Soldier systems technology roadmap
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Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap. Human and System Integration Workshop Process Mr. Phil Carr ( Château Cartier, Gatineau, Canada 21-22 September, 2010. H&SI Workshop – Overall Goal.

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Soldier systems technology roadmap

Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap

Human and System Integration

Workshop Process

Mr. Phil Carr (

Château Cartier, Gatineau, Canada21-22 September, 2010

H si workshop overall goal
H&SI Workshop – Overall Goal

To move us toward the comprehensive integration of the CF Future Soldier Systems capability areas such as to optimize overall system effectiveness, i.e.: improve and balance: survivability, lethality, mobility, sustainability, and situational awareness (C4I)

Workshop basic process
Workshop Basic Process

Exploring Operational Space

Capability Recap

& Demo:

Key Deficiencies& Priorities

Related H&SI Challenges, For Internal (physical/cognitive and external integration)

Exploring Functional Space

Exploring Solution Space

Potential Solutions/ Technologies

System Optimization

Exploring R&D Space

R&D Focus Areas and Potential Collaborations

Soldier systems technology roadmap

Functional Objective / Technical Challenge(Where to Put the Bar and When?)

Performance Parameter (e.g. Bandwidth)

Perf. Excess ?

Technology progress

Future soldier needs

(Performance requirements)

Future Needs

Real Gap

Overall System Performance



Current Gap


Cycle n


Cycle 2…


Cycle 1

Workshop success factors
Workshop SuccessFactors

  • “Success” means:

    • Discussion

    • Contribution

    • Collaboration

    • Creativity

    • Interest and curiosity

Soldier demo key integration challenges
Soldier Demo – Key Integration Challenges


Load carriage

Mobility vs Protection





Soldier – Vehicle Interoperability


Target Detect-Discriminate-Inform-Prosecute

Demo questions


Name one human/system integration issue that was not mentioned

2. Which integration issues or deficiencies do you think are most important to the soldier system?

Demo Questions

Theme 1 physical integration on the soldier
Theme 1 - Physical Integration on the Soldier

  • Soldier System Characterization (e.g. physical environment, task analyses, user characteristics)

  • Soldier Burden (physiology, load and volume/bulk, biomechanics)

  • Usability/ergonomy

  • Fit/Form/Anthropometry

  • Demographics

  • Compatibility/Interfaces

  • Display and Controls Hardware

  • Tools and Processes

Theme 2 perceptual cognitive integration on the soldier
Theme 2 – Perceptual/Cognitive Integrationon the Soldier

  • Soldier burden (workload, information)

  • Situation awareness

  • Soldier interfaces to enhance perception and cognition (from displays to decision-making tools on soldier computers

  • Displays and Controls Software (GUI)

  • Tools and Processes

  • Usability

  • Decision aids

Theme 3 system architecture interoperability external integration
Theme 3 - System Architecture & Interoperability(External Integration)

  • Integration/Interoperability with Other Platforms

    • Vehicles

    • Weapon systems

    • C4I systems

    • Autonomous Sensors (UXV)

  • System Architecture

    • Modularity/Configurability

    • Adaptability

    • Scalability

    • Hardware integration/optimization

Breakaway session rules
Breakaway Session Rules

  • Sit with people from other organizations

  • Fill the tables

  • Choose a leader and recorder

  • Write clearly

  • Focus on the questions

  • Ask facilitators for clarifications

  • Tables 9 and 10 for discussion in French

Table seating rules for after lunch
Table Seating RulesFor After Lunch

C: CF/Military

G: Government

I: Industry

A: Academia

  • Capability/Expertise Areas:

  • Red: Weapons

  • Yellow: PPE

  • Green: Power/Energy

  • Blue: C4I-Sensor

  • White: Human Factors

Rule 1: You cannot sit with: someone you work with Rule 2: Min: 1G, 1A, 1 C Rule 3: Max: 5 of the same capability/expertise area

  • NOTE:People can switch tables for each breakout session if they want, as long as the seating rules are followed.

Seating arrangements less than ideal
Seating Arrangements (less than ideal)






All C4I






Seating arrangements much better
Seating Arrangements (much better)














14h30 to 16 00
14h30 to 16:00

Breakaway Session 1

Key Challenges for Each Theme (roundtable)


Breakaway session 1 h si related challenges for themes 1 2 and 3
Breakaway Session 1: H&SI-Related Challengesfor Themes 1, 2 and 3


What are the 5 most important functional challenges related to your H/SI theme? What’s the problem? (you can express it as a technical challenge too)

  • E.g. critical parameter (e.g. Balance, bandwidth)

  • What should it be ? (2020 & 2025)

Table rules
Table rules

  • Sit with people from other organizations

  • Fill the tables

  • Choose a leader and recorder

  • Write clearly

  • Focus on the questions

  • Ask facilitators for clarifications

Session 1 report back
Session 1: Report Back


1.Capture the most important HSI functional challenges for each theme

Let’s compile them as we go ...

  • Collectively converge on about 20-25 challenges, which will be used for your next exercise

Your homework exploring solutions
Your HomeworkExploring Solutions

Get 3 stickies

Pick 3 of the challenges we’ve just discussed

Fill in the blanks

Bring in your stickies with you tomorrow morning

Soldier systems technology roadmap

Sticky Example

- Theme: 2 Cognitive Integration

- Information Overload Reduction

- Multi-sense interface


- Brain computer Interface 6 University A

- Haptic systems 7 Cie X

When you arrive tomorrow morning
When You Arrive Tomorrow Morning


Have a photocopy made of your 3 stickies

Post your 3 stickies on the wall under the proper challenge and timeframe

Sit at a table of your choice (can be same table as previous day) still following the seating rules



Entering break continue to populate the wall
Entering Break Continue to Populate the Wall


Have a photocopy made of your 3 stickies

Post your 3 stickies on the wall under the proper technical/functional challenge and timeframe

Sit at a table of your choice (can be same table as previous day) still following the seating rules


Breakaway Session 2

Potential Solutions & Related TechnologiesFor Overall System Optimization


Soldier systems technology roadmap

H&SI Functional /Technical Challenges (on your table)

Theme 1 – Physical Integration

  • Improving system characterization (physical)

  • Improving tools & processes (physical)

  • Reducing physical soldier burden (weight overload)

  • Improving physical usability

  • Improving modularity/configurability

  • Improving fit, form, anthropometry

  • Improving interfaces compatibility

  • Improving body-worn equipment/sensors integration

  • Improving display/control hardware design

  • Improving system characterization (psychological)

  • Improving tools & processes (psychological)

  • Reducing the effects of stressors

  • Improving socio/psychological readiness

  • Enhancing/augmenting soldier perception

  • Reducing cognitive burden (information load)

  • Improving situation awareness/understanding

  • Improving decision making

  • Enhancing displays/GUI

  • Improving human computer Interaction

  • Improving integration with weapons

  • Improving integration with C4I systems

  • Improving integration with combat vehicles

  • Improving integration with autonomous vehicle/sensors

  • Enabling future capability growth

Theme 2 – Psychological/Cognitive Integration

Theme 3 – External Integration

Soldier systems technology roadmap
Breakaway Session 2: OptimizationPotential Horizontal Solutions & Related Technologies For Overall System Optimization

Objective: Brainstorm on solutions and their related technologies (S&T) for overall system optimization, i.e. those addressing more than one technical/functional challenge (list on your table)

  • Review the challenge list (on your table) (5 minutes)

  • Share your proposed solutions (homework stickies) (15 to 20 minutes)

  • Identify 3 to 5 new potential horizontal solutions and related technologies

  • Summarize your answers on the flip chart

Breakaway session 2 report back
Breakaway Session 2 – Report Back Optimization

  • Objective: Identify the enabling technologies that could address more than one functional/technical challenge and leading to overall capability optimization

  • 1. Present the summary of your discussions emphasizing the enabling technologies

14h30 Optimization

Breakaway Session 3:R&D Focus Areas & Potential Collaborators

Breakaway session 3 r d efforts needed potential collaborators

Select 2 or 3 most Optimizationenabling technologies (S&T) (right column on your summary sheet from session 2)

Explain briefly why you chose them

Describe the R&D efforts that should be pursued for each enabling technology

Identify collaborators that could be involved in these R&D efforts

Breakaway Session 3:R&D Efforts Needed & Potential Collaborators

Moving from technical/functional challenges to solutions/technologies to future R&D efforts

Objective: Discuss the R&D efforts and the collaborators that could/should be involved in them

Breakaway session 3 output
Breakaway Session 3 Output Optimization


Breakaway session 3 report back
Breakaway Session 3: Report Back Optimization

Objective: Identify R&D efforts and related collaborators that would contribute in optimizing the overall capability (i.e. In addressing the key challenges)

  • Each table presents its findings (worksheet content)

    (please hand in your worksheet)

Soldier systems technology roadmap

BS 3 Handout Sheet Optimization