Ohio mechanics
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Ohio Mechanics. 9 -4-2012. Pre Game. Everyone participate in conversation Things to talk about Team tendencies ex: majority passing or running Talk about non verbal communication Discuss mechanics Discuss play situations Stay on topic and get your mind in the game . Schedule.

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Ohio mechanics

Ohio Mechanics


Pre game
Pre Game

  • Everyone participate in conversation

    • Things to talk about

      • Team tendencies ex: majority passing or running

      • Talk about non verbal communication

      • Discuss mechanics

      • Discuss play situations

      • Stay on topic and get your mind in the game


  • 7:10 – Coin Toss (clear from 45-45)

  • 7:14 -- Field Cleared

  • 7:15 – Band Pre-game

  • 7:25 – Teams on the field

  • 7:26 – National Anthem

  • 7:29 – Final Huddle

  • 7:30 – Kickoff/Starting Time

Meet hc s 35 minutes prior to the game
Meet HC’s 35 minutes prior to the game

  • All officials introduce themselves

  • R: Players legally equipped, #’s, QB/K right or left, talk about sportsmanship

  • U: Any players need to have equipment checked?

  • LM (V HC), LJ (H HC): Lineup card, get back coach, unusual plays, deep kicks?

    • Assure the coaches that we will give player #’s and foul description ASAP


  • Finger Whistle?

    • NO one armed signals

    • Punch and yell


  • Only punch off

  • Incomplete pass – signal only, no TO

    • Covering official only

  • DO NOT mirror TD

Forward progress mechanics
Forward Progress Mechanics

  • Mark progress with downfield foot

  • Cross-field mechanics – (button hook passes, runner driven back near sideline) look across field for help for an accurate spot.

    • Backside wing come onto the field to be visible

Penalty enforcement
Penalty Enforcement

  • U penalty enforcement is yours, turn to the calling official when the whistle is sounded

  • Calling Official: Give Prelim Signal for foul you called after ball is dead

  • 10 Sec. Rule: Simple 5 YD DB Foul – Crew GOAL: Mark ball ready w/in 10 seconds.

  • 10 Sec. Rule: Assumes Center has FB & hands it to U for 5 YD mark off.

Penalty enforcement1
Penalty Enforcement

  • R: Find open space immediately & give Prelim Signal; do not walk around!!!

    • Signals 1 Prelim ONLY for 5 YD DB Fouls – FST, ENC, DOG, Ill Sub, etc.

      Verbalize all fouls as you signal PB

Penalty enforcement2
Penalty Enforcement

  • BOTH LJ and LM walk off yardage

    • U check to be correct after you reach the succeeding spot

  • ASK QUESTIONS NOW! Not in the shower

Pass mechanics
Pass Mechanics

  • Initial Positions

  • R: 10yds behind the QB and 8yds wide (wide side)

  • U: 7yds off LOS inside the TE’s

  • LM/LJ: 10yds outside of the widest A player(Never inside the field numbers)

  • BJ: 17yds off LOS between the uprights

Passing mechanics keys
Passing Mechanics (KEYS)

  • R: Snap/QB/Opposite Tackle/ Passer; maintain a 5yd cushion with the Passer

  • U: Snap/Lineman/QB/Pass/Catch

    • Jog to the DBS (never make team wait for a spot)

  • LJ/BJ/LM: (COVERAGES): BJ has inside receiver

    • EL/SL plays, watch FEET first

    • BJ don’t take yourself out of the play by backpedaling to fast

    • STOP & WATCH

Ohio mechanics
Why are we on the wide side of the field instead of passing arm side? If it is good enough for college and NFL, why not other levels.

  • We have 5 officials and they have 7.  7 gives us tremendous support on SL coverage that is missing in 5 due to no deep wings. 

  • Last year 10 Crews throughout the State of Oh experimented with the wide side.  They officiated over 300 games using the R on wide side.  The other 9 R's who all worked the State Playoffs asked me if they could stay on the wide side for the playoffs -- they liked it that much.

  • You see far more blocks because most of the time you are in the center of the field like the BJ.  As you know, last year, if the ball was snapped on the hash, the R was on the numbers.  I watched over 100 hours of video & the R was not getting anywhere near the opposite SL to provide support.

Ohio mechanics

On COP, why does the covering official signal direction instead of immediately stopping the clock? This could mean 2 or more seconds lost each time.

  • To "sell" to everyone that we know what we are doing and are assertive in our judgment & actions.  I disagree with losing 2 seconds.  As soon as a crew member indicates COP, the other officials are stopping the clock.  I watched this in the Div I Final Game at Canton -- the U signaled COP and the other officials stopped the clock.  The clock stopped immediately.