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The kitchen vision

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The kitchen vision

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  1. The kitchen vision by VEGA INFORMATICA R&D Piero Slocovich

  2. Agenda • Solutions • Aff@ri • SmartCOND • Psycorder • Generation

  3. Solutions Community Business Server more …. Aff@ri Generation Genealogic & bibliographic facility, for people & family, on broadband Internet SmartCOND Psycorder Real estate facility & building management, for people & companies in condominium, on broadband Internet Wireless system, based on mobile & ultra mobile PC, for psychotherapy survey

  4. Agenda • Solutions • Aff@ri • SmartCOND • Psycorder • Generation

  5. Aff@ri: what it does Provides a innovative tele-working framework for all “business communities”, such as: • Extended Enterprise • SME industrial district • Professional and artisan area • Municipal or national public administration

  6. Aff@ri: how it is used Each organization self-manages on the WEB its own organization chart (White-Pages) with related product standards (Yellow-Pages) and process rules (Green-Pages). The managers and clerks will use all that to carry out their work (Blue-Pages) to create document contents into folders (Orange-Pages) that satisfy the business requirements and targets. The work in progress is supported by the public knowledge of its own enterprise and of the whole community and by private experience of the current and the past business activities. As more result, the management is supported to optimize the enterprise performance by directly verifying and updating the current business practices.

  7. Aff@ri: what results can be obtained It supports all forms of business collaboration vs competition, based upon clear organizational resources; directly (on WEB) both within each enterprise or between some enterprises in the business community and indirectly (via fax, email, post) with external contacts. As well the business relations are understand between “players” in the community rather than between “users” of the information system. It controls who can/should do what, when and how and it certifies the activities carried out and the results obtained, independently of the level/kind of activity automation by itself. It provides the development and maintenance of the automation software and the administration, education and assistance of the “players”, within the business community itself.

  8. Aff@ri: how it is different It provides a collaboration oriented info-structure, inside business communities, and a internet oriented techno-structure, to act as instrument and paradigm for universal communication. The collaboration is achieved by using WEB-forms that represent the organizing profile and the business practices of its own enterprise or describe the partnership in the community; all this from the “player” WEB-dashboard to access to “its own private business” in every concerned role, enterprise and community. The ease of use, based upon the integration between contents and folders, between public knowledge and private experience and between norms and procedures, and the implementation, based upon the distinction between application logic vs application itself and between collaboration vs communication, are not available in other commercial products available today.

  9. Aff@ri: system requirements Hosting ASP/ISP with: • Windows 2000 Server or Linux • Caché 5 by Intersystems • Web-Server (Apache or IIS) • Mail Server • WEB Services Infrastructure (optional)

  10. Agenda • Solutions • Aff@ri • SmartCOND • Psycorder • Generation

  11. SmartCOND: background and aims Vega wants to extend its own system integration & multi-channel 24X7 custom service offer, from enterprise CRM to wide real estate market (condominium, residences, villages, quarters, etc.). SmartCOND exploits ICT standard, as broadband secure Internet (Extranet/VPN), to deliver remote real estate facility management and administration, home/medical assistance, building access control, reception e surveillance. Potential customers are real estate owners and residents, administration agencies, installation and maintenance companies, engaged porters and security agencies. On the traditional Domotics & Building Automation, we introduce the concept of "condominium oriented” ICT services (Condomotics), with technical and organizational support of rising SmartCOND Agencies.

  12. SmartCOND: technologic innovation An object/service oriented software (Aff@ri), very compact and adaptable to any task, easily supports several companies and their own facilities on Internet, using NtoN business relationship model. The convergence of data-voice-video (intercoms-videocameras-equipments on IP, RFID tag, Ethernet LAN cabled into intercom facility, single condominium Internet connection, voice supported user transaction, etc.) permits to increase the performances, and to reduce cost and time, of condominium services, remote delivered.

  13. SmartCOND: market target The software can be applied to any old (intercom facility replacing time) and new buildings. The rating only of Italian market is: Total residences: 28.000.000 New residences 2005: 300.000 (80% building multifamily) Residences renovation 2005: 700.000 Growth rate about 3,5% Domotics system installed 2005: 10.000 Domotics system forecast 2006: 16.000 2007: 21.000 2008: 38.000 (data 2005 from Cresme and Assodomotica)

  14. Agenda • Solutions • Aff@ri • SmartCOND • Psycorder • Generation

  15. Psycorder: background and aims It is a software tool built to make simpler, surer and more accurate clinic data collection in the psycho-therapy environment and so make it easier analysis for scientific and managing scope: 1) allowing data-entry during the meeting and then the analysis on a PC launching Internet browser, wherever it is located, but connected to the LAN of the related heath service server; 2) insuring the input data quality, based on recognition schemas created and managed by the involved sanitary authorities ; 3) insuring conformance to heath standard of interoperability HL7/CDA; 4) insuring protection & privacy of the collected data, by their transmission on secure networks and their storage in centralized digital archive, physically and e logically locked; 5) aiding and tracking the therapeutic activity, for the “activity based” management and the SLA fulfilment check.

  16. Psycorder: technologic innovation The service is supplied on the last mobile PC generation (tablet) and ultra-mobile (Origami), by means of a wireless network connection, if any, to the heath Intranet: • keeps the operator's PC connected to the heath organization server or to consortium Internet Application Service Provider; • 2) uses an original methodology of application, based on flexible recognition "live" schemas of clinical data, with the possibility to attach text, sounds, pictures and movies; • 3) facilitates scientific and managing analysis, even if complex and long lasting, because the data are recorded in relational data base, available to any reporting tool.

  17. Psycorder: market target It is intended for health companies of every dimension and geographic distribution. Due to its flexibility and its original recognition methodology, the application can satisfy any psyco-therapeutic need; so it can apply to all the 211 Mental Hospital Departments, and their 707 Centers and 1107 Out patients departments in Italy. But it is intended for private organizations as well, giving them the opportunity to comply and to integrate in the national public service. It can be well used in diagnostic, didactic environment and in psychodynamic research in general.

  18. Agenda • Agenda • Solutions • Aff@ri • SmartCOND • Psycorder • Generation

  19. Generation: background and aims Software which manages on ISP/ASP some genealogic data base, no matter how large and entangled, and enriched by [auto]biographic multi-medial notes (data/text/voice/photos/videos). The concerned and authorized people and family excess all that on Internet at home, by oneself or to make use of some Agency for genealogic/historiographic research and/or on line publishing. It is easy to navigate from the biographies to the genealogies and vice versa, by means of mentions of person and family.

  20. Generation: technologic innovation An object/service oriented software (Aff@ri), very compact and adaptable to any task, easily supports innumerable/complex genealogic relationships on Internet, re-using “enterprise” paradigm to map family life and proliferation (sic!).

  21. Generation: market target Of course it is appealing for people and family which concern genealogic and biographic data and/or like to contextualize their happenings, photos, videos, etc. in the family genealogic tree. The development of the end-user genealogic/biographic service will promote new on-line consultant agencies/professionals in the heraldic/historic research and the writing/publishing areas.