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Flood Risk Management Program

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Flood Risk Management Program. Ed Hecker, Chief, Office of Homeland Security. National Levee Summit February 2008 St Louis, MO. Flood Risk Management Program.

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flood risk management program
Flood Risk Management Program

Ed Hecker, Chief, Office of Homeland Security

National Levee Summit

February 2008

St Louis, MO

flood risk management program2

Flood Risk Management Program

Vision: To lead collaborative, comprehensive and sustainable national flood risk management to improve public safety and reduce flood damages to our country.

Mission: To integrate and synchronize the ongoing, diverse flood risk management projects, programs and authorities of the US Army Corps of Engineers with counterpart projects, programs and authorities of FEMA, other Federal agencies, state organizations and regional and local agencies.

flood risk management program3
Flood Risk Management Program

Strategic Goals

  • Provide current accurate floodplain information to the public and decision makers.
  • Identify and assess flood hazards posed by aging flood damage reduction infrastructure.
  • Improve public awareness and comprehension of flood risk.
  • Integrate flood damage and flood hazard reduction programs across local, state, and Federal agencies.
  • Improve capabilities to collaboratively deliver and sustain flood damage reduction and flood hazard mitigation services to the nation.
flood risk management program5
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Intergovernmental Flood Risk Management Committee
  • Core Members: USACE, FEMA, ASFPM, NAFSMA Leadership
  • Meet quarterly to discuss integration of programs and policies
  • Current Focus Areas:
    • Interagency Cooperation/Collaboration
    • Risk Communication
    • Levee Inventory and Assessments
    • Mapping, Certification, and Accreditation
    • Legislative Impacts
flood risk management program7
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Flood Mapping & Certifications
  • Provisionally Accredited Levees and Maintenance Deficiency Correction Period
  • Engineer Technical Letter
flood risk management program8










Flood Risk Management Program

Inventory and Assessments

  • National Levee Inventory:
  • Living database and national resource.
  • Include all federal and nonfederal levees
  • Risk Assessments:
  • Identify failure modes and prioritize remedial actions.
flood risk management program9
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Existing Infrastructure & Inspections Review

“single, consistent, and complete inspections”

“vegetation on levees”

flood risk management program10





Flood Risk Management Program

Initiatives, Policy & Legislation

flood risk management program11
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Initiatives, Policy & Legislation
  • Flood Risk Policy Summit, December 2006 :
  • National Levee Inventory/National Levee Safety Program (WRDA 2007)
  • Incentives/Disincentives
  • Incorporating Public Safety Standards
  • Identifying and Communicating Residual Risk
  • Integrating Programs
flood risk management program12
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Initiatives, Policy & Legislation
  • National Levee Safety Act of 2007
    • Establishes a Committee on Levee Safety to develop and recommend a program to Secretary and Congress
    • The program must address nine goals, including consideration of delegation to qualified states
    • Establishes a levee database (all levees) to be maintained by the Secretary
    • Levee inspections for the Act are to be cost-shared
    • Authorizes $20 million annually for 2008-2013

Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 2007



Objective: Communicate the most current information for flood insurance purposes.


NFIP only


Federal O&M

USACE built /

Local O&M

Local built /

Enrolled in RIP

Local & Other

No Prior

Nexus with


Level of Protection

CORPS only





USACE Inventory and Assessment

Objective: Assess all levees in USACE programs, regardless of level of protection.

Levee Categories

WRDA Authorities

Objective: Inventory all levees in nation, lead strategic plan for a National Levee Safety Program

Universe of Levees

New Nexus from

WRDA 2007

Area represents all levees throughout the US.


Not to scale

flood risk management program14
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Initiatives, Policy & Legislation
  • Studies
    • Wise Use of Floodplains - 2008 appropriations
    • Evaluation of national policies and programs and regional flood risk – 2009 appropriations
  • International Coordination
    • Canada, UK, Japan
  • Incorporating other focus areas
    • Coastal
    • R & D
  • Institutionalize the FRMP at HQ, MSC, and districts
flood risk management program15
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Projects & Pre-Flood Programs

Seamless Programs

Watershed Approach

flood risk management program16
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Our Shared Future
  • Safe and informed public that’s empowered to take responsibility
  • Clear national policy and standards
  • Sustainable systems
flood risk management program17
Flood Risk Management Program


flood risk management program18
Flood Risk Management Program
  • Questions, Comments, Clarifications?