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Online Trading with LMSPL Trade PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Trading with LMSPL Trade

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Online Trading with LMSPL Trade

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Online Trading with LMSPL Trade

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  1. Online Trading with LMSPL Trade

  2. Traditionally stock trading is done through telephones or personally. With technology up gradation now we can serve you with a better manner with online stock trading platform. Our online trading platform is recognized by industry professionals and clients alike as a market leading platform for trading. LMTrade, our trading software is available in both desktop and browser based version. Lets you take control of your trading wherever you are.

  3. LMSPL-Lite LMSPL-Lite the browser based version of our platform is ideal for those new to trading as it provides an uncomplicated approach to accessing financial markets. LMSPL-Lite does not require download or installation, you just simply log in from a computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world. Using the latest technologies, LMSPL-Lite brings a fresh approach for the user with intuitive drag and drop functionality that complements the platform’s ease of use.

  4. LMSPL - Diet The LMSPL Diet is a exe based version of our platform provides advanced trading and charting tools for all classes of experienced traders. Like our web-based platform LMSPL Diet, gives you 24 hour access to real-time prices on thousands of Stocks, commodities. Paired with our ‘one click dealing’ you can execute trades with a single click of your mouse providing faster access even to the most volatile of markets. Clients have the access to all the information with regard to their trading accounts and demat accounts through our easy to use Back-office Software.

  5. How To Use LMSPL Lite Open site: Open web Browser and type in the address bar(ref-1). Now from the home page just click on “Trade Online” Button. ref- 1

  6. Pre Login Screen : Now click on “Login” button(ref-1) which you can find beside LMSPL LITE to get the login page of the trading platform. ref- 1

  7. Login with enhanced Authentication: Net.Net has enhanced login feature like “Remember My ID” on every login, “Virtual Keyboard” , “change password”, “Forgot password” which facilitates the client to get the new password on their registered Email Id by entering the secret question and answer as per the setting defined by client. “Force login option”, which saves the user from waiting till the session expiry in case of abnormal logouts.

  8. Login screen: Put user ID & password(Supplied by us) and click on Log-In Button(ref-1). By default application mode is “Streaming”. If you are behind firewall or any type of protective system(From Office), you can also chose “lite”. ref- 1

  9. Integrated Market watch : Integrated Market Watch provides a view with real-time streaming information from the exchange Central Trading Engine for all the segments i.e. Equities, Derivatives and commodities.

  10. Add Scrip / Contracts : Right click on any where in the Integrated Market Watch to get a quick menu (ref-1). From that quick menu, click on “Add Scrip / Contracts”. Now you have a new window called Symbol Lookup (ref-2). You can find and add any scrip / contract from NSE / BSE into the integrated market watch(ref-3). ref- 2 ref- 3 ref- 1

  11. Market Picture : Market picture(ref-1) view provides details about open, high/low, close, best five buy/sell orders etc of a particular scrip to the client. Just click on best five from the quick menu to invoke the market picture (ref2). Alternatively select a scrip and press F6. Client can also place order from Buy/Sell order link (ref-3). ref- 2 ref- 3 Ref-1

  12. Combined Depth: This feature enables user to View Combined Depth (Ref-1) for Equity Segments BSE & NSE in single view. Facility is there to place Order from Combined Depth. Just click on combined depth from the quick menu to invoke the combined depth windows (ref-2). Alternatively, select the scrip on the Market Watch and Press (Ctrl + F6). Ref-2 Ref-1

  13. Most Active Securities: Most active securities (ref-1) is used to view the 10 most active securities sorted in the order of volume or value (ref-2). The security details are updated on-line. Most active securities view can be customized using comprehensive filter option. Click market inquiry à most active securities. Alternatively, press shift + F10. The most active securities page is displayed. ref- 1 ref- 2

  14. Top Gainer & Top Looser: Displays the top ten gainers and losers sorted in the order of the percentage change with respect to LTP for various instrument types. The security details are updated on-line (Ref-2). Click Market Inquiry à Top Gainers Losers (Ref-1). Alternatively, press Ctrl + F10. The Top Gainers Losers page is displayed. ref- 1 Ref-2

  15. Market Movement:. Displays hourly movement of a particular scrip or contract during a trading session (Ref-1). Following details are displayed Open, High, Low, Close, Average trade price, Total Trade Quantity, Total Trade Value. Click on the tool bar icon (Ref-2.) to invoke the market movement. Ref-1 Ref-2

  16. Span Margin view: span margin (ref-1) view allows the user to gauge the margin requirements of contracts across F&O segments, Currency segment and Commodity segments (Ref-2). Ref-1 ref- 2

  17. Order Entry: Order entry gives the user to buy and sell orders for particular scrip with minimum inputs from the user. By pressing “F1”or “+” and “F2” or “–”one can invoke buy and sell window respectively. Buy Sell Note : From quick menu(right click on scrip) one can invoke buy/sell window

  18. Order Book: User can view all the orders placed by him/her in the order book(ref -1). Orders can be filtered on pending, execute and all basis. One can also filter order book exchange, status wise and product wise (ref-2). Select the scrip on the market watch and press F3 . Ref-1 ref- 2

  19. Trade Book: User can view Trade details in the Trade Book(ref-1). Orders which are traded in the exchange are shown in the Trade Book. From the exchange drop down user can choose and filter the trade book display. ref- 1 ref- 2

  20. Net Position: User can view the position executed by him/her on all the exchanges. User can filter on Daily and Expiry(ref-1), as well as product type(ref-2). Net position windows shows Buy/Sell - Qty, Price, Value, Net Qty, Net Value, MtoM Value. ref- 1 ref- 2

  21. Delivery Conversion: User can convert his intraday position to delivery before square-off timing. On the net position window click on the “net qty” column of respective scrip for which you want to convert your position from intraday to delivery(ref-1). Now you have a window called “ convert from buy margin to buy delivery”(ref-2). Put the no. of scirp which you want take a delivery position and hit submit button. ref- 1 ref- 2

  22. Fund View: The Funds view window shows the fund position(ref-1) to the user. User can see his deposits, margin utilized for taking different position, margin released for sales and Net Fund available. ref- 1

  23. Stock View: The window will display the holding details of the client in DP and with Broker. Client can square off a particular stock in the holding through this window. User can view Stock details by selecting it from Reports menu. It also allows user to filter their report(ref-1) ref- 1

  24. Graph / Chart: Graphs view allows the user to view Graphs of particular scrip. Just click on chart from the quick menu(ref-1). Intraday Graphs are available for scrips. User can select from Line Graph and Value Graph(ref-2) ref- 2 ref- 1

  25. Fund Transfer: Client can transfer fund from their online bank A/c to the broker A/C. One can select their bank for fund transfer from drop down(ref-1) list. After putting the desire amount for transfer click on submit button to get the respective bank’s net banking site. It is secure and lightening fast. We are providing any -bank online trading facility. ref- 1 Cont…

  26. My Mailbox: My mailbox is a facility by which client can send day to day queries to member through mail and also can check the reply sent by member in Inbox. Three links Inbox, Compose and sent mails box is given, e.g. for technical queries click on “Compose” and from the “Subject” drop down box select technical queries from the list, mention your query in content box and click on send. Our concern team accordingly will reply to your mail or will contact you.

  27. Trade History: Trade History (Ref-1) maintains a log of transactions occurred for the last 15 days. It displays trade details occurred during the said transaction period. The trades for the current day are indicated with a star (*) prefixed to the symbol. Ref-1

  28. My Connection Info: This option enables user to check their login History along with the login IP Address and time (ref-1). Ref-1

  29. Fund Transfer: Transaction flow and request response structure for interfacing bank’s net banking and the Brokers site for Online Trading through bank’s internet banking

  30. DP Hold Request: DP Hold request and response structure for interfacing bank’s DP and the Brokers site for Online Share Trading.

  31. DP Release Request: DP release request and response structure for interfacing bank’s DP and the Brokers site for Online share Trading.

  32. Below banks are associate with our trading platform

  33. Stock Advice: Client can get research based advices during the market hour at the massage board on our trading platform.

  34. Features • Integrated Market Watch • Integrated Net Position • Market Movement • Limits • Customized Portfolios • Trade Books • Order Books • Top Gainers / Losers/ Most active Securities • Net Position/ Exposers • Contact/ Securites Information • Charts and Graphs

  35. Benifits • View market information • Create investor’s own portfolio • Enter orders(Buy/Sell) • Also can place an After Market Order • Edit, Modify or cancel orders • Receive online trade confirmations • View order and trade status • View portfolio and cash balance • View transaction history • Receive orders and trade confirmations • Provide other services like Back Office, DP account information, historical information, news, charting

  36. Thank You