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Anywhere Working Perspectives

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Anywhere Working Perspectives. Alan Dormer | Research Leader. November 2013. Digital productivity and services flagship. Digital Productivity and Services Flagship. CSIRO’s 10 th Flagship A $4B research initiative Approx 150 staff . Flagship goal.

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anywhere working perspectives

Anywhere Working Perspectives

Alan Dormer | Research Leader

November 2013

Digital productivity and services flagship


Digital Productivity and Services Flagship

  • CSIRO’s 10th Flagship
  • A $4B research initiative
  • Approx 150 staff

Flagship goal

develop & deliver more efficient & innovative services

create more than $4B p.a. in added value for the Australian economy

Grow productivity in Australia through frontier services innovation

improve people’s health, wellbeing & prosperity

unlock the value of broadband communications


Why do we need this Flagship?

  • To tackle a national priority: productivity
  • Services sector represents approx 80% of Australia’s GDP

Digital Productivity & Services Flagship

  • Help business and government deliver new, faster, better services:
    • Efficiently and effectively
    • Doing old things in new ways
    • Doing new things in completely new ways
about the government and commercial services theme
About the Government and Commercial Services Theme


Transforming the productivity of Australia’s government and commercial services by delivering innovative and insight, better decisions and data, creating net benefit of more than $1.4B per annum.

what we do
What we do
  • Evidence based policy and decision support
  • Service delivery transformation
  • Customer centric services

Research Interests

Capabilities and Research

Design of Experiment

Statistical Analysis


Social Science


Behavioural Science

Measuring Innovation

Urban Liveability

Quality of Life

Productivity Measurement

Anywhere Working

the business case for aw
The Business Case for AW
  • Productivity
    • Efficiency
    • Participation
  • Work/life balance
  • Urban congestion
  • Type of work: type of worker
  • Isolation
  • Not being noticed
  • Management anxiety
  • Innovation/problem solving
anywhere working
Anywhere Working


13% productivity gain

22% cost reduction

what s stopping us
What’s Stopping Us
  • Business Case
    • How much? How soon? How sure?
  • Priority
    • ROI & absolute gain
    • Competing initiatives
  • Management quality
    • Bandwidth/Mindshare
    • Imagination

Presentation title | Presenter name

australian management
Australian Management

Presentation title | Presenter name

individual motivation
Individual Motivation
  • Lifestyle
  • Flexibility
  • Inertia
  • Value of time
  • Opportunity cost
  • Conformity
Measuring Quality of Life

Education and skills


Accommodation security

Personal security

Quality of life =

Mental health

Physical health

Personal relationships

Social inclusion

Socially cohesion

digital strategy
Digital Strategy

Teleworking—by 2020, Australia will have doubled its level of telework to at least 12 per cent of Australian employees.

coalition policy
Coalition Policy
  • The (12%) goal is misleading and irrelevant:
  • The alleged starting point of 6 per cent is seven years old. It dates from the 2006 ABS Time Use Survey (no longer collected).
  • The only ABS survey of telework was in 2001 for the NSW Government and showed 8 per cent of employees used telework. 29 Transport NSW also estimated 8 per cent teleworking in 2009. 30
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 23 per cent of US workers worked from home at least part of the time in 2013. 31
  • Most informal estimates suggest the 2020 objective for Australia has been reached – this should be confirmed by survey data.

29 ABS 1373.1, Oct 2001:

30 See:

31 See United State Bureau of Labor Statistics, Available:

big data and beyond
Big Data and Beyond
  • Analytics
    • Who? How many?
  • Psychology
    • Why?
  • Behavioural Science
    • Strategies to promote change
Dept Human Services (DHS) Alliance

Major objective to support Service Delivery Reform

Centrelink Service Delivery Reform
  • “…making customers' dealings with government simpler and more efficient, using modern technologies to trip out unnecessary contracts and providing easier pathways to services”*
  • “...streamline services and reduce red tape - for example, making improvements to the website so that customers have more options to carry out their business online”*
  • *CentrelinkAnnual Report

DHS Alliance

  • More Effective Interventions
    • Customers needs analysis
    • Measuring outcomes
    • Treatment response modelling
  • Reduce Cost of Routine Customer Interactions
    • Tailored information delivery
    • Self help in on-line communities
    • Improve communications
    • Migrate more transactions to website

Reduce cost of routine customer interaction

More staff available making more effective interventions

Better outcomes and lower staff costs

Greater productivity through

Task reduction

Better outcomes

Service Delivery Reform

$1.4Bn investment

$200M annual savings

Future Service Delivery
  • Connected staff
  • Connected customers
  • Distributed teams
  • Focus on outcomes
NGB Impact
  • ACBI – Australian Centre for BroadBand Innovation
  • Impact Evaluation Project
      • Benefits to society
      • Benefits to economy
  • Research
      • Consumer survey
      • SME’s
      • Expert panel
      • Economic analysis
The Future

The information age could shift literally millions of jobs out of the factories and offices, into which the Industrial Revolution had swept them, right back to where they came from originally: the home

Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave (1980)

Presentation title | Presenter name | Page 25

The Future

Millions of journeymen knowledge workers, working from home or with their customers, bidding for work over the Internet with organisations all over the world. It is easy to imagine how this intense level of competition will drive relentless, rapid innovation, out of sheer necessity and natural selection

For example:

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AnyWhere Working Potential
  • Benefits
      • productivity and work/life balance
  • Challenges
      • management
  • Externalities

Thank you

Alan DormerGovernment and Commercial Services Theme

Digital productivity and services flagship