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Mythology Report

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Mythology Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mythology Report
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  1. Mythology Report Nathan Jinks, Saira Anjum, Yahya Rashid 5th Period

  2. Hyperion Lineage: Sons and Daughters: Helios, The God of Sun; Selene, The Goddess of Moon; Aurora, The Goddess of Dawn Symbol: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Identification: Father of the Sun, the Moon, And the Dawn Important Events: The Overthrow Allusions: Borderlands Series, Hyperion Books, Hyperion Therapeutics, Hyperion Entertainment

  3. Mnemosyne Lineage: Daughters: Muses | Spouse: Zeus Powers: Unknown Symbol: Unknown Weaknesses: Unknown Identification/Description: Means ‘Memory’ Important Events: Unknown Allusions: The Mnemosyne Project, a memory system;

  4. Themis Lineage: Unknown Symbol: Scales of Justice Powers: Unknown Weaknesses: Unknown Identification/Description: Divine Justice Important Events: Unknown Allusions: “Justice is blind”

  5. Daedalus/Icarus Lineage: Father and Son respectively Symbol: Wings Powers: Unknown Weaknesses: Arrogance Identification/Description: Unknown Important Events: Icarus flew too high and the wings melted so Icarus then drowned. Allusion: Icarus: James Bond, Kid Icarus game, Daedalus: Defense Of The Ancients 2 item, Stargate ship, Music artist

  6. Bellerophon/Pegasus Lineage: Bellerophon: Father: Glaucusor Poseidon(rumored) | Mother: Eurynome Symbol: Unknown Powers: Pegasus- Flying Weaknesses: Bellerophon- Arrogance Identification/Description: Unknown Important Events: Bellerophon was flung from Pegasus as he tried to reach Mt. Olympus Allusions: Pegasus: Disney’s Hercules

  7. Chimaera Lineage: Unknown Symbol: Unknown Powers: Fire breath Weaknesses: Arrows Identification/Description: Lion in front, Goat in the middle, Serpent behind Important Events: Killed by Bellerophon Allusion: Borderlands, Fish species, Harry Potter World of Warcraft, Location in Turkey.