let s map to peru n.
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Let’s Map to Peru PowerPoint Presentation
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Let’s Map to Peru

Let’s Map to Peru

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Let’s Map to Peru

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  1. Let’s Map to Peru Multicultural Literacy Map By Valin Jordan

  2. PERU Llama and the great flood The best gift A rich culture Decisions, Decisions Paddington’s home

  3. Annotated Bibliographies • Llama and the Great Flood a Peru Folktale • By Ellen Alexander • Publisher: Ty Crowell Co. • Published Date: 1989 • The Peruvians say that long ago a llama dreamed about a great flood that would overflow the world and the only for the Peruvians to save themselves according to the llama is to climb a mountain called Willka Qutu

  4. Peru • By Elaine Landau • Publisher: Children’s Press, Inc. • Published Date: • The rich cultural heritage and the biodiversity are the main focus of this book showing all the treasures that need to be explored within Peru.

  5. The Way of the Condor • By Nathan Kravetz • Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. • Published Date: December 2000 • This is a story about a little boy named Carlos who must find work in Lima to help support his family. Throughout the book we are taken on the journey he goes through in Lima and the final decision he must make in returning home or staying in Lima.

  6. Carolina’s Gift: A Story of Peru • By Katacha Diaz • Illustrated by Gredna Landolt • Publisher: Soundprints • Published Date: April 2002 • This is a book about a little girl named Carolina who wants to buy a gift for her grandmother. She thinks about a lot of different things and finally decides to buy her grandmother a walking stick so she can accompany her to the market on Sundays.

  7. A Bear Called Paddington • By Michael Bond • Illustrated by Peggy Fortnum • Publisher: Harper Collins • Published Date: • This is the first book to the exciting series of the beloved bear named Paddington that traveled from the darkest Peru to London with just a jar of marmalade.

  8. Analysis • A Bear Called Paddington was the first of many books that gained the love of young readers. Paddington is an articulate animal part of the genre of modern fantasy that has many childlike qualities. The adventures that Paddington experiences and the moods and emotions Paddington often has are relatable to children and encourages them to want to read more and be part of the excitement conveyed in Michael Bond’s stories. “A Bear Called Paddington” has a very endearing feel with a very adventurous and simplistic theme. Because Paddington resembles a lot of childlike qualities this book opens the eyes of adults and teaches patience because children often react or act the same way Paddington does in certain situations. For example the first time he experiences escalators or when he attends his first play and takes the scenes too literally and thinks the actors actually mean what they are saying. A book with so much engaging dialogue and narrative is fun for children to witness the adventures and mishaps they experience too. This is a book that is read in homes and at schools and the note that was attached to Paddington when he was found at the the train station “Please look after this bear”; this note pulls the book together. The note obviously shows that Paddington needs to be watched with a close eye because anything can happen with him around. The note itself foreshadowed the events the Browns would experience with Paddington as well as tying in the simplicity of it all.

  9. Quote • “Please Look After This Bear” • “Things happen to me, I’m that sort of bear” • A Bear Called Paddington • By Michael Bond

  10. A Bear Called Paddington