Demolan refinement plans
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Facts ERP is tailor-made ERP Software Solution, our fully customizable ERP software is developed in Dubai to meet exact requirements of UAE market. Facts is the best software development company in the Middle East which provides ERP solution, HR & Payroll software since 14 years.

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Demolan refinement plans

DemoLAN Refinement Plans


  • DemoLAN - Purposes and features

    • Demonstration of product capabilities.

    • Single reference point for both development and delivery.

    • Central repository of all products and verticals of FactsERP.

    • It includes the latest and correct versions of all database objects like tables, procedures etc.

    • Acts like a display piece in show room.

    • DemoLAN is the publisher of grid layouts.

    • Used in trial version installation for prospects.

Facts products
FACTS Products

  • FactsERP is the mother of all products

  • Certain specific areas/modules in FactsERPidentified as separate sellable unit which can be called as a product.

  • Our named products are

    • FactsSHARP

    • FactsKORLAN

    • FactsMIRSAL

    • FactsBI

Facts industry verticals
FACTS Industry Verticals

  • An industry vertical simply refers to a specific industry.

  • There are some fairly well recognized verticals, but there is no absolute list of them, as what constitutes a vertical depends on the context in which you are looking at them.

  • Our recognized industry verticals are

    • General Trading

    • Spare Parts

    • Contracting

    • Job Costing

    • Logistics

    • Production/Manufacturing

Demolan refinement plans hiccups
DemoLAN Refinement Plans & Hiccups

  • Refinement Plan

    • Implementation and Marketing team should point out the drawbacks in DemoLAN.

    • A shared google sheet is now created to log and follow up your queries in DemoLAN.

    • Options and database objects will be re engineered.

    • Table columns will be made optimal.

  • Hiccups

    • Team should be flexible and willing to adapt standard and optimal changes in DemoLAN with proper brainstorming.

    • Menus in DemoLAN and transaction series need to be finalized.

    • Screen changes may be required while standardizing, which is confusing sometimes.

    • Loop holes in naming convensions standards

    • Cross domain. Examples are stock grouping, master series and data type, line item types.

    • A weekly review meeting needed to discuss what to do, how to do and what is done.

Publishing grid layout factory settings
Publishing grid-layout factory settings

Publishing grid layout factory settings1
Publishing grid-layout factory settings

  • Publishing of grid layout is supposed to do in DemoLAN.

  • Factory reset option is supposed to be used by either client or implementation team.

  • Publishing will be based on source document

Demolan as central repository for references
DemoLAN as central repository for references

  • DemoLAN contains latest and correct versions of all database objects like tables, procedures etc.

  • Refer the naming convensions for menus, procedures, results and attachments.

  • Factory reset of grid layouts

  • Everyone should be alert and smart enough to bring your error corrections or value additions done for a client towards DemoLAN.

Making use of kb local copy
Making use of KB local copy

Making use of kb local copy1
Making use of KB local copy

  • Knowledge base local copy can be enabled via report grouping name change option.

  • We are using a web service for enabling KB local copy.

  • All published articles in knowledge base will be available in KB local copy.

  • Implementation team should go through these KB articles and implement them as and when required.