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Interview Preparation Workshop

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Interview Preparation Workshop. What is the Purpose of an Interview?. Does the Company want to hire you? Can you do the job/have the skills? Will you do the job Will you fit in with the company culture? Do you want to accept the position?

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what is the purpose of an interview

What is the Purpose of an Interview?

Does the Company want to hire you?

Can you do the job/have the skills?

Will you do the job

Will you fit in with the company culture?

Do you want to accept the position?

Does it meet your financial, geographical, career needs at this time?

Will you be able to pursue your career goals?

Can you “live” your values there?

Did you receive a good feeling about the company?

your strategy

Your Strategy

Know the company

Know the job/internship description

Know yourself

Prepare and Practice sample questions

1 know research t he company

1. Know/Research The Company

Why should you research the company?

Good research will set you apart from other candidates

What should you research?

(see the Research Checklist - pgs. 3,4,5 on Interview Guide)

History, mission, products, competition, organizational structure, annual reports

How do you research?

Company website: Who we are, PR/Media, Annual Reports, Employment/Jobs

Google “News” for current articles / Undergraduates / Career Library for Vault and others

Additional resources at (Factiva, Market Insight, etc. for specific instructions see page 6 of the Interview Guide)

2 know research t he job internship

2. Know/Research The Job/Internship


Handouts/Conversation from a career fair or information session

On-line at employer’s site

What skills and requirements do they list in the job description?

What tasks have you had experience with that match duties in the job description?

Know the job inside and out and how you are a match!

3 know yourself

3. Know Yourself

Review your resume and any other documents you will be utilizing

Know why you want this job

Know why you want this company

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Know why you are a fit for this job: skills, abilities, attributes

What can you do for this company

Be able to articulate experiences and your key selling points

Be prepared to draw on your experiences to demonstrate:



Interpersonal/Communications Skills

Ability to overcome Obstacles/Challenges



How do you prepare. . .


Look at sample questions on pgs. 12 & 13 in the Interview Guide

Using a webcam conduct an online interview at Interview Stream ( / For Undergraduates / Career Library)

preparation behavioral questions

Preparation –Behavioral Questions

Prepare for those “Tell me about a time” or “Give me an example when…” behavioral questions with S.T.A.R.

Situation Task Action Results

Past performance indicates future success

Demonstrates that you’ve utilized skills the company desires

Draw from work, internships, extra curricular activities, service, leadership roles, coursework , etc.

Make sure you use multiple experiences and aren’t always referring to the same situation

additional tips

Additional Tips

Always stay positive. Don’t ever speak negatively or blame others about a previous employer, job or experience.

Show enthusiasm! If you were looking to hire someone you want that person to show they want the job and love the company!

Prepare at least 3 questions to ask the interviewer about the job and/or company

before the interview

Before the Interview

Get a good night’s sleep!

Arrive early - 15 minutes before

Review company literature while waiting, if available

Have an extra copy of your resume handy, or a new one if you have made changes

Be appropriately dressed: Professional, conservative colors, shoes polished, suit pressed, no excessive perfume or cologne, hair neatly styled

parts of the interview

Parts of the Interview

Warm up

Interviewer asking questions of you

Interviewer sharing information about the job and company

You asking the interviewer questions


the interview the warm up

The Interview: The Warm Up

Use a firm handshake

Look the person in the eye and say their name

Interviewers often make up their mind about an applicant within the first 5 minutes . . . You never have a second chance to make a first impression!

Non-verbal cues make up 80% of the decision: Appearance, poise, hygiene, confidence, posture, attitude, interest, handshake, eye contact, attentiveness, punctuality, nervousness

the interview interviewer asking you questions

The Interview –Interviewer asking you questions

This is the majority of the interview as the interviewer is gathering data to make a good decision

“Tell me about yourself”

What is your greatest accomplishment to this point?

Why should I hire you?

Give me 3 of your strengths and one weakness.

Tell me about a time when you were creative?”

**Employers want to know YOUR skills, make sure you are breaking down all your examples to what you did in every situation, not just what your group may have accomplished!**

the interview interviewer sharing information

The Interview –Interviewer Sharing Information

During this time the interviewer will tell you about:

The job expectations and duties

The company

Training programs

Their thoughts on what it is like to work there

Feel free to ask questions about this information during this time and if he/she doesn’t share all of this, these are good questions to ask!

the interview you asking questions closing

The Interview –You asking questions/Closing

During this time you will be asking those 3 or more questions you prepared (Samples on page 14 of the Interview Guide)

When you have asked all your questions and they have asked all of theirs you want to wrap up the interview with a confident closing statement reiterating your interest in the job, a sentence or two why you think you are a good fit and asking to continue on in the process. . . If you want it that is.

Follow-up with a thank you email within 24-48 hours!

interview performance nd employer comments

Interview Performance–ND Employer Comments

Too casual in conversation and body

Lack of enthusiasm

Lack of confidence

Not enough eye contact

Too many “ums”/lack articulation

Too quiet

Not concise

Lacking concreteness in answers

Need to focus on work experience/resume

Not enough information in answers

Answers were not pertinent to job

good luck and contact the career center for any additional help

Good Luck and Contact the Career Center for any additional help

15 minute Walk –in appointments Monday-Friday from 1:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Call for a 1 hour scheduled appointment at 631-5200

The Career Center is located in 248 Flanner Hall