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Introducing. Tehnology Classrooms. Thursday, September 4, 2014. Topics. What’s in all the rooms? What’s new? How to get in the room? FAQs Card Swipe. Document Camera. Remote Point. Notebook. DVD Player. Control Panel. VCR. What’s in a Technology Classroom?. Control Panel Notebook

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Tehnology Classrooms

Thursday, September 4, 2014

  • What’s in all the rooms?
  • What’s new?
  • How to get in the room?
  • FAQs
  • Card Swipe
what s in a technology classroom


Remote Point


DVD Player

Control Panel


What’s in a Technology Classroom?
  • Control Panel
  • Notebook
  • Document Camera
  • VCR
  • DVD Player
  • Wireless Mouse
control panel
Control Panel

Alkek rooms

All other rooms

Plug in the Power Cord

The light is on when placed in cardle

Note: After using the Control Panel, make sure it is connected to the power source!! A discharged control panel will malfunction even if the power cord is connected.


VGA Cable

USB Port

Sound port



Power Switch



  • VGA Cable
  • —connects to the Projector.
  • USB Port
  • — is for Remote Point.
  • Sound Port
  • — connects to Speakers.
  • Power Cord
  • — is for Notebook Charging.
  • Power Switch
  • — is for Notebook on/off.
  • Network Cable
  • — is for accessing network.

Tangent 1000


To turn on the Notebook, Move the Power Switch toward you (Tangent 1000) or toward right (Tangent 6000) or Pressing the power Switch (DELL) and release it. The Power Switch is located at:


Tangent 1000

Tangent 6000

second computer connection
Second Computer Connection

If you bring your own notebook

to the Technology Classroom,

please CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on setting it up.

Spare VGA Cable on the table

Note: Most Technology Classrooms have one spare VGA cable on the table. If your Technology Classrooms has no spare, you need to unplug the VGA cable from the back of the permanent Notebook and connect it to your Notebook.


connecting your own notebook
Connecting Your Own Notebook
  • Connect the spare VGA cable with your own Notebook
  • Plug in the power source
  • Connect the Network cable for internet access if needed
  • Plug in the sound output cable if needed
  • Turn on your Notebook
  • Turn on the Projector
  • Press the COMPUTER button on the control panel
  • Press the AUTO SETUP button
  • Note: After finishing with your Notebook, please put everything
  • back in its original position.
document camera











Document Camera

1 Camera head

2 Light

3 Connectors (on the back)

4 Working surface

5 Power on/off key

6 Light key

7 Pull ring

8 Close up lens for camera

9 Auto focus on/off key

10 Zoom key

set up document camera
Set Up Document Camera
  • Pull the arm upwards using the special Pull Ring (#7)
  • Turn the Camera head (#1) and point it at the working surface (#4).
  • Switch on the the Power Switch (#5).
  • Place a document on the Working Surface.
  • Turn on the DOCUMENT CAMERA button on the Control Panel.
  • Insert the tape into the VCR
  • Press VCR button on the screen of the Control Panel. VCR control buttons are available on the next screen.
  • To adjust the volume, use the volume up and down arrows on the control panel
  • Insert a DVD into the DVD-Play
  • Select DVD on the control panel. DVD control buttons are available on the next screen
  • To adjust volume, use the volume up and down arrows on the control panel.
wireless mouse

Reveal Tool

Menu Button

Reveal Tool

Zoom Tool



Forward Button

Mouse Button

Laser Button

Wireless Mouse
  • Use the thumb to press anywhere on the edge of the Mouse Button to navigate the cursor around the screen.
  • Use the index-finger to press Click Trigger Button for activating the functions performed by the left-click button on a standard mouse.

Click Trigger

  • Press the Laser Button which emits a laser beam.
  • Continue…
wireless mouse functions
Wireless Mouse Functions
  • Button 1(Toolbar)-- Activates a set of tools in a tool bar displayed
  • on the screen. There are three tools, Tickertape icon, spotlight and Checkmark.
  • Button 2(Reveal tool) -- covers the screen with a solid color.
  • Button 3( Zoom tool) – allows you to magnify a portion of the screen.
  • Button 4(Keystroke) – sends an <Esc> keystroke which will close a PowerPoint presentation (open on the screen).
  • Right-Click Button– activates the functions performed by the Right-Click button on a standard mouse.
  • Forward Button– selects the next slide in a PowerPoint presentation.
new features
New Features

The latest renovated rooms (M106, M107, C 019) have some new features

Dual Screen

LCD Tablet




dual screen
Dual Screen

When in DUAL SCREEN mode,

the projection screen is split into two sides. One side displays the selected computer’s desktop, the other displays the image from the VCR or document camera.

lcd tablet
LCD Tablet

The StarBoard EM Panel offers the functionality of our electronic whiteboard in a convenient interactive LCD panel.

You can control, edit and annotate computer applications directly from the interactive panel.

Wireless Stylus

right mouse click

left mouse click


dvd viewing
DVD Viewing

In these three rooms, the desktop computer is equipped with a DVD/CDRW drive and related software for playing DVD and VCD.

On the computer’s desktop, double-click on this icon to play a DVD movie.

Open the DVD/CDRW tray, put

DVD/VCD disc on the tray and close it.

The machine will automatically

recognize and play DVD/VCD movies.

the new wireless mouse

Mouse Ball

Right Click


Laser Button

Click Trigger

Left Click Button

Laser Head

The New Wireless Mouse
  • Use the thumb to move the trackball for navigating the cursor around the screen.
  • Use the index-finger to press Click Trigger Button for activating the functions performed by the left-click button on a standard mouse.
  • Press the Laser Button which emits a laser beam.
the wait message
The Wait Message
  • After about two minutes, the control panel will automatically go to the next screen.
  • If you touch the screen while this message is displayed, the timer will be reset for another two minutes.
faq s

Question 1: Projector does not show image from AV sources.

  • Check if the Projector power is on.
  • Select the appropriate item on the control panel

Question 2: Projector does not show image from computer.

  • Check if computer is turned on.
  • Check if VGA Cable connection is correct.
  • Hold [Fn] key and press [F8] function key to switch to dual display mode.
  • Press “Auto Setup” button on the
  • Control Panel.
  • Continue…
faq s1

Question 3: Projector shows no image when using Document Camera.

  • Check if Document Camera power is on.
  • Check if the Camera head points down at the work surface.

Question 4: Projector has no image when using VCR or DVD

  • Check if VCR or DVD power is on.
  • Check if the Cassette or DVD is in the machine.

Question 5: Speakers have no sound output for common problems.

  • Check if sound amplifier power is on.
  • Adjust the VOLUME up button on Control Panel.
  • Check and press the AV MUTE OFF button on Control Panel.
  • Continue…
faq s2

Question 6: Speakers have no sound output when using computer.

  • Check the connection of sound output is correct (on the back
  • of notebook).
  • Check if the sound of Notebook is in mute (Double click the
  • sound icon on the lower left corner of Notebook screen, Volume
  • control will appear).

Questions 7: Speakers have no sound output when using VCR or DVD.

  • Check the Question 5
  • If the problem still, Please ask for help.
  • Continue…
faq s3

Question 8: Accessing Internet doesn’t work.

  • Check the connection of Network Cable is correct (on the back
  • of notebook).
  • If the problem still, Please ask for help.
card swipe
Card Swipe
  • The Technology classroom is secured with card access locks. Instructors can use their St.Mary’s ID Card to access the classroom. Make sure that your card is activated in the room where you teach. If there is any problem, contact Dr. Charles Garrison at ext. 3287.
  • Insert the card into the slot with your picture facing out and down.
  • Slide the card in and take it out in one continuous motion.
  • Open the door while the green light is blinking.
visit us
Visit Us

Pay us a virtual visit at

or in person at

Charles Francis, Room 102