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V ocabulary. Group 21. affection uh fek shuhn. N emotion Fondness or feeling To show his love and affection for his wife, Albert surprised her with flowers. anguish ang gwish. N emotion Great pain, sorrow, or worry

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v ocabulary


Group 21

affection uh fek shuhn
affectionuh fekshuhn

N emotion

Fondness or feeling

To show his love and affection for his wife, Albert surprised her with flowers.

anguish ang gwish

N emotion

Great pain, sorrow, or worry

The death of the long-time religious leader left the people in anguish, grieving for their loss, and fearful of the coming changes.

apprehensive a pri hen siv
apprehensivea pri hen siv

A emotion

Uneasy or fearful about the future

When the weather report predicted a snowstorm, my mother became apprehensive about driving in the snow.

earnest uhr nuhst

A emotion

1) Serious or 2) in significant amounts

Normally playful and joking, Evan became earnest when he started to talk about the need to plan for the future.

elated e la tid
elatedE la tid

A emotion


The couple was elated when they heard they would soon be grandparents.

pathetic puh the tik
patheticpuh the tik

A emotion

Sad, inferior, or causing pity

We waited over forty minutes before we were helped because the service in the store was so pathetic.

rejoice ri jois

V emotion

To be joyful or delighted

The whole family rejoiced when my sister announced her engagement to a wonderful, upstanding man.

antic an tik
antican tik

N friendly

a playful trick or prank

When we found several telltale signs of practical jokes, we realized the twins were up to their usual antics.

benevolent buh ne vuh luhnt
benevolentbuh ne vuhluhnt

A friendly

kind and gracious

Her benevolent smile helped to calm the scared child.

cordial kor juhl

A friendly

courteous and friendly

Although my neighbor is always very cordial to me, we have never become friends.