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brit LIT

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  1. britLIT • You will need your textbook today. If you aren’t prepared for class, hurry and go get it. • Turn in your Speech Self-Evaluation into the BritLit box. • In your W.N., complete the following statement: “I feel strongly that…”

  2. ValuesContinuum Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree

  3. valuescontinuum • I like spicy food. • I desire brutal honesty in my relationships. • Under no circumstance should abortion be legal.

  4. Conventionally, extreme poverty is measured against the World Bank standard of living off of US$1 per day or less. Based on this parameter, in 1998, over 800 million people were living in extreme poverty in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa alone (Para. 8, Human Rights and Extreme Poverty, Report submitted by Ms. A.-M. Lizin, Independent Expert, pursuant to Commission Resolution 2000/12, E/CN.4/2001/54. 16 Feb. 2001). The poor are not poor simply because they are less human or because they are physiologically or mentally inferior to others whose conditions are better off. On the contrary, their poverty is often a direct or indirect consequence of society’s failure to establish equity and fairness as the basis of its social and economic relations.

  5. valuescontinuum • Poverty is a violation of human rights.

  6. valuescontinuum • Non-violence is more effective than war.

  7. valuescontinuum • How do you feel when you hear the word conflict? • How is conflict generally handled? • in family, • student groups, • campus, • community, • what one sees on television, • between countries?

  8. Gandhi • Continue reading: “Defending NonViolent Resistance.” pg. 975

  9. britLIT • You will need your textbook today. If you aren’t prepared for class, hurry and go get it. • In your W.N.: • If you were to make a values continuum, make a list of statements in which you would either Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree. (try and come up with 10)

  10. Gandhi • Continue reading: “Defending NonViolent Resistance.” pg. 976 • Gandhi implores the judge to either give him the harshest punishment or admit that the law is unjust and resign. Why does he do that? What effect does that strategy have? • Why does Gandhi list his credentials and routines as a British servant?

  11. For Gandhi, the concept of civil disobedience was extremely important. In what ways is it more powerful than guns? What are it’s drawbacks, that is, in what types of situations is it not appropriate?

  12. Gandhi tells the Court that it must either sentence him to a maximum sentence or agree with him that British rule is bad for India, and resign. The audience for the speech was a packed courtroom and the judges who were about to sentence him. 1. Explain the purpose of the speech. 2. Explain how Gandi suited the contents of the speech to his purpose..

  13. britLIT • You will need your textbook today. If you aren’t prepared for class, hurry and go get it. • In your W.N., discuss the following question: Is it sometimes necessary to disobey laws? How do you know when?

  14. What other forms of conflict management and social action are there?• What methods have you applied? With what results?• Have you attempted to use the Gandhian method (such as noncooperation)? How did it work out?

  15. “Poverty is the worst form of violence” • “Non-violence is more effective than violence at achieving good”