lubna yassin 203588827 305311045 meriam sa eed short girls n.
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Lubna Yassin 203588827 305311045 Meriam Sa’eed Short Girls PowerPoint Presentation
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Lubna Yassin 203588827 305311045 Meriam Sa’eed Short Girls

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Lubna Yassin 203588827 305311045 Meriam Sa’eed Short Girls - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lubna Yassin 203588827 305311045 Meriam Sa’eed Short Girls. How do you feel as a short girl?. Gulliver in the land of giants.

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gulliver in the land of giants
Gulliver in the land of giants
  • they called me dwarf, smurf and elf. this is my position in my family(little girl). I am the shortest one in my family. my brother is 30centimeters taller than me. That's what you see in the picture.We as short girls always hear silly comments from people around us that shortness affects our beauty( in our culture the tall girls are the most beautiful, and poets flirt them).The mockery that I and every short one hear makes me suffer, but in the same time it encourages me to be more confident.

she wears high heels I wear sneakers:fashioned, pretty and elegant. Imagine what does this girl wear?? Of course high heels!! but I have to wear high heels neither of being classnor of being fashioned, but to bypass people's mockery.High heels is my torture all the day. they cause back pain although high heels is the best for me to look more beautiful.


This photo is for an English student teacher who’s short. She has difficulties to reach the top of the board in order to write the day and the day and the date, and students always laugh and mock at her. That’s what happens to us as short girls and what makes us feel bothered sometimes.


Shortness make 40+ women look younger

  • This photo is for two old women. Actually, they look younger because they are short. so, another benefit of being short girls is that no matter how old we get we will look younger.

This photo is of my tall friend. Being short is useful for us because we can enter small places easily. We don’t have to duck our heads down to fit in low places.