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THEMES. On the Waterfront. Terry’s Moral growth. Write down what/who influences Terry to testify at the Waterfront Crime Commission Hearing. How does Terry’s body language and voice change throughout the film and what is this symbolic of? What is Terry standing up against?.

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On the Waterfront

terry s moral growth
Terry’s Moral growth
  • Write down what/who influences Terry to testify at the Waterfront Crime Commission Hearing.
  • How does Terry’s body language and voice change throughout the film and what is this symbolic of?
  • What is Terry standing up against?
the corrupting influence of evil
The corrupting influence of evil
  • List what is corrupt about the waterfront.
  • D and D- silence
  • The Shape Up
  • The other murders
  • Kick backs
  • List characters that are ‘good’ and their significant actions
  • List images of goodness that occur throughout the film
images of goodness
Images of goodness
  • Statues of Jesus and the saints in the church
  • The spectacle of the body of Dugan rising from the hold with Father Barry and Pop Doyle
  • Father Barry’s determination to speak in spite of being attacked- the food/cans
  • The work of the Crime Commission
  • Joey’s jacket- particularly when Edie gives it to Terry
  • Pigeons- free, loyal- get married
america and what it stands for
America and what it stands for
  • What about the waterfront demonstrates that its like ‘it ain’t part of America’?
  • Father Barry- ‘in this country we have ways of fighting back... Testifying for what you know is right’- comparison to American judicial system, the presence of the Crime Commission officers.
america and what it stands for1
America and what it stands for
  • Edie tries to convince Terry to leave the waterfront but he looks over towards a now smoke free Manhattan skyline and sees a beautiful ocean liner beginning its journey. He tells Edie that he is going to the waterfront to get his rights- that is, his rights as an American, in a beautiful rich country.

(The American Dream)

working class life
  • Pop Doyle going to work the day after his son’s death
  • Pop’s struggle to keep Edie at school
  • Terry’s (possessive) and the longshoremens’ (notice plural and possessive) jackets with holes
  • The tenement buildings
  • The desperation of the men to get work: “Who do you see to get a day’s pay around here?”
mr upstairs
Mr upstairs
  • Who is he?
  • What does he represent?
preparation for the sac

In your own time you will need to revise over:

  • Your own shortened list of quotes that you learn off by heart
  • Knowledge of film terminology.
  • Four or more key scenes that you can write a detailed analysis on, incorporating knowledge of character, theme, social values and cinematography.
key scenes
  • Glove scene- Terry opened up to a new world of possibility, different way of thinking
  • Scene in the bar- “Shouldn’t everybody care about everybody else?” Edie’s naive world view.
  • Father Barry’s sermon in the hold- Dugan’s death
  • Terry breaks into Edie’s apartment
  • Cab scene
  • Johnny Friendly’s bar- Father Barry talks and punches Terry: “fight him in the courtroom with the truth”
  • The last scene: “I was ratting on myself all those years and I didn’t even know it”, “I’m glad what I done to you.” Terry leads the workers to work with a legitimate union leader in himself.
  • Why does Edie plead with Terry to leave the waterfront?
  • What has she learned?
above all else
Above all else!!!!
  • If you have a mental blank- DO NOT write mental blank and stop writing. Take a minute, stop and think. What is the question asking me? What is an important scene from the film that relates to the topic?
  • ONLY if all else fails... Write what you know about the film- you can get a few marks for summary (more than you would if you left the page blank!!)