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  1. Gold!!!

  2. Contents page • Who discovered gold first and where? • How to pan for gold? • How is gold mined? • What is eureka stockade? • What is the use of gold? • Picture bibliography • Information bibliography • Pictures of gold

  3. Who discovered gold first and where? Gold was first discovered in Australia in 1851. Between 1851 and 1854 tension was building in goldfields. In 1851 Edward Hargraves returned from California, with a hunch about goldfields in Australia. He discovered a gold-field on Summerhill Creek, near the Macquarie river. Edward Hargraves sold out and sailed for California on 17th July 1849.

  4. How to pan for Gold? • Find a good spot to that you think you will find gold. • A Shovel with 4-5 handfuls of dirt and gravel into your gold pan. • Rock and pan. • Tip your pan off the top layer of dirt and gravel. • Slowly, move your pan forwards and backwards to assist in washing away unwanted contents. • Repeat rocking and pattern until you have a few spoonful's of materiel left in your pan. • Try not to swirl your pan too much.

  5. How is gold mined? The miners rushed to post a claim to a piece of land to work on when gold was discovered. Alluvial gold was mined in areas where water was limited. The miners separated gold from sand by dropping the material. The miners had to sink shafts into the ground when the surface deposits were exhausted. There were no buildings for shelter. The miners met the worse conditions as they travelled farther from development. On the goldfields many miners returned home after a brief, failed, period. Many miners came to the goldfields from all parts of world

  6. What is the eureka stockade? The Eureka Stockade is a symbol of Australians unwillingness. The gold rush had left few men available to work in different trades and jobs because they went to seek their fortune on the goldfields. To try and limit the number of people who left their jobs and search for gold the government made people buy a license to mine. In all the gold fields the system of licences caused trouble. Each month miners had to pay fee of 30 shillings to renew the licence whether or not they had found gold. The licences were checked twice a week so they had to carry at all the time. Police were so busy checking licences and collecting fees.

  7. What is the use of gold? The gold is mostly used in: • Use of Gold in Electronics. • Use of Gold in Computers. • Use of Gold in Dentistry. • Use of Gold in Aerospace. • Use of Gold in Awards and Symbols of Status. • Use of Gold in Glassmaking. • Use in Gold Gilding and Gold Leaf. • Use in ornaments such as earing, chain, ring etc.

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  9. Pictures of gold!!

  10. More pictures of gold

  11. Thank you for listening to my presentation. By Kinzang 