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Destination: 2014 Benefit Enrollment PowerPoint Presentation
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Destination: 2014 Benefit Enrollment

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Destination: 2014 Benefit Enrollment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Destination: 2014 Benefit Enrollment. Today’s Enrollment Journey. Health Care Reform Points of Interest for 2014 Your Benefit Options for 2014 Navigating Open Enrollment Questions?. Health Care Reform Made Simple - video. The Health Insurance Marketplace “101”.

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Destination: 2014 Benefit Enrollment

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today s enrollment journey
Today’s Enrollment Journey
  • Health Care Reform
  • Points of Interest for 2014
  • Your Benefit Options for 2014
  • Navigating Open Enrollment
  • Questions?
the health insurance marketplace 101
The Health Insurance Marketplace “101”
  • Online public shopping site for health insurance
  • Intended for unemployed, self-employed or ineligible for employer-based coverage
  • All plans offer same essential benefits
    • Preventive Care, Rx, Hospitalization, ER, Maternity Care, etc.
  • Four levels of coverage:

BW’s Basic Plan Covers 87% & Buy Up Plan covers 90%

*Towers Watson minimum Value Test dated 6/6/2013

what does it mean to you
What Does It Mean To You?
  • You must have healthcare coverage by January 1, 2014, or pay a penalty.
  • Avoid penalty one of three ways:
    • Enroll in a BorgWarner medical plan, OR
    • Have spouse enroll you in their employer plan as a dependent, OR
    • Purchase coverage from the government-sponsored Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Be careful buying through marketplace; it could cost you more! Why?
    • BorgWarner pays a big portion of your premium cost
    • You get a pre-tax advantage with BW coverage
    • Not eligible for government subsidy
learn more
Learn More

1. Go to

2. Click on the Health Care Reform Made Simple logo

3. Enter the password: bwarner

Or visit:

points of interest for 2014
Points of Interest for 2014
  • Enrollment process goes ONLINE through Workday®!
    • You must go online and choose your benefits for 2014
    • If you do not enroll online by November 30, you will automatically be enrolled as follows:

points of interest for 20141
Points of Interest for 2014

Good News!

  • Employee contribution rates stay the same as 2013— No Increases!
  • BorgWarner is covering the $65 per member mandated Affordable Care Act (ACA) fees for 2014 on behalf of all employees.


points of interest for 2014 continued
Points of Interest for 2014 (continued)
  • New deadline for HRQ and Tobacco-Free premium surcharge activities: Nov. 30, 2013
  • To avoid $100 monthly surcharge:
    • Complete Cigna online HRQ by November 30, 2013 AND
    • DoONE of the following:
      • As a non-tobacco user, indicate you are tobacco-free on your online enrollment form by November 30, 2013 OR
      • As a tobacco user, indicate you are a tobacco user when you enroll online and that you will complete the Cigna Tobacco Cessation program by November 30, 2013.
  • Completion of activities between 12/1/2012-11/30/2013 will satisfy the requirements.
  • Surcharges applied starting January for all of 2014
points of interest for 2014 continued2
Points of Interest for 2014 (continued)
  • COMING in January 2014: Cigna Motivate Me Tracking Tool
    • See incentives you and spouse have earned
    • View various health goals/opportunities
    • Establish self-reported goals and track progress
  • Due to shift to Workday ® Cigna auto-forwarding claims feature is a one-time election at open enrollment
    • For medical, dental and Rx FSA claim
looking at the road ahead
Looking At the Road Ahead…

Future 2015 Medical Premium Structure

  • For 2015, we will more closely tie employee wellness outcomes and/or activities to the cost of medical premiums in 2015
  • Various tiers (or levels) of premium rates and the tier you pay will depend on the number of biometric outcomes you meet or the number of wellness activities you complete
  • The more outcomes you meet or activities you complete, the better premium rate you earn
  • Look for details coming in January 2014
reminder dependent eligibility
Reminder: Dependent Eligibility
  • Dependent spouse - Lawful spouse
  • Dependent children up to age 26
    • Regardless of whether they live at home, is listed as a dependent on your tax return or is married
  • Children 26 and older if legally deemed permanently and totally disabled
  • Child: biological, legally adopted; stepchild; legal guardianship; QMCSO
reminder working spouse rule
Reminder: Working Spouse Rule
  • Working spouse is required to enroll in the medical coverage offered through their employer in order to be added to a BW plan
  • Here’s How It Works
    • If your spouse is eligible for, but does not to enroll in, their own employer’s group plan, they WILL NOT be eligible for BW coverage
    • If your spouse is enrolled in their employer’s plan, you may add them as a dependent to BW plan, but the BW plan will pay secondary coverage ONLY
    • If you enroll in both plans, benefits under each plan are coordinated. The total reimbursement from both plans cannot be more than the allowable benefit under the BW plan
reminder working spouse rule continued
Reminder: Working Spouse Rule (continued)
  • Cigna will be confirming spouse access to health insurance outside of BW coverage
    • If claim for your dependent spouse is filed, Cigna will reach out to you to confirm if spouse has other coverage through their employer. Claims will not be processed until information is confirmed
    • Falsely reporting this information is considered insurance fraud
    • Avoid delays in claims processing by providing spouse coverage information to Cigna:
      • at, or
      • Calling Cigna – use number on the back of your ID card
shift into gear your personal h ealth team
Shift into Gear: Your Personal Health Team
  • Your Cigna Personal Health Team
    • Employees and covered family members are eligible;
      • Non-Cigna medical members have access

to the Cigna EAP services only

    • Made up of a wide range of health specialists including nurses, dieticians, clinicians and counselors
    • Ready to work with you, learn about your needs and help you find solutions.

Protecting Your Privacy

Your interactions with your PHT

are confidential!


So far, employees have earned $32,000 in wellness incentives by engaging with their Personal Health Team?

shift into gear your personal h ealth team1
Shift into Gear: Your Personal Health Team
  • Your Own Health Advocate
    • Your Cigna Personal Health Team is led by your Health Advocate; they are your first and primary point of contact whenever you need assistance
    • Help you to fully understand your health and wellness needs
    • Ensure that you are quickly and easily connected to the proper support, programs and resources
    • Assured you are getting the most appropriate and effective care/support available
  • One Phone Number : 1-800-237-2904;
trouble choosing a medical plan
Trouble Choosing a Medical Plan?
  • Try CIGNA’s Plan Selector tool
    • Estimate how much health care you will use, such as doctor visits, medications and specialty care
    • Calculate the approximate cost of care
    • Compare medical plans based on anticipated out-of-pocket costs, payroll deduction and employer contributions

Get Started!

1) Visit BorgWarner benefits website at:

2) Click on the “Medical” link

3) Scroll down the page and click on the “Cigna Plan Selector Tool” link

preventive care coverage
Preventive Care Coverage

Don’t Be Wrongly Billed!

Be sure to have your doctor code visit as “preventive”

prescription drug plan
Prescription Drug Plan

For Both Medical Plans

Note : Mail order Specialty Drugs limited to 30-day supply

* Based on 30-day supply



Dental is an individual plan and separate election from vision

Coverage includes:





  • Vision is an individual plan and separate election from dental
  • Coverage includes:
    • Annual exam
    • Lenses/frames/contact lenses annually
    • Note: Prescription safety glasses are covered under Medical plan up to $100
flexible spending accounts
Flexible Spending Accounts

Employee-funded: You maketax-free contributions and you gettax-freereimbursements on eligible expenses

2 types: Health Care FSA & Dependent Care FSA

Health Care FSA:

You can contribute $100-$2,500 per year per employee

Have until 3/31 of following year to submit claims or balance is forfeited

Dependent Care FSA:

You and your spouse must work or attend school full time and your child must be under age 13 or a tax-eligible dependent that can’t care for themselves.

Employees can contribute $100-$5,000 per year, per household

Forfeits if not used by 12/31 of current year

Reimbursement options:

Direct deposit – go on-line to enroll at, or call Cigna

Check – default method

You must enroll every year!


flexible spending accounts continued
Flexible Spending Accounts continued
  • An example of how the HC FSA can save you money:
flexible spending accounts continued1
Flexible Spending Accounts continued

How Health Care FSA claims are paid:

Remaining 2013 FSA dollars:

Health care services received by March 15, 2014

Have until March 31, 2014 to submit claims or your funds are forfeited

2014 FSA dollars:

Health care services received January 1, 2014- March 15, 2015

Have until March 31, 2015 to file 2014 claims

Auto - Forwarding Claims Process

CIGNA Medical, Dental and Rx claims are automatically sent directly to CIGNA FSA for direct payment to your provider

No claim forms to complete or receipts to keep track of

Order of claims reimbursement (deductibles, coinsurance, Rx copays):

1st - Any remaining FSA dollars from

2nd - HRA funds

3rd - FSA for 2014


long term disability
Long-Term Disability

Use online LTD calculator to calculate your contribution for each option and decide which option is right for you:


life insurance benefits company paid
Life Insurance Benefits – Company Paid

Basic Life

Offered directly through MetLife:

Provides financial protection for your survivors in event of your death while employed at BorgWarner

Benefit is equal to the amount of your annual base pay

Minimum of $25,000 to maximum of $500,000

Can cap this benefit at $50,000 to avoid taxes on imputed income


Accident benefit: 1 times annual base pay up to $500,000

Business Travel Accident & Medical Insurance

Only applies to company-approved travel for BorgWarner

Offered through CIGNA this coverage combines global accident coverage with international medical protection


optional life insurance
Optional Life Insurance
  • Employee contributes to cost
  • Offered directly through MetLife
  • Coverage options include:
    • Employee Life: 1 times annual base pay up to 8 times base pay
    • Spouse Optional Life: $5,000/$10,000/$25,000/$50,000/$150,000/$250,000
    • Child Dependent Life:


  • No “guaranteed coverage” during open enrollment
  • Subject to Evidence of Insurability (EOI)


additional points of interest
Additional Points of Interest

Navigating Enrollment


default coverage
Default Coverage

CAUTION! MUST Enroll Online by Nov. 30 to Keep Current Benefits!

online enrollment
Online Enrollment

Login to Workday® at:

Use the Workday® Online Enrollment Guide to navigate through Workday

Deadline to Enroll:

November 30, 2013

roadside assistance
Roadside Assistance

Back cover of Highlights brochure

Check out inside cover of your Enrollment Guide


roadside assistance1
Roadside Assistance


your destination 2014 enrollment
Your Destination: 2014 Enrollment

Enroll by November 30


incentives for health improvement
Incentives for Health Improvement
  • Fitness AttendanceReimbursement Policy
    • $250 taxable cash reimbursement
    • Reimbursed on Fitness Attendance from 1/1 - 12/31
    • Attendance requirement – average of 6 visits a month; 72 total visits
    • Both employee and covered dependent spouse attendance count toward attendance requirement
  • Reimbursement Process:
    • Reimbursement will be processed through payroll in January for payment in January/February 2015
flexible spending accounts continued2
Flexible Spending Accounts continued

Auto-forwarded Claims Order of Health Care Reimbursements in 2013

*services incurred (dated) before March 15, 2014, submitted before March 31, 2014

If you have remaining 2013 FSA

If you don’t have any 2013 FSA



(if the claim is medical)

2013 FSA*



(if claim is medical)



2014 FSA


2014 FSA

flexible spending accounts continued3
Flexible Spending Accounts continued

Auto-forwarded Claims Order of Health Care Reimbursements in 2014

*if you have remaining 2013 FSA funds

Before March 15, 2014

After March 15, 2014



(if the claim is medical)

2013 FSA*



(if claim is medical)



2014 FSA


2014 FSA

living tobacco free surcharge
Living Tobacco Free Surcharge

Avoid $50/monthly premium surcharge

Encourages healthy living and rewards positive behavior

How it works

1. Complete the Living Tobacco-Free Pledge during online enrollment indicating that you are tobacco-free OR that you are a tobacco user but agree to complete the Cigna Tobacco Cessation program (or other HR-approved tobacco cessation program).

2. If you indicate on your online enrollment form that you are tobacco-free, no other action is required.

3. If you indicate on your online enrollment form to be a tobacco user who is agreeing to complete the tobacco cessation program, you must graduate by November 30, 2013.

Note: If you indicate you are a tobacco user and do not agree to complete a tobacco cessation program by the deadline, the surcharge will apply for the rest of 2014.


Cigna Tobacco Cessation Program

Offers resources and tools to help tobacco users quit tobacco before they develop chronic conditions

Available to all members age 18 or older

Provide assistance to quit through:

Personalized telephonic coaching with your Health Advocate


Free nicotine replacements – OTC patch/gum

$150 annual reimbursement on acupuncture and hypnosis

Enroll now by calling your Cigna Personal Health Team

support lines are available in English and Spanish

Participate as many times as necessary to obtain success

building your hra
Your HRA and member deductible gap combine to make the plan deductible

If you have money remaining in HRA at year end it rolls over for next year’s use

That means you have the BW annual HRA contribution + rollover dollars; growing your total HRA balance

The higher your HRA balance the lower your member deductible gap

Building Your HRA
which plan may be right for you
Which Plan May be Right for You?

Family Options

If you expect total claims between $14k-$32k, Buy Up plan beneficial

Contribution Gap


which plan may be right for you1
Which Plan May be Right for You?

Employee Only Options

If you expect total claims between $4k-$19k, Buy Up plan beneficial

Contribution Gap