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Final Test Review

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Final Test Review
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Final Test Review

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  1. Final Test Review • Multiple Choice • 40 Questions • Subject Leadership

  2. What is the primary objective leadership? Mission accomplishment

  3. 2.What is the secondary objective of leadership? • Troop welfare

  4. 3. Which of the following is a principle of leadership? • Keep your subordinates informed

  5. 4. To become a strong leader you should seek self-improvement. Which of the following techniques are effective for self-improvement? • Develop a definite goal or plan for self-improvement

  6. 5. A leader must be competent both technically and tactically, the reward of a cadet who displays competence is: • Respect

  7. 6. Identify the statement most accurately describes the leadership principle, “know your subordinates”. • Be sure to correct grievances and remove discontent

  8. 7. As a leader, you should inform the individuals in your unit of all happenings and give reasons why things are to be done. This promotes: • Morale

  9. 8. Which of the following statements is acceptable in light of the leadership principle, concerning; “setting an example?” • Cadets reflect their leader’s image

  10. 9. To ensure the successful accomplishment of a task by subordinates, a leader must: • Give active supervision to make sure task is properly accomplished

  11. 10. The sharing of hardships , dangers, and hard work strengthens a unit, reduces problems, and develops: • Teamwork

  12. 11. A leader must be able to rapidly estimate a situation and make a sound decision based on that estimation. If you make a decision and discover it is incorrect which of the following steps should you take? • Correct your mistake immediately to keep your subordinates’ respect

  13. 12. Assigning tasks and delegating authority among subordinates to accomplish tasks promotes confidence and respect between the leader and subordinates. Your subordinates make an error, you as the leader should: Accept honest errors without punishment and teach them from the mistakes

  14. 13. A cadet leader must employ a command in accordance with its capabilities. Which of the following examples correctly illustrate this principle? • Commanding your expert marksman to teach a class in marksmanship.

  15. 14. Responsibility is of the utmost importance in a leader. Which of the following statements demonstrates the responsibility principle? • Take responsibility for your actions.

  16. 15. In the Marine Corps the proper definition of authority is: • The legitimate power of a leader to direct individuals to take action within the scope of a leader’s position.

  17. 16. In the Marine Corps the proper definition of Responsibility is: • The obligation to act or to do a task that one must answer for, either to team members or supervisors.

  18. 17. In the Marine Corps the proper definition of Accountability is • The reckoning, where leaders must answer for their actions and accept the consequence good or bad.

  19. 18. One of the five purposes of the NCO is? • To decentralize authority

  20. 19. One of the five purposes of the NCO is? • To recognize and reward outstanding skills

  21. 20. One of the five purposes of the NCO is? • Afford avenues for advancement

  22. 21. On what document are the words “Special Thrust and Confidence” found? • The Marine NCO’s certificate of appointment

  23. 22. The NCO’s certificate is the foundation of the NCOs _____, _______, and_____. • Status, rank, and authority

  24. 23. What individual defined modern Marine Corps Officer and enlisted relations? • Major General John a. Lejeune

  25. 24. Rather than a relationship of master and servant between officers and enlisted, there should be one of __________, and ___________ • Teacher and scholar

  26. 25. Cadets NCOs are expected to • Perform consistent with the “special thrust” in which they are held

  27. 26. Which of the following: is a key factor in the success of an officer as a decision maker. • Remaining flexible and adaptable

  28. 27. Which of the following: is the most accurate assessment of the officer’s role as a decision maker. • To plan and organize

  29. 28. Which of the following is the basis of an officer’s authority to give a “lawful order” • The officer’s commission

  30. 29.A well discipline unit • Does its duty promptly and effectively

  31. 30. Which of the following is a leadership motivator? • Giving your Marines challenging problems to encourage improvement

  32. 31. When a leader refers to espiritde corps of a unit, he means its: • State of mind and soul

  33. 32. Explicit expectations are a cause of low morale • False

  34. 33. Sharing information with your Marines will foster good morale • True

  35. 34. The best time to deal with moral problems is • Before it occurs

  36. 35. Which of the following is not a technique to improve discipline? • Providing guidance and assistance by micromanaging task and assignments

  37. 36. Who is responsible for conducting individual training? • The NCO

  38. 37. Who is responsible for small unit training? • The Staff NCO

  39. 38.Who is responsible for unit training? • The Officer

  40. 39. The Marine Corps Birthday is July 4, 1775. • False

  41. 40. The most decorated Marine is • Lieutenant General Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller