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POS System

POS System. Content . Page : 3 System requirement Pages : 4- 7 POS System in General Pages : 8-11 Creating Users Pages : 12-24 Adding a Product and Suppliers Invoice Pages : 25-28 Handset Control Pages : 29-33 Simms In Stock/Browsing/ ProActive

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POS System

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  1. POS System

  2. Content • Page : 3 System requirement • Pages : 4- 7 POS System in General • Pages : 8-11 Creating Users • Pages : 12-24 Adding a Product and Suppliers Invoice • Pages : 25-28 Handset Control • Pages : 29-33 Simms In Stock/Browsing/ProActive • Page : 34 Maintenance • Page : 35 SMS Workbench • Pages : 36-45 Recon Importing • Pages : 46-54 Adding Promotional Items to A4 Invoice • Pages : 55-60 Adding Commissions to categories • Pages : 61-65 Creating an Invoice • Pages : 66-71 Loading a Repair • Pages : 74-90 Reports & Balancing per User (optional) • Pages : 72-73 Stock take • Pages : 91-96 Automated Claim Sheet • Pages : 97-101 The Unconnected feedback report • Pages :102 – 107 Trouble Shooting

  3. POS Software System Co Reg No: 2005/008380/23 VAT No: 4890217450 • AP Cellular, Shop 26, The Victorian, Heidelberg, 1441 Postnet Suite 50, Privatebag H607, Heidelberg , 1441 • Tel: 016 341 7593 Fax: 016 341 7594 / 086 525 0098 Email: autopagepos@sharemail.co.za • System Requirements • Hardware minimum requirements • Pentium IV, 1400 Mhz and 1024 Mb Memory, 20 GB HDD • Slip Printer (Optional – can be supplied) • Bar Code Scanner (Optional – can be supplied) • Software minimum requirements • Windows XP, Windows 7 and any Windows operating system • Internet access • Additional Requirements • Network connecting all PC’s to main PC • Printer setup to a network or the main PC • Manager / BP / Representative need to be able to sign on with Master Password to SSS • Old POS System needs to be Cancelled / Deleted from ALL PC’s

  4. What will the system offer me? • Invoice system • Control over products (Personal accessory stock) • Control over all Autopage stock (Handsets, Hardware, Simms) • Handsets in stock & waiting • Simms in stock • Staff commission control • Printing of Reports • Browsing Invoice, stock level, simms ext. • Pro ACTIVE list, sms • SMS function – Upgrades, Marketing and Accessories

  5. Security • All staff will have a user name and password • Comprehensive User Control on Procedure levels • Control if user can insent change or delete per function • Info on update screens grouped encoding to segregation of duties with access control per group of fields on screen.

  6. Invoice System

  7. Product File

  8. Creating Users

  9. Select the user you would like to set up or Insert a new user.

  10. Authorizations levels You will have the option to select Supervisor or cashier. Supervisor function doesn’t automatically allow full access to the system there is still categories that can be adjusted from Main to Repairs and needs to be done by the BP.

  11. Example of how the access to each category can be selected for each staff members access to the system. By making a tick in a box the access is adjusted for the staff member.

  12. Creating a Product on the POS System • Suppliers Invoices • New Products

  13. Product (Insert, delete, change) 1. Select a Category 2. Click on product To add or delete A product 3 After clicking on category you will be able to select A product to change or delete... Insert, change or delete can be used to control stock and pricing 4.

  14. Item to be sold was created but there is no Qty.

  15. The stock amount will be adjusted to after the suppliers Invoice was captured and this Qty will change as the product gets invoiced.

  16. Handsets All • View all stock from the date your system was implemented • Search for handsets by IMEI, Invoice date, Brand ext. • Track hardware like B/tooth headsets, Cash cards, batteries etc.

  17. Handsets All 1. By selecting ‘Handsets All’ you can view all the handsets received from Stores 2. Enter an IMEI and the handset will pop up 3. Click on the handset and will see the history of the handset 4. Insert, change or delete can be used to control stock and tracing stock

  18. Handsets in stock / waiting

  19. Current stock 1. Select Handsets all to see stock on hand 4. 3. 2 Select status of handset 2 . Select handset that will be issued to customer 3. Entering all info will help you to track your stock And to whom it was issued to. 5 Indicate if handset wese issued on a contract or an upgrade

  20. Simms in stock

  21. Simms in Stock with all the simms imported from recon.

  22. Simm card can now be issued to customer by selecting AutoSim or SimSwop. By selecting the Status the system will select if customer need to pay for sim card or if he will get it for free (Sim Insurance)

  23. The Status you have selected with the sim card will be highlighted in blue and will have the status changed from instock (I) to (A) Autosim. Now only select the print AutoSimfor Autosim status and Print Sim Swap for Sim Swap

  24. AutoSim Claim Form SimSwap Request

  25. Maintenance • Setting up Index Files • Company Parameters • Ideal Autopage handset stock levels • Setting terms and conditions for repairs • Stock take function • Tracking sim cards that was issued (simswops, autosim or New Contract) • Transfer of stock (phones, sim cards and products) internally to sub dealer branch or own stores

  26. SMS Workbench Thank you sms

  27. Opening the POS System With user Name and Password

  28. Day to be open Day to be closed Make sure to close the previous days and open the new one by placing a tick next to the Day Open for Processing

  29. Pop up appears to remind you that the recon needs to be imported 1st thing every morning to make sure Autopage stock gets booked to POS System

  30. Importing Recon Press OK to continue with the Recon Import

  31. Log on to SSS using your Autopage Branch Dealer Code and Master password 2. Select the Recon month: Always the latest month 1. Select Partner Recon

  32. Latest Month Selected Un Zip Download file And Download CSV Save The Recon file to c:\apps\autopage

  33. Next step is to open File scrawl down to Import Recon and select Import Recon

  34. 1. Select the block over here to select the path of the download

  35. What happened by doing this? Selecting Import will now Import the recon that was saved to c:\apps\autopage • Phones was created in stock if Invoiced by Autopage and removed from stock if connected on Autopage Dealer Code • Simm card was created and added to Simms Stock and removed if connected on Autopage dealer Code

  36. After importing you recon you can click on your Handsets in stock. You will be able to view your current and new stock. The date it was invoiced. The system was designed to allocate Customer information such as Name, cell number and date issued to the handset that was issued to the customer. The invoice system will not allow staff to issue handsets without booking it out. The Invoice system will prompt you for the IMEI, Cell no and customer’s surname. You will always be able to track any handset only by entering the IMEI. It will save you time with your unconnected list....

  37. Creating Promotional Items on your A4 Receipt to client

  38. How will this be possible Click on SSS

  39. Login with your MASTER username and password

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