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  2. BEASTS beasts all animals other than humans

  3. HANDY handy useful – good to have around

  4. ITCHES itches a reaction to a bite – a need to scratch

  5. NIBBLE nibble to take small quick bites

  6. PREEN preen to clean or wash fur - smooth feathers

  7. PUDDLES puddles small pools of water


  9. All animals need to eat, but different beasts eat in different ways. A raccoon searches for fish, nuts, and other things to eat. Raccoons wash all their food before eating it. To do this, they must live near water. Even small pools of water, like puddles, will do.

  10. After the raccoon washes its food, it begins to eat by taking small bites. The animal may nibble on an acorn once it is clean.

  11. A tiger hunts for the meat it eats. Eating can make a mess out of the tiger’s fur. There are many places that need to be scratched.

  12. To get rid of these itches, the tiger bathes in a pond. Later the tiger may lie in the sun and preen. It carefully smooths its fur with its tongue.

  13. A spider eats meat, too. It builds a sticky web and then hides. The web is a useful tool for the spider. Bugs get stuck in the handy web. Then the spider’s dinner can’t escape.

  14. SPLISH ! SPLASH ! ANIMAL BATHS by April Pulley Sayre

  15. SPLISH! SPLASH! Take a bath. Brush your teeth clean. And think of the animals. They clean themselves, too. SQUIRT! An elephant sprays water over its back. SQUIRT! Baby will get a shower, too.

  16. Pigs take their baths in thick, brown mud. They soak, slog, snort…and seem to smile. Mud cools their skin. And best of all, it gets rid of itches, as well.

  17. Birds take baths in puddles. Or shower under sprinklers or waterfalls. Once clean, they preen – smoothing, fluffing, and straightening their feathers. That’s like hair brushing for you.

  18. Ducks do extra work. They spread oil on their feathers. This special oil waterproofs them. Without it, ducks would get soggy and cold…which wouldn’t be ducky at all!

  19. Bears have long fur that gets itchy and full of insects. To scratch itches, a bear rubs against a tree. Bears also take dust baths. They roll in dirt. Or they swim and splash in a wide, cool stream.

  20. Splish splash I was taking a bath!

  21. Even the king of beasts can get beastly dirty. So lions do what house cats do. They lick their long fur clean. But even a lion’s tongue can’t reach the back of its head… so it licks a paw and rubs over its head and ears.

  22. A comb might come in handy for cleaning a chimpanzee’s fur. But chimps don’t have combs, so fingers work fine. Chimps bite and pull bugs and leaves from their family’s and friend’s fur. What are good buddies for?

  23. Oxpeckers, a type of bird, spend their time hanging around. Where? On the bodies of giraffes. Giraffes don’t seem to mind. Oxpeckers peck away ticks. They get a meal, and the giraffe gets clean.

  24. Hippos have helpers, too. But these helpers are underwater, in the rivers and ponds where hippos wade. Fish nibble algae off a hippo’s skin. Does it tickle the hippo? Only hippos know. And they won’t say.

  25. Fish nibbling on a hippo’s back.

  26. Fish don’t take baths. They live in water. But some do try to stay clean. Big fish wait in line – not for a car wash, but for a cleaner fish. Nibble, nibble, the cleaner fish bites tiny pests off the big fish’s scales. The big fish gets clean. The cleaner fish gets a meal. Now that’s an amazing deal!

  27. Nearby, a shrimp crawls into a moray eel’s mouth. Will it become a shrimp dinner? Not this time. It’s a cleaner shrimp – an animal dentist. It picks and eats food off the moray’s teeth. Instead of being a shrimp dinner, it’s dinnertime for this little shrimp.

  28. Now that you’ve heard about animal baths and animal dentists, and how animals splish, splash, peck, and preen… It’s time to take your bath. Splish and splash. And think of the animals. They, too, are getting clean.



  31. WORD ENDINGS If you have more than one you may need to add -s or -es to make the nouns plural. 1 tiger - 3 tigers 1 lunch - 5 lunches

  32. Can you make them plural? box = _____________ elephant = ____________ splash = ___________ animal = ______________ shrimp = __________ fox = _________________ fish = _____________ scale = _______________ tick = _____________ pig = ________________ grass = ____________ beach = ______________ itch = _____________ bird = ________________