SNF) - Mareehaan
  • Somali Democratic Alliance (SDA) - Gadabursi
  • United Somali Front (USF) - Issa
  • Somali African Muke Organization (SAMO) - Bantu
  • Somali National Democratic Union (SNDU) - Lelkaseh and Aurtoble
  • Somali National Union (SNU) - Reer Hamar
  • United Somali Party (USP) - Dhulbahante, Warsangeli
american involvement
American Involvement
  • 1991 – 1993
    • Due to the Civil War and a drought a huge crisis developed threatening to starve hundreds of thousands of Somali’s.
    • International Aid and United Nations peace keepers were sent in to help the starving country.
american involvement cont
American Involvement Cont.
  • 1991-1993
    • One clan’s leader, Mohammed Farah Aidid, began seizing the food and medical supplies to starve out the other clans.
    • US Forces intervened and attempted to arrest Aidid and establish peace.
    • Most Somali’s, even Aidid’s enemies did not like the US getting involved with Somali politics.
black hawk down
“Black Hawk Down”
  • Oct. 3rd, 1993 – The Battle of Mogadishu
    • US Forces attempting to arrest Mohammed Farah Aidid clash with thousands of Somali fighters.
    • The battle leaves 18 American Soldiers dead as well as between 1,000 and 3,000 Somali fighters and civilians dead.

us involvement 1993 2010
US Involvement 1993-2010
  • President Clinton chooses to withdraw troops for fear of more casualties and growing American disapproval.
  • The country spirals out of control and the Somali Civil War resumes.
  • Ongoing instability in the country has led to widespread evacuations of Somalis.
  • Many Somalis crossed the border into Kenya seeking safety.
  • A number of Somalis look for somewhere to call home, many come to the US.
  • Although a young coalition government has been formed they do not control the entire country. Civil War still exists and lawlessness is common in certain areas.
  • This instability has also lead to Somali Piracy issues off the coast of Somalia.