silver and minerals n.
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Silver and Minerals

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Silver and Minerals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Silver and Minerals. Hannah .S. P5 4/29/11. Silver.

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silver and minerals

Silver and Minerals

Hannah .S. P5 4/29/11

  • We use silver daily and might not even realize it. We use it for jewelry, coins, bullets, china, and energy. Using a lot of it will make it all disappear soon, so we will not be able to use it anymore. Silver has a poison known as agryria which affects the eyes, skin and organs and eventually causes the skin to turn an ashen gray.
dangerous fillings
Dangerous Fillings
  • Some incidents involving silver are surprisingly innocent, because we would never see it. Multiple people have had to go to the emergency, because of a tooth filling. Dentists would drill into a silver filling trying to fit a cap or a crown and fillings are 50% mercury. The vapor would get inhaled. Many people go through detoxication for over a year.
m i n e r a l s
M i n e r a l s

Minerals are in everything. Computer, pencils, iPods, hair, bodily fluids, you name it. We can also find a lot of them on the periodic table. Minerals are everywhere, and if we mine everywhere, there is hardly going to be a place for cities for wildlife. Some minerals can also have a deadly affect on humans. Woman lose most of there iron once very month and have to replenish it.

more minerals
More minerals…
  • Different minerals have different fuel and energy uses. Metals heat up, magnesium can blow things up, and several others.
  • Some dangers of transporting minerals are explosion (mentioned earlier).
  • Some danger and incidents with minerals is O.D., iron toxicity, Wilson’s disease, severe trauma, and hyperkalemia (or potassium toxicity)
  • One form of mineral, we eat. It is called sodium chloride, or as you know it, salt.
  • There are many types of beautiful and strange minerals out there in the world. This slide and the next includes some examples.