earma in a nutshell presented on behalf of earma board n.
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EARMA in a nutshell Presented on behalf of EARMA Board PowerPoint Presentation
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EARMA in a nutshell Presented on behalf of EARMA Board

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EARMA in a nutshell Presented on behalf of EARMA Board - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EARMA in a nutshell Presented on behalf of EARMA Board . European Association of Research Managers and Administrators. www.earma.org. EARMA IN A NUTSHELL.

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EARMA in a nutshell Presented on behalf of EARMA Board

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. EARMA in a nutshellPresented on behalf of EARMA Board European Association of Research Managers and Administrators www.earma.org

    2. EARMA IN A NUTSHELL • A voluntary, non-profit organisation which acts for and behalf of its members to assist them in their day-to-days jobs and allows them opportunities to develop and share their talents for the benefit of their institutions • EARMA IS ITS MEMBERSHIP! • Our mantra: “Contribute Influence Change”

    3. EARMA OVERVIEW 60 Institutional members..and growing! 180 Individual members...and growing! 300 Annual Conference Participants >500 Website users 31 countries European Association of Research Managers and Administrators www.earma.org

    4. EARMA Membership Profile • Membership Base: • Growth in institutional membership and Stable overall (despite recession!) • Members in nearly all EU and Associated States • A wide range of expertise (contracts, legal, financial, proposal writers) • HOWEVER we are aiming to grow membership • Currently embarking on membership campaign: • “EARMA Ambassadors” appointed based on experience and geographical coverage

    5. EARMA BOARD: Current Policies and Activities (1) • Continuing to Build Positive Relationships with Commission • Networking with key organisations • Explore new funding opportunities • E.g. Meetings with senior officials S I M P L I F I C A T I O N • E.g. Recent Link with institutional HR Resources Group in ECCurrently preparing submissions to EC relating to Research management training

    6. EARMA Board: Current Policies and Activities (2) • Support improvements to EC IT Tools • Look at how research managers should address “innovation” • Currently establishing Working Group(Possible later meeting with Commission services) • Event from ERA Working Group, February 2012, “RESEARCH FROM IDEAS TO PRODUCTS: The Role of European universities and enterprises in the innovation process”

    7. EARMA Board: Current Policies and Activities (3) • Professionalisation of research management • Look at how research managers should address “innovation” • Establishment of new Working Group • Follow up discussions from Paris event

    8. EARMA Board: Current Policies and Activities (4) • Improve EARMA internal and external communications • Develop ‘Network of Networks’ • New Communications Strategy Developed • E.g. with ECI …and perhaps now this network!

    9. AN INTRODUCTION to EARMA WORKING GROUPS AND COMMITTEES: The working groups of EARMA represent a key way in which members can make a vital contribution to EARMA, whilst offering a means for developing their own careers

    10. ERA Working Group • Members: • Anne KatrinWerenskiold Max-Planck Institute fürBiochemie (Chair) GERMANY • MichelaBertero, CRG, Spain • Anna Groeninx van Zoelen Leiden University, NETHERLANDS • PirjoKontkanen University of Helsinki, FINLAND • ZygmuntKrasinski Polish Academi of Sciences, POLAND • David Lauder University of York (Board), UK • YuliaMatskevich Brunel University, UK • Vanessa RavagniUniversitadegliStudi de Trento, ITALY • John Stringer BerkleyAssociates, BELGIUM • AIMS: • Identify policy issues of concern to members (Focus: ERA and Innovation Union) • Carry out studies and communicate results to Commission and membership • Hold events related to above

    11. ERA Working Group:Outputs in last year • Contributed to: • EARMA Position Paper on Simplification • EARMA Position Paper (Innovation Union) • EVENT: The European Research Landscape and the Innovation Union (Brussels, February 2011) • EVENT: FP8 on the Horizon,(Brussels, November 2010)

    12. New: Professional Development Working Group • KristelToomEstonia (CHAIR) • Emmanuel BatabundeNorway • Cristina BorrasSpain • Katherine BoylanUK • ZygmuntKrasinskyPoland • José LeitePortugal • Susi PoliItaly • Susanne RahnerGermany (Board Rep.) • Denise WallenUS • Paula WennbergSweden • Lars WikmannSweden

    13. PD WG Aims and overview • To develop systems to support member’s professional development • To develop and promote training courses for research managers and administrators • Divided into following sub-groups looking at specific issues: • Certification • Funding • Training • Communication • Partnership

    14. Annual Conference Committee • Members: • Anna Groeninx van Zoelen, Leiden University, Netherlands (Chair) • John Donovan, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, Board /local organiser (Dublin 2012) • Siegfried Huemer, TU Vienna, Austria, local organiser (Vienna 2013) • Oonagh Kinsman, Trinity College, Ireland, local organiser (Dublin 2012) • LaiaLagunas Vila, Research Support & Technology Transfer Office, Spain • David Lauder, University of York, UK, Board rep • KatrinReschwamm, EURelations AG, Switzerland

    15. Benefits of Membership • Contact with a wide network of professional research managers and administrators from more than 30 countries (European and global) • A bi-monthly professional publication, 'Link', focusing on important topics for research managers • A 3-day Annual Conference comprising keynote speeches, parallel presentations and workshops on relevant research management topics • An International Research Management Fellowship Exchange Programme between the US and Europe (under expansion) • Training events and activities • An interactive website earma.orgwith discussion forums and e-mail newsletters

    16. Benefits of Membership • Information on international research management job vacancies • Opportunities for members to join Working Groups on topics relevant to their profession (e.g. FP7) • A Training & Integration Fund (TIF) to facilitate staff exchanges between Member organisations • A Brussels-based association with regular communications with the European Commission and policy-makers • Opportunities to share your professional experience with others and develop your career

    17. Benefits of Membership: Professional Development • INTERACT with colleagues across Europe on issues affecting YOUR day-to-day job • MEET colleagues across Europe • LEARN about different research cultures • SHARE best practise • You will have access to courses at preferential rates e.g. HYPERION • You will be able to CONTRIBUTE to European funding debates, issues, working groups etc. (e.g. professional development Working Group) • Will help your institution and also help your career development

    18. Statement from EARMA Chair, Jan Andersen “EARMA is a success! On the brink of a new framework program we are taking off as an association for the benefit of European Research. EARMA is a recognized and respected partner all over Europe and globally. This has been reached through hard work, honesty and reliability. It is a result of the joint commitment of members, the EARMA Working Groups and the Board. Openness and the strong urge to involve members in the formulation and carrying out of the EARMA Policy is the recipe that will also bring the association even further”. June 2012

    19. What EARMA members have in common • We all want to share best practise and learn new ways to improve support at our own institutions • We support the further professionalisation of European research management • We want to network! • We want to get a fast track on latest policy developments! • We want to improve and simplify procedures for our researchers! • In SHORT: WE WANT TO CONTRIBUTE, INFLUENCE, CHANGE!!!

    20. Thank you for listening! • On behalf of EARMA Board • Jan Andersen (Chair), University of Copenhagen, Denmark • Dr John Donnovan, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland • David Lauder, University of York, UK • Dr Milly Perry, Open University, Israel • Dr Susanne Rahner, YGGDRASIL, Germany • IvoBezecny, Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic (until June 2012) • New member to be confirmed June 2012