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OLS workflow sketch

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OLS workflow sketch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OLS workflow sketch.

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OLS workflow sketch

This slide deck represents major segments of the workflow for Online Submission (OLS). It shows managed commercial incident routing and resolution. As a basic interactive prototype, it is purely for discussion purposes to center our minds on a specific proposal and gather feedback on it.

The appearance of the prototype is not what PQO will ship. Significant evolution is yet to come on the visual presentation. Suggestions on visuals are trivial and low priority. This prototype is for analyzing the workflow.

Controls and links within the prototype are highlighted with a glowing rectangle. Clicking or, in some cases, hovering over the rectangle will advance the prototype down that path of the workflow. If you want to go back a step, right-click on the slide and select “Last Viewed” from the context menu.

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Prototype Scenarios

Going from a Microsoft Business Dynamics article directly into incident submission. Engaging Premier Support (MBS Deluxe) using chat and adding in a co-worker to assist in resolving the case. The

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This version of this slide deck represents overlays that call out upstream dependent systems and business policies that will need to change in order to realize this vision. The overlays will appear if you click the slide advance arrow on the presentation monitor.

It will not be possible to deliver breakthrough customer experiences without breaking through several barriers introduced by Clarify, E-Support, MS Solve, Order Management, and business policy. This deck attempts to illustrate where the changes will need to be driven, as well as demonstrate what is entirely possible within PQO’s direct sphere of influence.

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KB Content wrapper?

New Jewel project?

Click slide advance arrow to Show Dependencies


Remaining incidents on contract. Odyssey?

Requires record of who the partner is reselling to. Go for MBS, but unknown for MPO

Requires record of who the TAM/ADC is. Odyssey?

Business policy for chat, MSSOLVE/CAP for SMS support



This control must now become dynamic, indicating which party has responsibility for the next action on the case

Phone Queue/OneCall?/MSSOLVE/CAP:

Displaying the average queue length alongside a counter indicating the customer’s current time in the queue

Phone Queue/OneCall?/MSSOLVE/CAP:

Allowing the user to pause the case or abandon it before SE communication

PQO: send e-mail with full details from confirmation page along with a link to this collaboration space

MSSOLVE/CAP: All customer-bound e-mail communications emerging from these systems should include a link to the online collaboration space for the incident in question



Support professional can push actions to the customer. Data Collection just one example. File upload, accept a remote desktop connection, manually perform diagnostic or troubleshooting are other potential tasks.


Customer can close the case or give feedback to the support professional’s manager at any time.

MSSOLVE\CAP: Chat inline within the incident collaboration space


Put the action back on Microsoft at any time with an optional explanatory note field.


Rich information about the support professional to break down the anonymity associated with web interactions


Support professional can push content here. MUST not be content the customer has already told us they’ve seen

Click anywhere in the collaboration space to advance to the next UI.


MSSOLVE/CAP: primary case contact can delegate to a co-worker or remove a co-worker. This must be propagated immediately back to the CRM system

MSSOLVE/CAP: Rich profile data associated with and managed by customer, bound to ADFS User ID or to PUID and this case if signed in

Co-worker runs diagnostics. All three collaborate and resolve issue.

Click anywhere in the collaboration space to advance to the next UI.


OLS workflow

Any questions or comments, please send them to courtnec.

Click the glowing rectangle to restart this prototype.

I look forward to working the PartnerSource/CustomerSource to find the best place to expose View Existing Incidents in the portal.