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STRS Update

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STRS Update. STRS Update. What the heck is going on up there?!. STRS Update. Long-term planning Performance Based Incentives Operations Budget Other issues on the horizon. STRS Update. Unfunded Actuarial Liability (UAL) Has doubled in the past 18 months Funded Ratio has decreased

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strs update1

STRS Update

What the heck is going on up there?!

strs update2
STRS Update
  • Long-term planning
  • Performance Based Incentives
  • Operations Budget
  • Other issues on the horizon
strs update3
STRS Update

Unfunded Actuarial Liability (UAL)

  • Has doubled in the past 18 months
  • Funded Ratio has decreased
  • Funding Period likely at “Infinity”
strs update4
STRS Update


  • Contribution rates
  • Retirement eligibility
  • Final Average Salary
  • Benefit formula
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
strs update5
STRS Update

Contribution Rates

  • How much?
  • Who pays?
strs update6
STRS Update

Retirement Eligibility

  • Retirement age
  • Years of service
  • Good for STRS but bad for schools?
    • Need for fresh ideas
    • Higher insurance costs
    • More staff at “top of scale”
strs update7
STRS Update

Final Average Salary (FAS)

  • Five highest years instead of three
    • About a 3% average reduction in FAS
    • The “stealth cutback?”
strs update8
STRS Update

Benefit Formula Changes

  • Elimination of “35 Year Enhancements?”
  • Other “multiplier” changes?
strs update9
STRS Update

Cost of Living Adjustments

  • Biggest impact on unfunded liability
  • Reduction of COLA to 1.5% of initial benefit?
  • Impacts everyone in the system
  • Political opposition from retirees?
strs update10
STRS Update

Sample Scenario: Contribution Rates

  • 5% total increase is under consideration
  • Contribution increases alone don’t solve the problem, but can provide additional money for health care.
  • The increase could be phased-in in ½% increments for both school districts and individuals.
  • The language that will likely be sought would be “permissive” so that increases could be scaled back if they become unnecessary in the future.
strs update11
STRS Update

Sample Scenario: Retirement Eligibility

  • Under serious consideration is a minimum retirement age of 60 with 30 years of service.
  • A phase-in period between 3 and five years is probably going to be part of this element of the plan.
  • Savings of just under $1 billion would be realized, but no significant improvement in the Funding Period would be produced
strs update12
STRS Update

Sample Scenario: Final Average Salary

  • FAS would be the average of top five salary years if proposal currently under study is adopted.
  • Total savings – about $750 million.
  • No significant improvement in either the Funding Period or the Funded Ratio.
strs update13
STRS Update

Sample Scenario: Benefit Formula

  • Under study:First 30 years of service at 2.2%, additional years at 2.5%
  • Virtual elimination of the “35 Year Enhancements,” although higher required years of service would find most retirees in the mid-80% of FAS range
  • A possible variation: sliding the 35 Year Enhancements up the scale to 38, 39, or 40 years of service
  • Phase-in period is a matter of controversy.
strs update14
STRS Update

Sample Scenario: Cost of Living Adjustment

  • Cutting COLA to 1.5% of initial annual benefit.
  • The COLA is the most robust of all of the levers.
  • The 50% reduction in COLA would produce $8.5 billion in savings to the system, as well as big improvements in the Funding Period and Funded Ratio.
  • Phase-in periods and “grandfathering” of some groups are being considered, but they all cost money that is difficult to produce using the other levers.
  • Retiree groups are likely to mount a substantial political effort against this idea.
strs update15
STRS Update

Overriding Concerns

  • Will these changes work?
  • Do they spread the pain fairly?
  • Will the changes cause a “retirement stampede?”
  • Should there be a phase-in period?
  • Should certain groups be “grandfathered?”
  • Can the package gain legislative approval?
strs update16
STRS Update

Performance Based Incentives (PBI)

aka “Investment Staff Bonuses”

  • History
  • Internal vs External Management
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Compensation structure
    • Designed to attract and retain necessary talent
    • Salary + PBI = 25th Percentile
  • No PBI in losing years beginning FY 2010
strs update17
STRS Update

PBI Issues

  • PBI for FY 2009
  • Who is our competition for talent?
  • Is industry salary data current?
  • Is the 25th percentile the right target?
  • Is “value-added” the right approach?
  • Are we using the right benchmarks?
  • What is the right mix of salary and bonus?
strs update18
STRS Update

Operations Budget - FY 2010

  • Smallest budget in four years ($89 million)
  • 11% reduction of 2009 budget
  • 2.3% reduction from current estimated 2009 expenditures
  • ORSC praised STRS budget for “restraint”
strs update19
STRS Update

On the menu:

  • Financial package in the Legislature
  • Health Care Stabilization Fund (HCSF)
  • Staff compensation study
  • PBI issues
  • Staffing issues – “right-sizing”
strs update20
STRS Update



strs update21
STRS Update

“Everything is on the table.”

strs update22
STRS Update

“Everything is on the table.”

“All stakeholders are at the table.”

strs update23
STRS Update

“Everything is on the table.”

“All stakeholders are at the table.”

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu!”