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2013-14 Race to the Cut Off PowerPoint Presentation
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2013-14 Race to the Cut Off

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2013-14 Race to the Cut Off
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2013-14 Race to the Cut Off

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  1. 2013-14 Race to the Cut Off PPS Nutrition. Services 2012-13 Race to the Cut Off Winners enjoy lunch with Director Gitta Grether-Sweeney. Above (L to R): Barbara (Whitman), Gitta, Brenda (Sitton), Therese (Roosevelt), Julie Jayne (Grant). Above (L to R): Kirby (Rigler), Gitta, Diane (Faubion), Leslie (Woodmere), Cherise (Hayhurst). Not pictured: Sharon (Chief Joseph).

  2. Overview • Race to the Cut Off – New categories • Review Meal Benefits Assignment • Recommend Online Applications • Track applications sent to Central Office • Email documentation for all DC Siblings • Report to your Program Manager

  3. Race to the Cut Off Categories Win the Race to the Cut Off and Lunch with the Director in your school category by being the first to have all “prior year” eligible students updated for current year 2012-13 benefits. K-5/K-8/6-8 < 25% F&R HS < 50% F&R K-5/K-8/6-8 25% - 60% F&R HS > 50% F&R K-5/K-8/6-8 > 60% F&R Note: being the first to have all “prior year” eligible students be updated for current year 2013-14 benefits means that you have contacted all families AND they have responded. If a family does not want to reapply and tells you that they are not eligible in the current year then document the date of contact and “not eligible” next to the student name(s).

  4. Meal Benefits Assignment 1. Review the 2013-14 Meal Benefits Procedures for Nutrition Services Leads (gold handout/blue Lead training folder). 2. Keep meal application forms on hand at computer or POS stations for families/students. 3. Practice filling out a paper or online application so that you are familiar with the information needed (signatures, number in household includes all household members, all income documented for all household members, accurate case numbers for SNAP or TANF). Use the household information in your Lead training packet and then send the completed application to the Meal Benefits Office (BESC – L2) asap. 4. Participate in Back to School Night to encourage families who are not yet eligible for the 2013-14 year to apply online or use a paper application.

  5. Meal Benefits Assignment – Meal Application Tracking 5. Use a Master Customer List of all students in alpha order to track family meal applications submitted to you from Aug 28 to Oct 31, 2013. Remember to date the Master Customer List when you print it out. 6. Highlight the student name and write the date that you sent the application to the central office next to student name. 7. Review the application, looking for signature, date and last 4 digits of social security # or √ checked “I do not have…” 8. Check WebSMARTT for eligibility updates for processed applications (Takes 3 to 10 days; new students are processed first).

  6. Use this WebSMARTT report to print out your Master Customer List

  7. This is a sample Master Customer List

  8. Use Key for the Master Customer List (in your Lead Packet) Explains “Status Type” Prior Year Prior Year DC Directly Certified Application 2 Application 3 Not Applicable Denied App

  9. Recommend Applying Online – It’s Confidential

  10. Recommend Applying Online – It’s Faster Print a paper copy

  11. Practice applying online (use the household information in your Lead training folder)

  12. Meal Benefits Assignment continuedDirect Certification 9. Highlight all Directly Certified Students on your master Customer List – these students already have approved eligibility for 2013-14 (Prior Year DC is not yet eligible for 2013-14) 10. Families do not need to fill out a Meal Application if they received an Eligibility Notification – Free Meal Benefits Letter (DC letter mailed in Aug 2013 see next slide). 11. Look for siblings of DC students who are not yet Directly Certified. 12. Check with office, if needed, to confirm that they are siblings from the same household and send an email to central office.

  13. DC Letters sent August 2013 Eligibility Notification Free meal Benefits Letter for each directly certified student. This letter does NOT need to be brought to school.

  14. Email to document DC Siblings Send email to Kendall at krundber@pps.netwith the following information: • The first and last name of the student who is directly certified and the six digit student ID number of the directly certified student. • The first and last name(s) of any other student(s) who are in the same household (same economic unit) but are not shown as directly certified on your customer list. • Notation of the person who identified the siblings (identified by parent/guardian, teacher, principal or secretary). • Type your full name and school in the email. Hi Kendall James Johnson #123456 is DC. The parent told me that his sister Jennifer Johnson #234567 and K brother Tim Johnson #345678 should also be DC. Thanks, Suzanne Stevens Cherryville School

  15. Lots of Tips from Former Race to the Cut Off Winners! • Update student eligibility directly on the master list which you printed after Aug 27th as status changes are approved. • Keep using the master list, but also print out new lists to compare after Tuesdays since Monday is the weekly DC download. • Use highlighters to color-code DC students and Application 2 and Application 3. • Make it a priority to call 5 to 10 households every day(if students are Prior Year or Prior Year DC). Check for updates in WebSMARTT before calling.

  16. More Tips from Race to the Cut Off Winners • Begin calling households with Prior Year or Prior Year DC status by the end of the third week of school. • Write notes of phone calls on your master list. • Get applications and call families for K students and new students first. • Hand write new students names and the date on your Master Customer List as you learn of them. • If an application is received and the student is not on your Master Customer List, look up the student in the computer to see why they are not on the list.

  17. More Tips from Race to the Cut Off Winners • Families of students who have a negative balance should also be contacted. • As Cut Off gets close, hold card at computer to remind them to bring in application or fill out online. • If parents come to cafeteria, ask them to stay and fill out the application and check if complete.

  18. Request extra postcards to promote online application

  19. Contact meal benefits office Call: 503.916.3402 Email: krundber@pps.net Go online: www.pps.net/departments/nutrition or Click on “N” under Departments New! E-mail for parents/guardians below: Email: mealbenefits@pps.net