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Welcome to UF

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Welcome to UF
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  1. Welcome to UF We’re from the Privacy Officeand we’re here to help you… HIPAA Orientation College of Nursing– Fall 2014 Cheryl Webber, MS, RHIA University of Florida Privacy Manager Jacksonville Campus

  2. Learning Objectives

  3. What do Patients Value?

  4. Patients must trust their care givers enough to share personal and often sensitive information needed for care. • If trust is broken, the health of the patient suffers first, and the reputation of the institution may follow. Trust

  5. Orientation and Annual Training are different! • You must complete the appropriate online module • Electronically sign the Confidentiality Agreement • Additional training modules for Shands and VA may be required! HIPAA Training

  6. Complete: • General Awareness Training – if you will not be involved in any research OR • HIPAA for Researchers – if you will be involved in human subject research. • NOTE: If you completed the official training between December 1 and today, you’re good to go – until next January. HIPAA Training

  7. Failure to complete the training on time is a Level II HIPAA violation and will result in disciplinary action. • Be sure you are included in your college or department’s email list – • If so, you will also be on the All-HSC email list. Training and Re-training….

  8. Sanctions for HIPAA violations are serious: • Fines • Jail-time • UF Sanctions • Loss of student privileges, computer access • Verbal counseling up to termination • Suspension or expulsion • Reporting to professional licensing or credentialing boards Privacy Sanctions

  9. So, a breach involving PHI for 10 individuals could cost anywhere from $100 to $50,000 per disclosure New Penalties

  10. Unauthorized disclosures: • Be aware of your surroundings when discussing patients • Use extra caution with privileged information • Improper use of portable devices: laptops, PDAs, camera phones, etc. • Recording (and sharing) unauthorized pix and videos • Failure to use encryption • Losing or misplacing equipment • Removal of PHI or health records from UF premises. Common HIPAA Violations

  11. Share PHI only with those who have a professional need to know. • Use strong passwords consistent with UF policies. • Properly destroy PHI. • Do not disable virus protection applications. Practical Tips for Compliance

  12. You are responsible for activity originating from your account. • Do not access your own record or that of a family member’s • Email PHI when necessary-within the UF domain • Encrypt external emails containing PHI-avoid AOL, Yahoo, Gmail. Practical Tips for Compliance

  13. HITECH Act and Florida law requires covered entities to report breaches to the patient when: • Unencrypted PHI is disclosed • An individual’s SSN is inappropriately disclosed Breach Notification

  14. A breach is any unauthorized disclosure: • Stolen laptop/tablet • Accidental disclosure- sharing PHI with someone over the phone or in person you thought was the patient • Emailing/faxing patient information to an unauthorized third party Examples of a Breach

  15. To your supervisor • UF Privacy Hotline: (866) 876-4472 • Online at privacy@ufl.edu • If you know about a Privacy or Security incident, it is your responsibility to report it! Reporting a Breach

  16. Only access the PHI you need. • Complete HIPAA training • Report a breach Primary Take-Aways

  17. UF Privacy Office • (352) 273-1212 • Privacy@ufl.edu • Cheryl Webber, MS, RHIA • (904) 244-6229 • Cheryl.Webber@jax.ufl.edu Questions?