surgical suture delivery system n.
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Surgical Suture Delivery System

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Surgical Suture Delivery System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Surgical Suture Delivery System. By: Sarah Hembree, Ryan Ruehl, Matt Larson Project Advisor: Dr. Raul Guzman. Personnel in OR. Surgeon Anesthesiologist Scrub Nurse Circulating Nurse. Tasks of the Circulating Nurse Call family of patient

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surgical suture delivery system

Surgical Suture Delivery System

By: Sarah Hembree, Ryan Ruehl, Matt Larson

Project Advisor: Dr. Raul Guzman


Personnel in OR

  • Surgeon
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Scrub Nurse
  • Circulating Nurse
  • Tasks of the Circulating Nurse
  • Call family of patient
  • Obtains and sets up all instruments used during surgery
  • Documents entire surgery
project justification
Project Justification
  • Cost Effective
    • Less TIME spent waiting in the operating room
    • Fewer sutures wasted
  • Reduced work load for the circulating nurse
project goal
Project Goal
  • To design a device that delivers different types of sutures from their packages to the sterile environment of the operating table for use during surgery
dr guzman s prototype
High maintenance


Can open all types

Dispenses in a sterile manner

Dr. Guzman’s Prototype
proposed suture package separation techniques
Vacuum Method – it sucks

Thermal Method – its hot

Friction Method – no lubrication required

Crimp Method – inspired by 80’s hair

Cutting Method – sharp, very sharp

Velcro Method – yeah velcro

Electrostatic Method – its shocking

Proposed Suture Package Separation Techniques
the sutures
The Sutures
  • Aluminum and plastic wrappers; up to 12 different manufactured types!
  • Requires up to 2 lbs of force to open up the non-sterile package
prototype suture cassette
Prototype: Suture Cassette
  • Holds 6 different types
  • Each compartment designed to hold 10-15 sutures
  • Spring tension keeps the sutures pressed against the outer wall
  • Rotated by a servo motor
  • Easy to refill
force calculations
Force Calculations

Spring Constant calculated to be 58.37 N/m

Sum of Forces of packet in cassette is 4.45 N

Cf of Plexiglas is 0.21

Maximum force to remove suture from cassette is 0.9345 N.

vacuum method
Vacuum Method

Centrifugal Blower

  • 24 V Brushless Motor
  • Maximum Flow 50 CFM

Courtesy of:

microprocessor control
Microprocessor Control
  • BASIC Stamp II
    • fully programmable I/O pins to directly interface TTL-level devices and connect to non-TTL devices
  • controls and processes input
  • controls timing and switching of motors and solenoids
  • controls display
future work

Future Work

Continue building device

Program the microprocessor

Prepare for Final Poster Session