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O2: To take advantage of intelligent vehicles and infrastructure technologies to improve road safety (eSafety) Proposal for work plan v 2. Risto Kulmala Objectives (CEDR Strategic Plan). to inform NRAs of developments

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O2: To take advantage of intelligent vehicles and infrastructure technologies to improve road safety (eSafety)Proposal for work plan v 2

Risto Kulmala

objectives cedr strategic plan
Objectives (CEDR Strategic Plan)
  • to inform NRAs of developments
  • to alert NRAs to matters that will directly affect them
  • to provide NRA information to the eSafety forum.
resources and expected outputs cedr sp
Resources and expected outputs (CEDR SP)
  • 2-3 CEDR members, 3-4 meetings/year, total of 20 person days/annum
    • to gather information
    • to prepare progress reports
    • report back to CEDR for a total of approximately 20 person days per annum
  • Progress reports shall be delivered twice a year until end of 2006, when the situation regarding eSafety shall be reassessed.
proposal for work plan tasks
Proposal for work plan - tasks
  • Participation in eSafety Forum’s work and Implementation Road Map Working Group
  • Agreement on priority systems to be promoted from the NRA point of view
  • Agreement on overall strategy for NRAs in deployment and roll-out of eSafety systems
  • Commence discussions with road operators (ASECAP) on common strategies related to eSafety
  • Inform CEDR on eSafety developments
  • Recommend CEDR and NRA actions when/where necessary
priority systems
Priority systems
  • Autonomous Vehicle Systems:
    • ESP
    • Blind spot monitoring
    • Adaptive head lights
    • Obstacle and collision warning
    • Lane departure warning
priority systems1
Priority systems
  • Infrastructure related Systems
    • eCall
    • Extended environmental information (extended FCD)
    • Real-time Traffic and Travel Information
    • Dynamic traffic management
    • Local danger warning
    • Speed Alert
proposal for work plan time table
Proposal for work plan – time table
  • 1st meeting on 30 March 2006 at 9:00-11:30 in Copenhagen before the PG meeting
    • Meeting of eSafety Implementation Road Maps Working Group on 7 April
  • 2 other meetings, preferably piggybacking PG “Capacity…” meetings
  • Progress reports
    • 06/2006, 12/2006 and 06/2007
implementation road maps wg tentative plans
Implementation Road Maps WGTentative Plans
  • Work to be continued in 2006-2008 i.e. WG remains active
  • Objective is to maintain and update the implementation road map
    • Updating the present road map
    • Consider new priority systems
    • Simplified road map for decision makers
    • More concrete road maps for eSafety Forum SG selected priority systems with timelines and responsibilities
implementation road maps wg plan for 2006
Implementation Road Maps WGPlan for 2006
  • M1: Fix 1st WG meeting; Expand active membership in WG (esp. ASECAP, more car manufacturers, insurance)
  • M2: Have plan approved at eSafety Forum SG
  • M3: Produce proposal for simplified road map
  • M4: Agree at WG on update content and procedure
  • M7: Produce proposal for draft updated road maps
  • M9: Agree at WG on new draft implementation road maps and provide it to EC and SG
  • M11: Workshop on key issue for Implementation Road Maps, e.g. incentives, common technical platform