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MSIT 588 Classy San Diego PowerPoint Presentation
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MSIT 588 Classy San Diego

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MSIT 588 Classy San Diego

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MSIT 588 Classy San Diego

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  1. MSIT 588 Classy San Diego • Mehdi Azizi

  2. Classy San Diego • Purpose • Classy San diego is a travel resource for the San Diego region such as directions, visitor safety tips, where to stay, what to do and how to get around. • we connect the past to the future so all generations will understand and appreciate the richness of San Diego's regional history. • the purpose is to design, develop Classy San Diego with specific information and features to meet the identified needs of specified customer groups , in this case tourists. The main features will include information links about the main characteristics of San Diego and an blog to keep people aware of the current events around San Diego.

  3. Classy San Diego • Target Market Audience Analysis • the market demographics of visitors are as follows: • Kid-friendly: world-class zoo, Legoland, SeaWorld. Also PETCO Park, the Padres' spiffy new downtown digs • Adult-friendly: happening restaurant scene, historic Gaslight Quarter, • Balboa Park: 15 museums, plus art galleries and theaters • The most difficult decision to make regarding a vacation to San Diego is determining what to do and see among the region's vast and diverse offerings. San Diego County promises a truly remarkable vacation experience for everyone.

  4. Classy San Diego • Target Market Audience Analysis • Market Needs: • One of the problem with tourists is while looking for information about a destination they often have to sort through hundreds of search results about a particular topic and this is time consuming. Without a guide, visitors become discouraged and give up. • Since there will be an implementation of a blog on the website, visitors can check the events occurring when they are expecting to come visit San Diego.

  5. Classy San Diego • Competition Analysis • Competitors: • too many links • too much information

  6. Classy San Diego • Competition Analysis • challenges for Classy San Diego is to get to these visitors and provide them with direct and simple information in a more personal way. • I believe that in providing a simpler way the information needed and and keeping contact with the visitors through a blog and a newsletter will make Classy San Diego a website that visitors will keep checking frequently.

  7. Classy San Diego • Website Design Proposal • the genre or type of website that Classy San Diego will adopt is the Grassroot Information Site Type since this pattern forms the core of all information reference sites. • The site will use basic organizational and navigational principles. the site will avoid long lists of external links. • Classy San Diego will also group links by similar content together and then labeling the group with a high-level name and list them in the navigation bar.

  8. Classy San Diego • Website Structure

  9. Classy San Diego • Marketing • Google AdSense • Directories in Yahoo! • Google Sitemaps

  10. Classy San Diego • Conclusion • Future towards community based website • more interactivity • more input from visitors