windows runtime internals understanding hello world l.
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Windows Runtime internals: understanding "Hello World" PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows Runtime internals: understanding "Hello World"

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Windows Runtime internals: understanding "Hello World" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Runtime internals: understanding "Hello World"
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Presentation Transcript

  1. PLAT-875T Windows Runtime internals: understanding "Hello World" Matt Merry Program Manager Microsoft Corporation

  2. Agenda • Detailed walkthrough of Hello World’s lifecycle • Deep dive into the Windows Runtime You’ll leave knowing how • The internals of your application works • The internals of the Windows Runtime works

  3. Windows 8 Metro style apps Desktop apps HTML JavaScript HTML / CSS XAML View JavaScript (Chakra) C C++ C# VB Model Controller C C++ C# VB WinRT APIs Devices & Printing Communication & Data Graphics & Media System Services .NET / SL Internet Explorer Win32 Application Model Windows Core OS Services Core

  4. Tap Run! Install

  5. Install

  6. demo Creating “Hello World”

  7. Installation Install • <Applications> • <Application • Id=“HelloWorldAppId" • StartPage=“mystartpage.html"> • <VisualElements • DisplayName="Hello World" • Logo="images\logo.png" • Description="Hello_World" • ....

  8. WinRTregistration catalogs Install Extension Catalog Class Catalog Extension 1 Runtime Class “A” Launch Contract Extension 2 Runtime Class “B” Search Contract Runtime Class “C” Extension 3

  9. WinRT registration Install

  10. Deployment pipeline Install Extension Catalog <Applications> <Application Id="App" StartPage="default.html"> <VisualElements DisplayName="Hello World" Logo="images\logo.png" Description="Hello_World" .... Application Manifest Deployment Engine Class Catalog

  11. Tap

  12. demo Running the app

  13. Tapping a tile Tap • The OS stores the extension’s identification during install • The OS queries the extension catalog to find the extension • The OS activates the extension via WinRT

  14. Finding the right extension Tap Extension Catalog Explorer.exe Query Activation System Class Catalog Investigate Activate

  15. Activating the extension Tap Explorer.exe RPCSS Activation System Activate Application.exe Class Catalog DCOM Launch

  16. Run!

  17. demo App process bootstrapping

  18. Running the app Run RPCSS Application.exe Register MTA main() { ... } Run Query Class Catalog

  19. Completing app activation Run Explorer.exe Complete Activation Activation System Instance Activate App RPCSS Application.exe Instance App Callback App Code

  20. Application object Run Application.exe MTA STA #1 Application Code Application Code Run Run STA #2 Activate Application Code Register

  21. The Windows Runtime is fundamental to Metro style apps.

  22. For more information Related sessions Documentation & articles • PLAT-874T - Lap around the Windows Runtime • APP-409T Fundamentals of Metro style apps: how and when your app will run • TOOL-531T Using the Windows Runtime from C# and Visual Basic • TOOL-532T Using the Windows Runtime from C++ • TOOL-533T Using the Windows Runtime from JavaScript • C++ Language extension summary • The Windows Runtime • Windows Runtime Design

  23. thank you Feedback and questions Session feedback

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