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top ranked cuisines in the world n.
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Top Ranked Cuisines in the World PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Ranked Cuisines in the World

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Top Ranked Cuisines in the World
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Top Ranked Cuisines in the World

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  1. Top Ranked Cuisines in the world

  2. #1 Italian Cuisine The number one cuisine of the world is Italian cuisine. This cooking style of this cuisine has been evolving in political and social change. It contains regional diversity and different tastes. Pizza, pasta, ravioli are the top dishes of this cuisine.

  3. #2 Thai Cuisine The cuisine that contains balance in flavor, variety in dish is Thai cuisine. Light dishes with strong aromatic components is the identity of this cuisine.

  4. #3 French Cuisine Rich taste and subtle nuances in each dish represents French cuisine. The cooking method changes from time to time. Bisque, Foiegras, Croque monsieur are the famous French dish.

  5. #4 Japanese Cuisine To take a healthy, simple dish, Japanese cuisine is the best choice. Most of the dishes in this cuisine is made with rice and miso soup. Sushiwhch is the famous recipe in the world originated from this cuisine.

  6. #5 Lebanese Cuisine This cuisine is mainly derived from Syrian dishes. It is considered as the ancient cuisine. Core ingredients of this cuisine are starches, wholegrain, fruits, vegetables and so on.

  7. #6 Spanish Cuisine One of the top ranking cuisines in the world is Spanish cuisine. This cuisine first introduced mushroom as eating thing. Zarangollo, Fideua, Gachas, Hornazoetc are the famous recipe of it.

  8. #7 German Cuisine It is a cuisine that varies from region to region and cooking style changes due to social and political changes. Haute cuisine contains a high quality. Bratwurst, currywurst, trout, pike are the popular recipe of this cuisine.

  9. #8 Korean Cuisine The origin of Korean cuisine has come from agricultural and nomadic traditions. It has derived through an interaction of natural environment and different cultural trends. It is largely based on rice, meat and vegetables.

  10. #9 South African Cuisine This cuisine is also known as "rainbow cuisine". Amasi, Biltong, Bobotie, Mafi, Isidudu, Mageuetc are the dishes of this cuisine.

  11. #10 Australian Cuisine Australian cuisine is influenced by organic and bio dynamic foods. Bush foods are the common ingredients of this cuisine. It contains a distinct coffee culture.

  12. #11 Caribbean Cuisine The cuisine of Caribbean is a mix of African, European, Arabian and Chinese cuisine. Ingredients of this cuisine are rice, beans, plantains, bell peppers, chickpeas, tomatoes etc.

  13. #12 Greek Cuisine The Mediterranean cuisine that includes the core ingredients of olive oil, cheese, eggplant, lamb, pork, poultry is Greek cuisine. Flavors of traditional Greek dishes varies over season and geography.

  14. #13 Filipino Cuisine Filipino cuisine makes fusion with sour and sweet spices and this is the identity of this cuisine. In brekafast of Filipino cuisine, Pandesi, Kesongputi, Karnenorte are eaten. Sapinsapin, Igorots, Calasiaoetc are the popular dish of this cuisine.

  15. #14 Scottish Cuisine Cooking recipes of Scotland contains its own style, method and flavor. It makes fusion with ancient and modern cooking. Sowans, Burnt-cream, Cabble claw etc are the recipe of this cuisine.

  16. #15 Mexican Cuisine This is a high ranking cuisine which is a fusion of Mesomerian cooking. The basic ingredients of this cuisine are corn, beans, chili peppers and so on.