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How to Use SMS for Event Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Use SMS for Event Marketing

How to Use SMS for Event Marketing

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How to Use SMS for Event Marketing

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  1. How to Use SMS For Event Marketing

  2. The keys to event marketing with SMS • Awareness: making sure the specifics of your event or function are well known and accessible • Anticipation: creating a sense of excitement and urgency surrounding your event • Strategize: don’t rely on a one-off text message to create awareness and anticipation amongst subscribers.

  3. Know your event • Before marketing, nail down the specifics of your event (time, date, location, dress code, cost, etc.) • What do you hope to achieve? If your event is a fundraiser, what is the target amount? If it is a grand opening, what are hopeful sales projections?

  4. Know your audience • The SMS marketing strategy you employ will depend heavily on the target demographic of your event • Who do you want to attend, and what incentives appeal to this base?

  5. Set goals • Know how many people you want to show up and participate, and be prepared to cater to them. • Think past the event; how can you use it to establish continued communication and interest?

  6. Plan ahead • Plan event-oriented SMS marketing ahead of time in order to keep tone consistent • Know what texts you will send to whom, and when you’ll send them. • Approach different subscriber groups with different styles of outreach

  7. The ‘stay tuned’ approach • Broadcast a message suggesting that subscribers look out for something exciting on the way • This creates awareness and anticipation by placing your event in the consumer’s mind before it is announced

  8. The ‘countdown’ approach • Send daily event-centered messages at around the same time leading up to the event with interesting content such as progress updates, photos, and jokes • Broadcast hourly prior to the event to appeal to those on the fence about attendance

  9. The ‘viral’ approach • Extrapolate the ‘countdown’ approach by imparting event specifics (time, date, location, etc.) individually through different text messages, making the subscriber ‘hunt’ for clues • This approach works best with younger audiences and alongside incentives and rewards

  10. Incentivize • Give subscribers a reason to pay attention with incentives • VIP parking and seating, back stage passes, discounted entrance, and access to extended company promotions are great incentives • The more you contact your subscribers (i.e. ‘viral’ approach) the more incentives should be applied