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McMaster University CIHR Information Session PowerPoint Presentation
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McMaster University CIHR Information Session

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McMaster University CIHR Information Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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McMaster University CIHR Information Session. CIHR Info Session Tuesday January 21, 2014 1:00 - 3:30 pm MDCL 3020. 1:00 Welcome — Wendy Hollinshead , Asst. Director, Health Research Services 1:05 Lori Burrows, University Delegate-updates on CIHR REFORMS 2:15 Snack Break 

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McMaster University CIHR Information Session

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Presentation Transcript

CIHR Info Session Tuesday January 21, 2014 1:00 - 3:30 pmMDCL 3020

1:00 Welcome — Wendy Hollinshead, Asst. Director,

Health Research Services

1:05 Lori Burrows, University Delegate-updates on


2:15 Snack Break 

2:30 e-Approval, Research NET, and CIHR Open

Operating Grants – Lisa Hodge, Sr. Advisor, CIHR

3:00 Q & A – Lori Burrows

3:25Closing Remarks –Wendy Hollinshead, Asst. Director,

Health Research Services

*Peer Review past and present --CIHR Peer Review Members at the CIHR website



  • Lisa Hodge, Sr. Grants Advisor, CIHR
  • ext 26367
  • Jennifer Snow, Senior Grants Advisor
  • ext 28141
    • Highlights of Materials to be presented:
        • Updates- CIHR REFORMS
        • e-Approval-on Research NET
        • What do you need to do?
  • -process and review tips

CIHR Reforms: What it means for you?

  • Open Operating (OOG) will disappear after March 2015
  • March 2, 2015 is a “transitional” FINAL OOG
  • March 3, 2014 Operating is last regular OOG
  • “streamlining review” will turn into 2-stage piloted reviewing
  • Foundation grants once a year and Project grants twice a year

e-Approval and Research NET

ALL institutions are on e-approval since Fall 2009 Operating grants competition

  • What is e-approval? How it works
  • Hitting “SUBMIT” - who you are ‘submitting to’
  • The signature process via HRS

e-Approval: Step by Step

e-Approval is not used for all CIHR!!! If it is you will get a message when you start your submission

OOG Registration is mandatory if you are planning on submitting a full Application

-Registration requires a CIHR PIN; new applicants must request a PIN

-Common CV and CCV confirmation # is required

All information provided to CIHR at registration can be revised in the full application Except:

  • Name of Nominated Principal Applicant
  • Project Title
  • Chosen Peer Review Committee***

***it is crucial to choose correctly; review the committee descriptions for assistance or contact the committee Scientific Officer for direction


Industry Partnered Operating - also due March 3, 2014

  • Review is done by paper review- NOT online by e-approval
  • Similar to a regular Open Operating, but different in the partnered aspect
  • -industrial partner must bring new $$$
  • Must include overhead in the partnered contributions as part of the partner budget


If you DO NOT choose your institution paid in Project Details—(in the Enter Project Information section), you will not be notified of yellow highlighted institutional deadlines.


Common CV: Different types of CVs and confirmation #s

Canadian Common CV: produces a new confirmation # with revisions

  • Repository for CV information to be used to assemble various types of CVs for grant application submission
  • Different types of CV depending on agency
  • 4 Kinds:
  • Academic, IAB, Knowledge User, Registration
  • REGISTRATION CV and ACADEMIC CV used for Operating grants

Timelinefor CIHR2014Spring OperatingGrant

(Applicantactionitemsarein greenboxes)

February 3, 2014

Registration* deadline – Applicant must register for Research NET

February 4

Applicant will receive e-mail receipt of registration and notified of INTERNAL deadline

Allow 10-14 days to complete the Peer Review process

February 4

FHS Applicants must arrange Mandatory Peer Review (PRF) with Department and Peer Review Facilitator

February 24

HRS INTERNAL Deadline; Applicant must hit ‘SUBMIT ’ on Research Net; PRF & Checklist due in HRS

February 28

Last day for HRS to return online application to Applicant

March 3, 2014

Applicant to hit ‘SUBMIT’ by 4:00pm EST

(Applicant must upload signature pages as pdf attachment prior to submitting)

June 30, 2014

CIHR Announcement of final regular Open Operating Grants competition results

* If you do not Register, you CANNOT submit a full Application


Get started on Peer Review!

Mandatory Peer Review (FHS only)*:

Peer Review Feedback Form (PRF)

  • Department Peer Review Facilitator arranges Peer Review
  • sign off required, by internal deadline, priorto HRS review
  • institutional signature not possible without it

PRF and Health Research Services (HRS)

**receipt of PRF from researcher signals HRS online review of Application:

-email, delivered, or faxed signed (by facilitator and reviewer) PRF

*Non-FHS are exempt but may arrange peer review through ROADS office

-contact Cynthia Belaskie, Sr. Advisor, or ext. 21581

**review begins when signed PRF and signed HRS Checklist are received AND applicant CONCURRENTLY hits “SUBMIT” on ResearchNET


INTERNAL Review Deadline is set on Research NET by HRS

HRS Internal Review Deadline: Feb 24th 4:00 pm

    • Represents the date and time ALL applicants must submit materials online via Research NET
    • Hit ‘SUBMIT’ on Research NET to submit to the institution (HRS) for INTERNAL review AND hand in/deliver/email/fax required INTERNAL paperwork
    • FINAL deadline is reset after applicant hits “SUBMIT” for INTERNAL deadline; application is returned online to Research NET after internal review is completed
    • Allows enough time to revise and “tweak” before FINAL submission deadline
  • Note:Review on Research NET does not allow for HRS comments or corrections to be made to the application online via Research NET; separate e-mail with comments/suggestions will be sent to the applicant

TIPS and TRICKS for meeting the INTERNAL Review Deadline

  • Participants—can change up until you hit SUBMIT for FINAL deadline (missing CCV conf # can cause issues; flip to collaborator if missing info for INTERNAL review, then flip back to co-app for FINAL deadline with correct CCV conf #)
  • Budget—fleshing out Research NET module is better (for reviewing it is easier to see ineligible items from online module rather than draft boxes/tables/spreadsheets)
  • DRAFT—better to indicate areas of “draft state” (I review whatever I get—if you are still working on bits, use highlighting or indicate ”more to come” or obvious notes to me that you are missing material)
  • JUSTIFY—sell your work in your budget (budgets can be high or low, padded or not; reviewers know. Use justification to clarify, not to stuff more documents that say the same thing. Charts/tables, etc . should provide more insight into budget items or the associated aims rather than just reiterating numbers)

REQUIRED PAPERWORK:What HRS needs from ALL applicants at INTERNAL Deadline

  • Hit “SUBMIT” on Research NET to submit your online application for INTERNAL review (not the same as Peer Review)
  • AND
  • Paperwork required for institutional sign off:
    • Signed INTERNAL signature form or Faculty Checklist (HRS/ROADS)-
    • signed PRF (peer review) Form
    • Signature page 1 – Routing Slip
    • Signature page – TO BE SIGNED BY INSTITUTION (leave blank)
    • Biohazard or any other ethics clearances ready at time of application
    • Once all of these materials are received, e-Approval is possible

Deadline Extensions for Reviewers

  • Those currently on a CIHR review panel (or recently on a panel) may be granted a 2 week extension to submit for the OOG
  • HRS needs to know to reset your deadlines on the system
  • INTERNAL review online is still required
  • (just 2 wks. Later)
  • CONTACT CIHR to verify and send email to Lisa Hodge to confirm your reviewer deadline extension

Resources: McMaster CIHR website



  • -frequently overlooked; no longer automatic
  • -added source of funding
  • -other competitions with same deadline
  • -always check with HRS
  • -always 2 wks. ahead unless e-approval
  • -respect that other work exists

Internal Review: Common Issue (to Avoid)

  • Format—12 pt. font, ¾” margins, header/footer, page limits (11 versus 13 for 2+ PI)
  • Budget—eligible items (equipment, benefits*)
  • Eligibility—faculty appointment
  • Signature pages (missing)
  • Missing the INTERNAL review deadline

*benefits rates have been updated---see “Operating Grant Resources” on the HRS-CIHR website


NEW! CIHR FINAL Deadline time change

Effective January 2011 for ALL Research NET submissions

  • 16:00 (8:00 PM) EST is the NEW GLOBAL CIHR submission deadline
  • (Midnight is NO LONGER the FINAL deadline for CIHR online submissions)
  • If you miss the CIHR 8:00 PM EST deadline, your application WILL NOT be submitted to the CIHR competition

HRS INTERNAL DEADLINE is ALWAYS4:00 pm EST or earlier for any CIHR Research NET online e-approval submissions


Helpful CIHR Links

Visit us often at

CIHR Operating FAQ

Current funding opportunities


Grants and Awards Guide

For further assistance contact Lisa Hodge at ext. 26367

These materials are available at