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New opportunities for statistics PowerPoint Presentation
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New opportunities for statistics

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New opportunities for statistics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New opportunities for statistics
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  1. Building capacity of agriculture statistics as part of national statistical systemsGraham Eele, World Bank

  2. New opportunities for statistics

  3. Increasing demand for statistics • In developing countries • As component of good governance • To monitor poverty reduction strategies • Supporting markets • Internationally • MDG monitoring • Component of the results agenda • But many statistical systems, especially in developing countries are under pressure

  4. An international response

  5. Background • Need to address under-investment in statistical systems • Any initiative must be country-led • Greater emphasis on coordination • Programs must be time-bound and fully costed • Need to focus on both short and long-term

  6. Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics - MAPS • Follow up to Monterrey, agreed at second International Roundtable on Management for Results • Endorsed and supported by all main partners • Focus on six time-bound and costed actions - three national and three international

  7. National Strategies for the Development of Statistics - NSDS • MAPS has target for all developing countries to have NSDS by end 2006, target endorsed for IDA countries • NSDS is country-led process with focus on whole of statistical system and both a long and short-term perspective • Provides a focus for more effective donor coordination

  8. What is being done ?

  9. Statistical Capacity Building Awareness Raising and Advocacy Dialogue and information exchange, regional workshops, task teams leading to country-led action Strategic Planning Strategic Statistical Master plans leading to specific projects for national or donor funding Sustainable Statistical Capacity Investments by governments, bilateral and multilateral donors including new WB programSTATCAP

  10. Supporting the NSDS process • PARIS21 focus on advocacy, awareness raising and good practice • Developing technical capacity • WB Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building (TFSCB) reoriented • Funds to support implementation being mobilized, including STATCAP and African Development Bank

  11. Implications for agricultural statistics

  12. Getting involved • Essential that agricultural and rural statistics are included within the NSDS process • Need to build political support in countries for the change process • Need for agricultural statisticians to participate actively in coordinating mechanisms • Policy makers should be supported to specify their priority data needs

  13. Focus on results • Result of NSDS should be better use of statistics, not just better funded activities • Importance of “quick wins” • Need for better coordination of statistical programs • Opportunity to re-build statistical systems, in line with national priorities

  14. Some technical issues • Developing common infrastructure for statistics • More effective use of ICT • Common databases, definitions and concepts • Wider and better use of GIS • New forms of data dissemination