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Technology Roadmap Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Roadmap Project

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Technology Roadmap Project
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Technology Roadmap Project

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  1. Technology Roadmap Project Harold Flescher VP-Elect, Technical Activities August 2008, Region 1 Meeting

  2. Goals of a Technology Roadmap • Bring together collective IEEE knowledge to understand: • Where are we today? What technologies are we in? • How do we match|meet it? • Link our science/engineering based work to a shared “market language” • We need a tool to enable industry, government, and potential new members to view their path through IEEE’s knowledge/activities • Create opportunities for growth • We need a tool in which Society/Councils (S/Cs) can identify new and expanding trends in areas such as conferences, publications, people, and collaborations • Places where expanded membership can play

  3. Emerging Outcomes of TRM Project • We need to better leverage today’s strengths • Where can the convergences be found? What technical programs bridge across multiple S/Cs and multiple sectors? Who covers what, to what depth, and how can we collaborate and launch new products and services? • We need to better anticipate tomorrow’s market needs • What is emerging? Where is the white space? How can we collaborate and launch new research initiatives? • We need to communicate to internal and external audiences • What is the scope of Technical Activities (TA) S/C’s and TA programs? How do TA programs intersect with other IEEE activity? How do TA programs translate to industry and market topics? • We need to provide “relevance” for individuals and companies as they seek products, services and communities within the IEEE • Where do I belong? What is IEEE doing in my industry? What conference or publication should I target? Where do I find the people in my field?

  4. “Tagging” strategy • Tags are descriptive terms or keywords used to describe content • Users can use or re-use their own terms without adhering to a controlled vocabulary • The current approach for managing large distributed sets of content with diverse audiences • Tagging works well for IEEE TA because: • TA serves a very large, distributed, diverse audience and must be able to find a match between “languages” (industry, technical expertise, culture) • TA has an enormous data set that is always changing. Specific automated keywords can’t keep up and may lack meaning for the user. • Tags lack hierarchy. So, we make up for this by: • Encouraging re-use of existing tags • Using “hybrid” models - grouping and clustering like terms • Leveraging automated tools, matching indexed keywords to tags

  5. 2008 To Date • 14 Industry Sectors Defined • S/Cs Defined1,000+ Tags/Keywords • Remainder of 2008 • Create Framework & Navigation Tools • Map Tags/Keywords & S/Cs to Periodicals, Conferences, Standards • Analysis of data visualization • Initial hot spot and white space discussions • What’s Next? • 2009 Operational Project Planning

  6. 1000+ tags 14 Industry Sectors Tagging Outputs Snapshot

  7. Snapshot Conclusions from a Tag Cloud • Strong in Applications of Technology • Weak in Market Area Topics • More bottom-up from technology, not top-down from industry

  8. Step back and think about this . . . Right now think of yourself as: • An IEEE member working in a new field • An engineer/scientist looking for • Where in IEEE I’d have a home • Where in IEEE I can get specific information • A company looking for particular information, an expert, products, etc. • An engineering student • A University Professor

  9. Navigation Sample: Sectors & Tags/Keywords • The Brain Example

  10. Navigation Sample: Sectors & Tags/Keywords + Add IEEE Products/Services Conference Proceedings Distinguished Lecturers Periodicals Publications Standards Societies/Councils

  11. Navigation Sample: Sectors & Tags/Keywords + Add connections to even one. . . Conference Proceedings Distinguished Lecturers Periodicals Publications Standards Societies/Councils

  12. Future Improvements • Member/Geographic Activities Involvement • Geographic Conferences • Member Authors • Entrepreneurs Network • Consultants Network • Insert others Ideas from Hal here???? • What’s Missing? • Feedback Appreciated!