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How To Use Makeup For The Best Cover Up On Lash Extension Glues?

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How To Use Makeup For The Best Cover Up On Lash Extension Glues? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'How To Use Makeup For The Best Cover Up On Lash Extension Glues?' - eyewishlashes

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How To Use Makeup For The Best Cover Up On Lash Extension Glues?

Don’t forget to keep your mascara applicator brushes ready when you are sticking the

eyelash extensions with glue. Also don’t forget your jade stone too which would stretch the

life of the liquid glue longer and facilitate the application of the lashes. But another thing is

important right after you have applied the eyelash extension supplies Australia, and that is

a nice natural color liquid eyeliner and mascara. Here is how you make the perfect use of

them for the best look.

Why use the eye liner?

Using the liquid eyeliner is a smart move after you have just applied the lash extensions.

The glue you get with the eyelash extension supplies Australia turn black after drying. But in

case you have got your glue from other lash extension supplies or are using your old glue,

you may not see it instantly disappearing. Small white clots of the glue would be visible

through the fringes of the lashes. To make up for that, the first best option is the eyeliner. A

liquid eye liner works the best. When you apply natural black liquid eyeliner on the base of

the lashes, the glue gets camouflaged instantly.

Alternatives to liquid eyeliner for camouflaging


If you are wearing contact lenses or are sensitive to liquid eyeliners, or may always spill the

lines while applying eyeliner through brushes you may prefer pencil eyeliner. This also is a

nice way to cover up the glue marks when you have rubbed it pretty well over the base line

of lashes.

Why use the mascara?

Using mascara is a great way to blend the lash extensions with the original lashes. Once you

apply the mascara over the lines of lashes no one would be able to tell that you have wore

lash extensions, but would just admire the beautiful looks.

Knowing In Details about Eyelash Extension Gluing and Removing

As you are planning to get the best quality eyelash extensions for your beautiful eyes, you

must have more ideas and plans of maintaining them too. Never get satiated with

incomplete information about the product range. Know more and better to use better and

enjoy full advantage of any product. The same applies in case of the precious eyelash

extensions too that you would be using. Your lash extension supplies would also be

telling you about the proper usage and maintenance of the lashes. In case you are still

ignorant here are the basic tips to use and remove the eyelashes.

The eyelash extension adhesive remover

This liquid which is called the eyelash extension adhesive remover comes in a gel form. The

use of this liquid is to remove the eyelashes glued on to the eyes. Applications of the gel

soften the adhesive, and help smoothly and softly remove the lash extensions from the

sensitive skin.


Eyelash normal adhesive

The normal adhesive is used to glue the eyelash extensions on the eyelid. It takes some 3-4

seconds to dry, and hence this is referred to as the slow drying adhesive. This is good for

simple uses, and lasts for almost 4 weeks without problem. Using them and removing needs

professional care. However, with little guidance you get from your lash extension supplies

you may also do it alone.

Eyelash instant adhesive

This is another type of adhesive you get from the lash extension wholesale, to glue the

eyelash extensions, and it dries too quickly, and stays for long too. It takes the half the

time of the normal adhesive and dries in 1-2 seconds only, and lasts double like almost 10

weeks without a trouble. That is why these are good to rely on, when you know you would

have lesser time take care of your eyelash extensions, and may forget them on place once


Tips for Helping Eyelash Extension Supplies Last Longer

It is no secret that women spend a lot of time in their eye makeup. Highlighting eyes

properly will make women to appear more gorgeous and charming. Eyelashes are

considered as highlights of proper eye makeup. In order to make eyelashes to look

gorgeous, most of the people try mascara or eyelash serum. Both of them are good, but not

the best. To get the best results and to get naturally long eyelashes, you can try out

eyelash extension supplies. Eyelash extensions are widely available, and purchasing

them is cost-effective. In order to make the eyelash extension to last longer, you can try

out the following tips:


Do Not Wear Eyelash during Sleeping

Those, who use mascara, commonly remove their makeup with cleansing milk or other

makeup removers. But, eyelash users often show laid back attitude. After coming home late

from parties, many people do not bother to remove eyelash. Keeping eyelash is not harmful

like mascara. But, it is certainly harmful for the eyelash extension. Remove them before you

go to bed, and removing them is not difficult too.

Combing Eyelash Extension

Consider purchasing eyelash extension wholesale, if you want to avail affordability.

However, buying them at affordable price is not just enough. To ensure they last longer,

you need to take care of them occasionally. Combing or brushing eyelash is important to

prevent chances for crisscrossing. It also keeps them properly arranged. When you wear

them, they shall look naturally attractive and perfect.

Keep Them away from Dust

You should learn how to keep eyelash extension supplies away from dusts. Dusts can make

them dirty, which is not good for your eyes too. Moreover, as they get dusty, they shall lose

the natural gloss and charm.

Refill Eyelash When Required

Instead of buying new pairs of eyelashes, refilling them is a cost-effective and clever choice.

You can easily refill them. All you need is finding a good seller for eyelash extensions and

their refills.


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