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Anti-Terrorism Force Protection & Mass Notification PowerPoint Presentation
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Anti-Terrorism Force Protection & Mass Notification

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Anti-Terrorism Force Protection & Mass Notification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anti-Terrorism Force Protection & Mass Notification
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  1. Anti-Terrorism Force Protection & Mass Notification

  2. LRAD Family of Products

  3. Loud, intelligible and directional voice broadcasts Can be remotely operated from the safety of a vehicle Determines intent without dangerous kinetic force Long Range, Clear, Intelligible LRAD fills a critical communications gap between bullhorns and non-lethal/lethal weapons. LRAD is not a "sound cannon" and cannot cause "psychological harm“. LRAD is an effective long range communications system used to clearly broadcast critical information, instructions and warnings over distance.

  4. Megaphones Are Ineffective! “For God’s sake, please don’t separate yourself from your children,” screamed Air Force Capt. John Pollard of the Texas Air Guard’s 149th Security Squadron into a microphone. Pollard screamed numerous times. “Keep your families together. You need one another.” • But his amplified voice only reached a few rows into the mob. • Excerpt from Recent Army Times article Priority mission: Reuniting missing children with parents after Katrina by Joseph R. Chenelly

  5. Immediate Force Protection Enhancement • LRAD: • Determines intent at significant range • Communicates in multiple languages through buildings or vehicles • Broadcasts sound and shines light into vehicles to stop progress • Enforces area denial with non-lethal means • Does not expose nearby personnel or bystanders to excessive sound levels LRAD significantly extends  the standoff and perimeter in friendly or escalated environments. NYPD uses LRAD during OWS Protests

  6. Instant Force Multiplier LRAD’s clear long range communications can be heard over background and crowd noise, through structure walls and inside vehicles at distances up to 1,500 meters. Messages can be delivered in multiple languages so that instructions and messages are clearly understood.

  7. More effective than a water cannon. Safely Disperses Crowds • LRAD Mounts Anywhere • LRAD has Longer Range • LRAD has an Unlimited Magazine • LRAD is Easily Powered from any Vehicle • LRAD Minimizes Arrests & Calms Unruly Crowds • With LRAD, Nobody Gets Hurt LRAD significantly standoff zones and perimeters in escalated environments.  Preventing unnecessary escalation of force.

  8. Boston Police Trying to Gain Control after Red Sox Pennant Win Student Victoria Snelgrove, accidentally shot in eye socket with FN303, she died from her injuries. Another student KapilaBhamidpati, was hit by a pellet that penetrated so far into his skull that it nearly became lodged in his brain. Unlike tear gas, Tasers, rubber bullets, pepper spray and flash bang grenades (which emit an instantaneous burst of up to 175 decibels), LRAD broadcasts can be modulated in response to subjects’ actions. “Non-Lethal” Alternatives Victoria Snelgrove

  9. LRAD Goes Where You Go • Search and Rescue • Lost Child • Crowd Control • Barricaded Subject • Hostage Negotiation • Mass Evacuation • Mass Notification • CBRN Incident Perimeter • Event management • Building Evacuation • Tactical Security Perimeters • Mobile Checkpoints • Suicide Jumpers • Warrant Services

  10. Successful Deployments

  11. Armed Gunman and Canadian ERT Scenario: An armed gunman in a vehicle at over 100 yards did not respond to directions from the Canadian RCMP ERT team. The heavy snow and wind made it difficult for police to communicate. After a gun battle where approximately 50 rounds were exchanged, the ERT team surmised the gunman was wounded.    Solution: LRAD 100X was employed to deliver instructions after which the gunman immediately complied.

  12. Occupy Wall Street - NYPD “We don’t use it to disrupt. We don’t use it as some horrible noisemaker, we set it up away from where a crowd is. We create a 50-foot safety zone. It sends out a clear, uniform message that can be heard for several blocks.” - Paul Browne, NYPD Spokesman LRAD was used in Zuccotti Park during the OWS protests to communicate instructions and directions to protestors.

  13. G20 Riots - Pittsburgh PD Raymond DeMichiei said he thought the devices worked well without hurting anyone. "Every police officer I talked to thought it worked famously, the bottom line is we could maintain order with the protesters without hurting them.” "What would you rather have us do, the old 1964 routine with fire hoses and billy clubs? I think it's a lot more humane to make people uncomfortable...and they leave" - Raymond DeMichiei, Pittsburgh Deputy Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

  14. Hurricane Katrina The Louisiana National Guard used LRAD to clearly deliver messages and instructions on land and in the air to Hurricane Katrina victims through structures and over large areas.

  15. Broward County Sheriff

  16. Methamphetamine Lab – Santa Ana PD SWAT

  17. Infrastructure Protection Requirements for Tugboats Summer Boating Cargo Terminals Pilot Vessels Cruise Ports 4th of July Activities Ferries Waterway Applications Maine State Police use LRAD on Boats and Bearcat

  18. Law Enforcement Overseas Thailand Police use over 75 LRADs for Crowd Control and Disaster Response

  19. LRAD Mounting Options Tripod SS Rail Clamp Scram Cart Hitch Mount Magnetic Vehicle Mount

  20. Wheeled Mounting System Integrated Power Supply 120-240VAC Charging Station Scram Cart

  21. LRAD 1000Xi Weight: 85 lbs LRAD Emitter Dimensions: 34 in diameter x 6.1 in depth (circular) Power: 90-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Current: Max 8 amps, continuous 4 amps Audio input: Networks, Microphones, MP3, CD, Computer Audio Output Amplifiers: Internal Operating mode SPLMaximum 152dB @ 1 meter Beam width: +/-15° @ 2kHz Beam Pattern: Conical-Symmetrical Only product tested and proven to meet USN ATFP requirements!

  22. LRAD 500X Weight: 45 lbs LRAD Emitter Dimensions: 25 in wide x 12 in depth Power: 12-24VDC (direct connection, no inverter) Consumption: 25 Watts continuous, 250 peak Audio input: Networks, Microphones, MP3, CD, Computer Audio Output Amplifiers: Internal or External Continuous Acoustic Power: 148 dB Nominal beam width: +/-15° @ 2kHz Beam Pattern: Conical-Symmetrical Only product tested and proven to meet 300 yd ATFP requirements! Small Vessel/Vehicle Acoustic Hailing Device Solution

  23. LRAD 300X Weight: 25 lbs LRAD Emitter Dimensions: 24 in x 12 in x 9 in Power: 12-24VDC (direct connection, no inverter) Consumption: 25 Watts continuous, 150 peak Audio input: Networks, Microphones, MP3, CD, Computer Audio Output Amplifiers: Internal or External Continuous Acoustic Power: 142 dB Nominal beam width: +/-15° @ 2kHz

  24. LRAD 100X Weight: 15 lbs - including battery, MP3 player and microphone LRAD Emitter Dimensions: 14“ wide x 15“ tall x 7” deep Power: Rechargeable, Replaceable Battery Pack and Vehicle Power Audio input: Microphone and MP3 Player Amplifiers: Internal Continuous Acoustic Power: 137 dB (84dB @ 300M) Nominal Beam Width: +/-15° @ 2kHz Beam Pattern: Conical-Symmetrical Remote: Cabled remote control to 20’ Construction: Molded Composite Waterproof Emitter

  25. Optional Equipment Green Laser Dazzler & High Powered White Light 2” Receiver Mount Record on the Fly Microphone Remote Wireless System

  26. LRAD Volume vs. Distance

  27. Duane Loftus CCP, Ltd. 480 778-0122 Ext. 109 Thank You