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Salem Witch Hunt

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Salem Witch Hunt. Jhon Proctor. Social and economic status in Salem etc. Age and Relationship status.

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salem witch hunt

Salem Witch Hunt

Jhon Proctor

jhon proctor
Social and economic status in Salem etc.

Age and Relationship status

Conclusions-He owned a lot of land + the first tavern in Salem. Had a large estate from his father. Considered upper class. “His father left him a large estate… one of the largest farms in the area… owned a local tavern” (Justin Lugar)

Inferences- He was wealthy and over confident. “…he was bold in his spirit and in his language…” (Justin Lugar)

Conclusions- He was about 60 years old. “Age of approximately 60…” (Justin Lugar) He had a wife, Elizabeth Proctor. “Mary Alcott never saw Proctor nor his wife…” (Essex County Archives, Salem-witchcraft, vol. 1, p. 16)

Inferences-He had a large, happy family. “Proctor’s wife Elizabeth and his daughter ran a local tavern” (Justin Lugar)

Jhon Proctor
jhon proctor1
Good Christian or Bad Christian?

Gossip Gossip Gossip!

Conclusions- BAD, he wanted people to write in “his book”. “…he hath often tortured me…tempted me to write in his book…” (Mary Warren)

Inferences- “His book” was probably the bible, since the puritans didn’t own anything but religious literature.

Conclusions- Many girls told that he tortured them when they didn’t do what he wanted them to. “…he has most greviously tormented me…urging me to drink…” (Sarah Bibber)

Inferences- Most likely, he was a rapist. He was 60 years old and the girls who accused him were between the ages of 11 and 17, on average. If not a rapist, then a pedophile at the least.

Jhon Proctor
jhon proctor2

Health Problems

Conclusions- he was seen as a very strong man, and also very wealthy “…A strong willed beast of a man…” But he was also known as an abuser of sorts. "he [Proctor] would fetch his jade Home & thresh the Devil out of her."

Inferences- He seemed also to be very opposed of the court, arguing with them many times

No information was given on the subject other than the fact he died in August of 1892

Jhon Proctor
jhon proctor3
Grudges of any sort on any one?

Witch or Accuser?

Conclusions/inferences- Character had no grudge on anyone specific in the community, but he was strongly opposed to the court as stated earlier.

Conclusions- Character was a “witch” in terms of the court. “ Proctor was a major figure to be put on trial and executed in the summer of 1692.”

Inferences- His being accused shows a lot about how much power the court had, Proctors main reason for being killed was questioning the courts acts and being firmly opposed to it.

Jhon Proctor