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The Christchurch Earthquake

The Christchurch Earthquake. The Christchurch earthquake, 22 February, 2011. The injuries, our response and some lessons learnt. Plan. Facts and figures The earthquake The damage The injuries Christchurch Hospital experience Lessons. Confidentiality.

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The Christchurch Earthquake

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  1. The Christchurch Earthquake

  2. The Christchurch earthquake, 22 February, 2011 The injuries, our response and some lessons learnt

  3. Plan • Facts and figures • The earthquake • The damage • The injuries • Christchurch Hospital experience • Lessons

  4. Confidentiality • Identifiable pictures of the public have come from public media • Hospital pictures have no identifiable patients, but remain sensitive • Staff are identifiable • The images aren’t for distribution

  5. Facts and figures

  6. The earthquake

  7. 12.51pm, Tuesday Feb 22, 2011 • 6.3 magnitude, 10k SE of CBD, 5k deep • Accelerations up to 2.2G • Among the highest ever recorded • The greatest vertical accelerations on record

  8. The damage

  9. The City • 80% of city without power • Water and sewerage compromised • Airport closed • Roads blocked • Communication impaired

  10. The Hospital • Scattered damage – particularly ceiling panels • Continued aftershocks (440 in 24 hours) • Water supply lost, and possibly contaminated • Flooding in places, including LGF (blood bank) • Electricity off – essential power from 6 generators • Two of the 6 generators fail repeatedly • Elevators out of action • Theatre, ICU and Radiology upstairs

  11. The injuries

  12. Factors associated with injury and death • Peak ground accelerations • Time of day • Type of buildings • multi-storey, concrete, unreinforced masonry Ramirez M, Peek-Asa C. Epidemiology of traumatic injuries from earthquakes. Epidemiol Rev 2005; 27: 47–55.

  13. Providers

  14. Injuries from 22 February

  15. Total Injuries (first 24 hours) 6659 (ACC accepted claims) Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery 373 Pre-hospital deaths* 175 Southern Cross Hospital 94 Christchurch Hospital ED 365 disaster packs used 273 patients registered (3 DOA, 1 death in ED) Princess Margaret Hospital 50 Burwood Hospital 15 Admitted to Christchurch Hospital 142 (14 transfers to other cities, 1 death on the ward) St Georges Hospital 9 Admitted to ICU 18 (2 deaths) Other primary care 5578 *182 deaths in first 24 hours. 185 official toll attributed to the earthquake

  16. Overall injury burden

  17. Deaths in hospital in first 24 hours • Three dead on arrival • Multiple injuries/severe crushing • One died in ED • Major chest trauma • Two deaths in ICU • One severe head trauma, one multiple injuries and haemorrhagic shock • One death in ward • Elderly patient with fractured neck of femur and multiple co-morbidities.

  18. Deaths after the first 24 hours • Two late deaths in hospital • Both weeks later • Both elderly • Both respiratory failure • One fractured neck of femur, one multiple limb fractures • One late death in the community • ‘Ruptured heart’

  19. Other deaths? • True death toll open to interpretation • Elderly evacuated • Elderly in damaged homes • Cardiac deaths • Road trauma from quake damaged roads • ?respiratory deaths

  20. Christchurch Hospital response

  21. Disaster triage

  22. Key roles • ED medical and nurse controllers • Red, yellow, green (and black) medical and nursing leaders • In red area, teams in each resus capable bay with at least one ED doc • Clerical, Social Work, Radiography and Aids roles

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