the han dynasty n.
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The Han Dynasty

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The Han Dynasty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Han Dynasty
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  1. The Han Dynasty 206 B.C. – 220 A.D.

  2. Han (Basic Info) (After the civil war that happened after the death of Qin Shihuangdi ) China was reunited under the rule of the Han dynasty, and is divided into two major periods. The two periods are the Western Han and the Eastern Han. The boundaries established by the Qin and maintained by the Han have defined the nation of China up to today. The Western Han capital, Chang'an in present-day Shaanxi Province—a monumental urban center laid out on a north-south axis with palaces, residential wards, and two bustling market areas—was one of the two largest cities in the ancient world (Rome was the other).

  3. Western Han (206BC - 24AD) The Western Han was regarded as the first unified and powerful empire in Chinese history. It was established by Liu Bang, who became Emperor Gaozu following four years of civil war started by peasant uprisings against the despotic Qin Dynasty. Liu Bang recruited people based on their ability not birth or wealth, and his government included many former serfs and commoners. The dynasty based on a series of political and economic reforms, was ruled by 12 emperors in succession enjoying peace and prosperity.

  4. The Han Dynasty followed the Qin Dynasty and preceded the Three Kingdoms in China. The Han Dynasty was founded by the prominent family known as the Liu clan. The history of this dynasty divides into two periods, the Western or early Han (206 B.C.E. - 9 C.E.) and the Eastern or later Han (25 - 220 C.E.). The interim period was the short-lived Hsin dynasty following the Wang Mang's usurpation of power in 9 C.E. Han rule was restored in 25 C.E. Eastern Han

  5. Inventions There are several major Han dynasty inventions that have been famously credited to this period. These inventions have in one way or another shaped the way our world is lived in right now. The first and perhaps the most popular is the invention of the paper making process during the Han dynasty. Although historians claim that the oldest piece of wrapping paper can be traced back to the Chinese during the 2nd BCE, the process of making paper was invented during the Han period. The eunuch Cai Lun was credited for this invention. His process used mulberry bark as the main ingredient.(Shown above)

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